De Eredan.



The Crystal’s Song


Walking in the desert was for them like a walk in the park. They had a mission of utmost importance and every sunrise, prayers were uttered with incredible fervor. Galvanized by their faith, they did not see the time passing. Finally, in the midst of a particularly glorious day, everyone heard it. It was like a kind of singing, majestic. He called them, guided them to the point of impact. They progressed more and more the song became clear.Alhem suddenly stopped walking.

- Why are you stopping? Aziz said, laying his hand on the shoulder of the priest of Sol'ra.

The other nomads looking, waiting for the words of their spiritual leader.

- This song is a cry for help. The stone and reasons it resonates. The infidels are numerous and powerful. She is in danger. We must act quickly before it reaches a catastrophe. Aziz turned to Kararine and flew on more authoritarian possible.

- You'll go on and give us a scouting report on these dogs who dare to take anything that is not theirs.

In response, the young woman nodded before starting to run in the direction of impact. A few hours later, she finally came to and his heart sank when she laid eyes on the stone. She was beautiful and bathed in a light reminding the young woman's temple Sol'ra when the sun at zenith, its rays licked the walls of the prayer hall. At the foot of either side, there were two camps. A blue tent adorned with banners of the symbols of dragon, the other in red tents aligned. Everywhere, there were various settlements more or less close to the sometimes very different styles.Kararine estimated that there were many people, but anyway Sol'ra will protect his followers and they would easily overcome these parasites. Inwardly, she was jubilant already imagining the fighting would take place. Soon she said, these tents will burn in the flames of the wrath of the sun god. Suddenly, she heard footsteps approaching her. She felt that the air cooled. The noise stopped and a voice to the strange accent rose.

- You hear this song too?

Kararine risked a glance out of hiding. There was a woman with pale blue skin and intense eyes. There was in that person a hidden power that made her trustworthy to the young nomads. She decided to go look at this stranger. Without a word, she turned around and saw that the cold came from her.

- Who are you? What song are you talking about?

- I am Yilith, I made a long journey and I heard a song in my head. Do you hear it? All of this is incredible.

Kararine to this infidel was trying to destabilize. It would prevent Alhem Aziz and as soon as possible.

- I do not know what you mean? She exclaimed, drawing back. She unsheathed a dagger and went on a defensive stance. Leave me alone and nothing will happen.

- Okay, you're not very friendly. I’ll see if others can help me. Then she went on her way as if nothing had happened.

Kararine continued her investigations in the forest that was nearby to prevent trouble. She moved quietly as possible,this time hoping not to make an unfortunate encounter again. But maybe bad luck or perhaps because of her ignorance of forest areas,she was nearly hit by a thrown dagger. A person dressed in gray with a hood rather confusing her jumped out without warning. This was enough to make the young woman angry. She dodged nimbly while taking a dagger in each hand. She planned on taking on her opponent with speed, trying to take him down with her speed and managing to avoid her opponent who managed to cut short a piece of her cape. The fight lasted several hours, both were of equal strength but Kararine had a plan, she gradually came closer to hers opponent.After a while the assassin (for such was the name of her role) knew that her enemy was going to lose because now they were 5 against one.Aziz,launched into the fray, confusing the Slayer who narrowly dodged a spear that would have hit him across from his side. The situation got out of hand for the slayer, as his plans wee foiled. He had to disappear again to rethink his strategy. He wrapped himself in his cloak and fell to the ground. The fabric then flattened against the ground before being cut into small pieces by Kararine and Aziz.Alas, the Slayer was gone.

The scout then explained what she saw and who she had met. She insisted on the strangeness of the infidels and offered not to attack head on or else suffer defeat, despite the support of Sol'ra would be overwhelming.Aziz, who had long served in the army of Kahani III proposed, pending the arrival of reinforcements to try to approach the stone by conducting targeted attacks against small groups of warriors.Alhem accepted with some reluctance, but it was imperative to follow the orders of Iolmarek and it was certain that the infidels will be crossing their path. Also the stone called for them, to hurry.

These infidels were to taste the power of the faithful to Sol'ra.Thus, Desert Nomads entered the conflict for the stone fallen from the sky.

The Curse


The door was open, and the light that escaped slowly weakening.Bloodsword and Faceless looked a long time before one of them utters a word.

-What's going on? The Hom’chaï said to his companion?

- Well, let’s go!

But hardly had she finished speaking a form took shape. A man passed the threshold of the door, took a few steps and collapsed. Then, without any noise, the Gate of Infinity closed, and then disappeared. Both Zil did not expect this.They were promised a return to their own people, and they found themselves finally landed with someone out of nowhere.

Bloodsword looked at the stranger. He wore a beautiful armor plate covered with hard leather, which when new was probably red. A hood covering his head, revealing a few strands of hair that time had dimmed. The Elfine bent over the lifeless body and raised the hood.

- He is alive.Let us bring him to Kriss, he may know what to do with him

Faceless grabbed the stranger and threw him over his shoulder like an ordinary bag. Along the way back to the camp of their guild, Bloodsword seemed lost in thought. Something bothered her not knowing what. She had the vague impression that the stranger was not so strange. When they arrived at the tent, they were greeted by Abyssien.

- You're finally here, we have things to say.

- We too have things to say.We must also see Telendar and Kriss to be told.

- It's a long story, but Telendar no longer with us.I take the role of head of Zil.

It was definitely a day full of surprises!

- Uh ...Well, anyway I have never liked him anyway when he took your place at the time I would have inflicted a few blows on him.

- Faceless always so elegant and poetic..

The latter put his pack gently at the foot of their new or ex-ex-leader who again looked at the stranger with a look of astonishment.

- Hmmm! This armor seems familiar.

- You too? Bloodsword said cutting in. Since we found him, He seems familiar.

-It's because they probably have told that story. In short, a story that you heard when you were at home in Yses .

Just then Kriss appears, he had been curious to see what his guild mates gathered.

- What is happening here? Asked the musician.

-You appeared just in time, you can watch him said the zil leader

- Yes of course, but not here. Faceless, bring him in my trailer.

Abyssien and Bloodsword settled comfortably in the tent, which in addition to performances, served as a huge living room where guild members could relax at will.

- So what’s the story?

- Yes, that was about to tell it,Abyssien said while putting on his hat.

All around them, the marquee vanished, giving way to a gloomy forest. Here, an animal crept between the trees, then came another, then another and finally form a pack. Then they went out of wood.Bloodsword recognized them: the Volks! They were terrible creatures almost extinct today. One of them was particularly impressive. He was obviously their leader. The rest was only ferocious ones. The Volks attacked several villages and devoured all living things as they could, as much by pleasure as by hunger. The scene changed, now they were in a castle. Here, three people were chatting nobly dressed warmly.

- Sire, we have tried everything against the Volks, without success. They are endowed with reason and we feel their leader to arrive.

The man stared at the ground thinking crowned the best solution.

- - I see that only he can help. I know you don’t like him, but we must recognize his merits..

- You do not think! Gaumatta, despite our friendship, can you not act rather than to call him?

- Mergis, you are certainly my friend, but my decision is made.Bardiya, go to Kolodan as for his help on this current situation.

The image is blurred and the capital returned.Kolodan! She knew the story. This was the last protective barrier against these monsters. He decimated their leader and fought all during the day. Then after that, he disappeared mysteriously.

- You mean this man is Kolodan?

- It is not certain and the best way to check this is to ask.

Night fell on the Tomb of the ancestors.Kriss had healed a few of the injuries and the wounds were nothing but a memory.Abyssien, Bloodsword and Faceless were waiting around the fire waiting for Kriss.The door of the trailer opened.

- Faceless, could you lend me a hand. The musician's arm was holding the stranger who had regained consciousness. They settled him with them around the fire. All were waiting for the rest of the story of Kolodan?

- Who are you? Abyssien asked.

- I ...I Koler...

- Kolodan you mean?

- Kolo ...No! That man has long since disappeared. Nothing remains of him.

- And what you have become if I ask you that?

- I am not a man but not quite volk.I am only Koler.

- Where were you during all this time?

- All this time? Where are we?

- If I remember correctly, the seven kingdoms using the Imperial Calendar. We are therefore in the year 105.

It was like a stab to Koler.More than twenty years had passed without his even realizes it.

- Where were you, added a Bloodsword clearly passionate about the subject. - I was ...I was...

He did not finish his sentence.He stared at the sky with fear. The moon rose, huge and red. The curse began to take effect.

- Nooo! No no no no no no! He cried.

Then a transformation took place.Koler writhed in pain, long black hair appeared on his arms, armor gave way in places. Then his face changed, stretched into a long muzzle, teeth pushed. He had become half man, half volk.Although he was visibly angry, he stopped suddenly in front Bloodsword. Was literally mesmerized by the young Elfin. His anger started to dwindle a little bit..

The Ordeal


Iolmarek waited patiently for the rest of the troops who were to join him for then take the direction of impact. He strolled into the main courtyard of Sol'ra, lost in thought. It is now a lot of years since he served the Temple and that his faith has never wavered from the edge of the crystal, the old priest was questioned. Why, then, that over the last many years the divine presence was weak, suddenly an important event occurred in Solar? He remembers that when he was a young priest, there was another manifestation of this kind, and it was completed in carnage. What good would it do now? What is the purpose of all this? These are questions that germinated in the mind of the old man.

- The question does not allow thee high priest.

Iolmarek out of his reverie and looked around. The presence he felt it was strangely familiar, like the past resurface.

- I know that voice, show yourself.

- Look at me ...father.

He turned to the statue he had sculpted ago almost thirty years. The young woman depicted was suffused with soft light. She also had more the appearance of a frozen statue, but rather of a living person.Iolmarek fell to his knees with a heavy heart the tears came.

- Dja ..N'Djamena is that you?

- I come to you as a messenger. Listen to my words because they are a command!

A messenger! This augured something very important because their appearance was always synonymous with change and divine intervention. The ancient writings inscribed on the temple walls were reported several interventions of this nature.

- I’m listening Messenger.

- You turn away little by little the way the high priest and the one who sent me that your faith needs to be infallible. I came to submit to the ordeal!

-What?!Iolmarek could not believe his ears. It is subjected to a test to prove his faith. I have proven my loyalty in the past and my life is to serve Sol'ra!

- Faith is not about the past, but present.Sol'ra needs his high priest and you have to be ready. Several events will take place and the infidels will do anything to frustrate you. You will try and if your faith is not strong enough, mèneras will be lost.

- I submit to the ordeal, it is the task I have to accomplish?

- A father and daughter will arrive at the temple. The man is blind and her daughter survives. You will have to convince the father that solar claims his daugther, condemning him to certain death.

Indeed a cart pulled by an ox passed the ark of the temple entrance. A young woman held the animal by a rope. He was stunned when he realized the striking resemblance between Djamena and the young woman. He knew what kind of test he is confronting. The young woman helped her father to come down and both advanced to the old priest and made the occasional hello again to his level. - We have come a long way to pray Sol'ra to ask for help in healing my father.

Sol'ra god of the sun and the light was often invoked when it came to pray to recover the sight in a few cases the prayers are heard.Iolmarek still had the words spoken by the Messenger and the ordeal he had the answer.

- What is your name? He asked.

-Djamena. The coincidence was too much. He took her hand and the concentration, focusing on the soul who lived in this body. He smiled when he saw that his soul was that of her daughter.Sol'R had returned to him. Never doubt it.

- Well, N'Djamena, so bring your father at the foot of the statue, we will pray with him. They prayed for Sol'ra, have mercy on this man who lived in the dark and that he can again see the light.Iolmarek used his power and placed his hands over the eyes of the unfortunate.

- Your prayers have been heard.

When he removed his hands man blinked when his sight gradually returned.

- I see! He exclaimed. I see again! He fell on his knees before Iolmarek, Djamena did the same. How can I thank you?

- Well, keep the faith and follow the precepts of Sol'ra, never doubt it. I need you to do me a favor. - Tell me, I would do anything you ask me.

- Your daughter belongs to Sol'ra.

This phrase meant that she would be sacrificed in his honor? The man said nothing, stunned by this news. Should he return to the price of the loss of her child?

- Do not worry, I keep it in the temple and become a priestess. Djamena was surprised. She will become a servant of Sol'ra? The man got up and took her daughter's face in his hands.

- If I remember correctly, a young priestess should not be seen of men as the precepts of Sol'ra i did not fully known. You have so far had a life of misery accompanied by a blind man. It is time for you to live your own life, although why I should not see you again before long. Djamena threw himself into his father's arms as if to say goodbye. The high priest looked on with nostalgia. He also had held his daughter as well, he remembers the love he felt for her. It was for him a second chance, a revival, a renaissance, he realized that what Sol’ra took, he could also take back.

After the man left and Djamena Iolmarek were left alone. Then the eyes of the young woman changed and shone a thousand lights.

- You have passed this first test, but there will be others. You guessed it, I will come back but for that I must stay here.When the time comes I'll join you, father.

The Runic, Chapter 2


Kalhid waiting for an answer, even if it were certain that it was "yes.” But after all, it was better that than return to slavery.

- There is something you can do for us. You are free to decline if you wish; if so take the door to the back it will take you to the exit. For what we expect from you will be difficult to accomplish.

- I am grateful. That you saved me from death and I am indebted. So I'm listening, what do you want me to do?

The form approached the young man, but the latter did not dare look up because he was too intimidated.

- Well, your choice is made, your word is given. Several days ago a meteorite crashed in the middle of the continent. If the event itself is fairly trivial, it is the nature of the meteorite that interests us. The unknown went on the side of arms and armor, and turning his back on Kalhid, he continued his speech.

- You see, we travel the world in search of some stones that have magical powers or to assimilate it. However, this particular stone has great power that we have experienced so far.

He stooped and with his little human hands grabbed an object, He then returned to face his questioner.

- We want you to go where it crashed, and you take us back a piece of this stone. This task is perilous, as we entrust you this. He put the thing on the ground producing a metallic sound.Kalhid hesitated, and then took it. As soon as the thing grew around his hand and his wrist. It was like a kind of gauntlet. The young man felt almost as a kind of consciousness within.

- This is a Rune. Take care of it because you'll have to bring it back. Plus both of you will be in harmony, plus the gauntlet will need it. After a few movements, he soon realized that the weight of the object did not match his appearance, yet it seemed very durable.

- Thank you. If I have well understood, I must go to the place where a meteorite crashed in to take a piece and come back here. Right?

- Yes.

- Well, it does not seem very difficult.

- It will be. But before you go, know that your name is no longer Kalhid, you will become the bearer of runes Hares.

A fresh start with a new name? In the end, it was better that. Anyway, he liked to have his name changed.

- Outside a horse and supplies waiting for you. Go now, we will wait for you here.

Hares therefore left to the new destiny that had been predicted.

A week later, Hares found the place of impact. Along the way, he met others who, like him, went to this famous stone. He learned that large guilds were there and they were engaged in fighting for its possession. When he got there, there was a field of tents. If everyone wanted a piece of the stone, he doubted that they can’t be caught doing it. So he waited for the night to do his plan. A faint light escaped from the meteorite that turned out to be much greater than he imagined. He did not expect either to fall on a stone. After all, who would oversee a stone as big as two houses for fear of it being stolen? The Zil Warriors think so: For example Marlok.He spent much of the night studying the stone. Obviously, doing this as far as possible from the camp of the Draconian. Hares turned to stone, and hit a wall of it with his gloved hand.Marlok was surprised that someone could pass the barrier protecting the stone. When he saw Hares hitting the stone, he did not hesitate in a second. Caution was necessary with magic and this act was not wise, however, it was potentially dangerous. The magician made a sort of fusion with his golem would result in a surprising mixture between the magician and his old Zil glass golem.

- Get away from there! You may cause a catastrophe.

Hares looked at the strange thing with suspicion. His gauntlet reacts to the threat and covered his entire right arm.

- This is just rock, no less. Ill just take a piece. Don’t worry, nothing will happen.

Golemarlok shook his head negatively and jumped on Hares, flames appeared in his hands. The man narrowly dodged and struck a masterful stroke to his opponent who managed to land. But Golemarlok was tough and struck his clasped hands on the shoulder of the colossus of the desert wavered. But for Hares, fighting was a way of life. He did not count the number of times he had fought in the mines for their survival and to protect the people who were dear to him. And as always his anger was rising fast. The exchange of blows became more violent, the magic of the golem-mage slipped on the gauntlet of the Colossus Rune like water on a snake skin. Then, the same gauntlet eventually covered the two arms of Hares and the symbols engraved on it flashed.Golemarlok did not know this strange magic he learned at his expense. He suffered more discomfort and settled down; he lost control of his magic. But the Zil mage had not said his last words, and if the magic was ineffective he had many other resources. He. Countered with sheets of glass that inflicted severe cuts to his opponent. .But the rage of Hares surpassed the pain. He put all his strength in a final blow.Golemarlok had the reflex to leave his golem to avoid the blow that was sure to kill him. So it was his creation that hosted the gloved fist in a crash which meant its destruction. Hares smash the golem so hard against the stone that fell from the sky that it cracked, releasing a few pieces of yellow crystals, which mingled with the dark blue crystal golem.

The zil mage was defeated. Hares then threw the remains of the crystal golem, people came. There were three, their clothes wore the emblem of Noz'Dingard.One of them bowed to Hares.

- I am Aerouant the son of the Prophet. I currently lead Noz'Dingard.

Hares did not really know who they were, but it really did not care. The mage seeing no reaction went on.

- Thank you for what you did. The Zil sowed disorder in the region and has committed heinous crimes, he said bitterly.

Aerouant bent over to Marlok.The latter could not move an inch, traumatized by the loss of his golem and his crushing defeat.

- Marlok on behalf of Dragon I arrest you. You will be judged on Noz’Dingard.Anryéna not wait to see you. The young mage did not hide a certain joy.

- I do not know who you are but if you ever need help, let us know, we have a debt to you. We spent all the machine a sous, Aerouant added.

Alishk shook hands with Hares in the manner of men of the desert.

- You came from the emerald desert have you? Yet the armor you wear does not seem to be manufactured there.

The giant said nothing and began to pick up the pieces of stone fell from the sky.

The envoys departed with their prisoner and Hares be restarted without delay. He followed the way to go without deviating once and a week later he returned to the mysterious temple. Here a man was waiting, a fifty year long brown hair under trust. He wore an armor plate of golden and silver.

- Welcome Hares; I am the Lord Eilos Rune. If you're here, I guess you have accomplished your mission.

Hares threw the bag in her arms.

- Come in, we have a present for you, Hares the runic.



Since the stone fell from the sky, a growing number of guilds and curious people converged on the Tomb of the Ancestors. Tensions were at their peak and many already told that a war was taking place. Those present, whether the Kotoba, the Noz'Dingard or other guilds were well aware, the conflict gradually plunged the continent into a total conflagration. All this for the control of an extraordinary power which no one apart from the Desert Nomads did not know the origin.

Around the world, brave adventurers sometimes clashed with the companions of the past... Two months after the start of hostilities in Kastel Drakren, the nearest city drastically before the Tomb of the ancestors.

When the outcome of a war is uncertain, are often used in politics and the label to try to find a satisfactory solution for everyone. All of this was obviously behind the scenes for some time, but no one knew, at least so far.Drakren was often used for meetings between the ambassadors of the empire of Xzia and politicians of the Draconis.And at this late hour, in one of the reception, the negotiations led to a sensitive and well-turned phrases.

Kimiko and Oogoe kage were commissioned by the Emperor to negotiate the departure of Noz'Dingard, but the negotiator sent by Dragon had years of experience and would be a formidable opponent.

- Lord Galmara, I'm sure we can agree. If you know that only an agreement between the two powers will end this stupid war.

- My dear, what you propose seems to me difficult to achieve. Be aware, the Tomb of the ancestors is a neutral zone since the end of the war between the Empire and Draconis.That this part of the world once again become Xzia and so is your stone is not possible.

- The Emperor is aware that this may cause a conflict even greater. But in his great magnificence, we bring you a proposal that I am sure will satisfy you.

Oogoe was part of a faction crow within the present Kotoba and playing his role as an individual.

- In exchange for the return of the Tomb of the ancestors in the Empire, we grant you rights to cross are lands. Mérag will be able to study the Stone, once it is taken there, and second our magicians, Oogoe added.

- In addition, Kimiko cutting in said, here is a sum offered by the Emperor as a token of this. We know that the Draconis wants to open schools of magic, this may help him.

Galmara knew that the proposal was not without interest, but the return was too low.

- You are well informed; it does not surprise me my dear. I accept this proposal and agree on behalf of this Dragon and of the Emperor. I will not do this part of your query to the appropriate person. I invite you to meet again tomorrow to give you an answer.

Galmara bowed to his guests and left to join another room several others wearing all colors draconian.There was Anryéna and another person whose face was hidden by a large blue hood. - Please, Lord Galmara.

-Lady Anryéna and Lord Prophet of the Empire Xzia wants the Tomb of ancestors goes back under their territory. In exchange for the Draconis has access, most likely under control at the Stone fell from the sky to study it. Anryéna looked towards the Prophet, and then he spoke.

- Dragon was clear no one should have that stone. It is the poison that will eat away Guem and lead us all to our loss. Galmara was disturbed by hearing the Prophet. He knew well, having had extensive discussions in the past, but it did not recognize the sound of his way or his way of keeping. But knowing remain in his place he said nothing about it.

- Very good, but the situation is delicate. If Kotoba have sent and have carefully avoided until now, we're talking here about a probable open war, we will all lose. If I could we have better things to do.

- That's right, said Anryéna.

At that time someone knocked on the door and entered. It was Marlok, but he was dressed in the color of the Draconis.He walked up to the little band and kneeled using one knee.

- Identify the "concern".We can beat Kotoba if the plan is developed properly.

Galmara opened his eyes wide.

- What plan are you talking about and since when did you become a member of the Messengers?

- This is long to explain, and time is sorely missed, said the mage. Prophet, you were right the Zil are under control by the Néhantiste, some of them, they can no longer act on their own. We can release them and make them powerful allies. Prophet rose to the height of the magician.

- Get up Marlok, you have worked well. You have regained your place in the Compendium. Other Zil also at risk of falling under the influence of Nehant.Go on a journey with Aerouant and keep track of Telendar.He should not be far from his "master”. Go, I have yet to talk to Lord Galmara.Anryéna left the room together with Marlok leaving Galmara and Prophet in their discussions.

- What do you think of the Nomads?

- Beware of them.

- I'm afraid they are preparing something serious.Galmara said, we have to use cunning. I have a guest list that I want to invite to a big party, right here. During the reception, we will discover the secrets and foil the conspiracies that hide in the shadows.

In the adjacent corridor, Oogoe was smiling.,

-Yes, many plots have been hatched...



Toran was defeated and imprisoned Akujin.Not wishing to abandon his former pupil Aku, the old master had decided it was time for him to return to the temple Yafujima with Aku and finally become a real member of the Order. He had left long ago, ashamed of having failed in his task of being master Tsoutaï.Now he was at peace. He managed to overcome the test that life has given him, if it is required, he will resume his post.

Their arrival did not go unnoticed. His arrival did not go unnoticed. Oran had chosen well the time to return, precisely because it was time for training in the yard. Those present stood, turning away to give way to them. The whispers began to be heard until Toran and Aku were on the other side of the courtyard. Then all waited for the words of the Master of the Temple, the venerable Zaoryu.The latter could not believe his eyes. He was once a close friend of Toran and had the same master Toran bowed to Zaoryu before submitting a scroll closed by a seal.

- Here is the Flawseeker called Akujin, formerly named Senjin.I hope it is again guarded by the Tsoutaï of Yafujima.

Zaoryu accepted the scroll and gave it to a Tsoutaï it to guard it. Then he turned and bowed to Toran.

- I am glad to see you again my friend, your presence and your teachings have really been missed. I think we should talk. The young man at your side is it your old student, Aku?

Aku had not uttered a single word for days. Now released from his Flawseeker. He realized the harm he had caused and the shame had seized him. He answered the question with a statement which Zaoryu heard discreetly.

- Venerable, I wish to convey my complete lessons to Aku.

- And then you want to stay here and come back among those you have left? Toran felt ill.Yes, to those who I had abandoned.

- But our teachings are such that we are not allowed to deny you your reinstatement. The wounds are dressed and we must now look to the future. Toran your error you're forgiven.Aku becomes your student...

He was interrupted by the cries of Aku.

- Masters look, he says, pointing to a huge bird that passed over them. It is a Flawseeker!

The Tsoutaïs were amazed, none of them except Aku had felt its presence, and not even Toran.This demonstrated that the young man had a high affinity to the spirit world. The bird, which happened to be a heron passes over the temple and began to walk away.

- Toran, will you follow this Flawseeker and find out why it wanders freely in our world? Especially a heron. - Yes.Aku, stays here. I will return whenever I can.

The old Tsoutaï went quickly before he loses the track of the Heron.En route; he remembered a legend about a Flawseeker Heron.

Okia, Xziarite village on the edge of the tomb of the ancestors.Hime was sent as reinforcement to the Kotoba and the recommendations of the master tracker, Tsuro.But it should remain as discrete information indicating that spies could monitor the area. It was night and she patrolled from rooftop to rooftop when she felt she was being observed. But there was no shadow of a nobody in the streets this late at night. She went down to hide to see if someone is following her. Then, from nowhere, an old man appeared in the street. Visibly searching for something or rather someone. She waited patiently went through where she was to jump over. Unfortunately for her, the old man was Toran, who was hardly surprised, informed by his Flawseekers.These came out on time to protect him.Hime was very surprised and stepped back. At that time in front of the girl a huge purple heron appeared, which spread its wings. The Tsoutaï could not believe what he’s seeing also the young woman, for that matter. The spirits were calmed when each acknowledge the order which included the other. Heron then disappeared, seeing that Hime was safe.Toran watched the girl with great interest and noticed the tattoos violet features a link to a Flawseeker.

- What do you want old pervert? Hime said as she saw his eyes wander over her body. What was all this?

- How did you get those tattoos?

- I have them for a while now.

- Well, here is something interesting. I want to talk to Tsuro, I know you can get in touch with him and your presence here indicates anyway that you were probably on your way to join him.

- I do not see what you mean.

- Maybe not.But I know you feel their presence in a while, sometimes you have dreams or visions you can not explain.I can help you understand what is coming, but first I must talk to Tsuro. He was right. She knew the reputation of the Tsoutaï and it's true that she had never thought really of them to solve her problem.

- Okay, I will.

The next day at the very end of the afternoon, Ramen, the famous noodle vendor had installed his shop on the village square. Unfortunately for him, he has only two clients, due to a special order, were Toran and Tsuro.Ramen should feel honored by their presence, in hisr humble position. But only two customers, was bad for business. But that was another question. - What do you know of Hime?

- All, or almost everything.Did she do something stupid?

- No no, quite the contrary, I think her destiny is not that she thinks he has. - Could you be clearer, the musings of Tsoutaï are always difficult to understand.

- Hime is a Tsoutaï.

Tsuro hardly seemed surprised.

- Yes I knew, but her talents in the service of the Emperor and the Emperor wishes it is part of my Trackers. You would not want to upset the Emperor right? In addition, I have high hopes for her future in my order. The old man lowered his voice so Amaya, would not hear him because she was guarding the entrance.

-She has a good chance to take my place someday.

- But if she does not learn to control her Flawseeker she may cause accidents and damage the image of the Emperor. You do not want to make the emperor angry right?

A heavy silence settled between the two men. Everyone did not want to agree with the other. But it was Toran who found the solution.

-Hoshikage..You know that name?

- Pfff, yes, of course, he was one of my predecessors, many centuries ago of that.

- And he was also the part of the two orders.

- The situation was different.

- No, not different.I think that Hime is his descendant, I do not know about that just at the moment, except that the Hoshikages Flawseeker is this Garza, which owns Hime.We intend to continue as our two teachings. He had not felt a force so strong since I met Aku, and this time I will not any mistakes. Think about the potential it can bring to the Empire..

Tsuro scratched his beard. - I need her for a mission. But in a month I will send her.

With much irony, Toran said.

- I'm sure the Emperor will not be angry.

The Ball of Courtiers


Kastel Drakren, several weeks after the meeting between the Lord Galmara and Noz'Dingard... As agreed, invitations had been extended to a particular list of distinguished guests .They All played great battles, but no army for them, only words are used as a tool to achieve victory. The intrigue, politics and conspiracies were the lives of these men and women.Galmara knew all these people together in an event, would make it truly memorable for all. After the refusal to let the Empire Xzia back to owning the Tomb of the ancients, had received new orders.Should focus on the future, the people coming from the desert, to prevent Kotoba have new allies and see if the fighters could Zil serve the interests of the Dragon, nothing unusual in amount.

Everyone who attended had been invited and the evening promised to be exciting.Oogoe Kage, Kimiko, Hasna, Marlok, Iron Mask Angelica had made the journey to the castle and each of them was a formidable adversary.Galmara waited in the great hall. There were a noble surroundings and friendly people of the courtiers. Was to begin his welcome address, as required by the protocol, when the doorman announced a new person.

-Lady Ishaia, was sent by the Council.

Upon hearing that name all turned.Galmara frowned, this person was not invited; never invited.Ishaia was part of the Council, a union co-created by world powers to regulate other guilds. Her powers were above that of a nation and Council decisions should be respected or suffer terrible retaliation. After all, the Council only authorized the creation of a guild and the only one who could dissolve it.Ishaia was probably one of the most feared by these people. Her fatal beauty hid a living spirit and formidable intelligence. And this afternoon, there is no other woman could claim her as equal. She walked among the guests greeted those she knew.Galmara hurried to meet her to avoid mistakes. Not adequately accommodating a member of the Council this evening could cause repercussions. Kissing her hands is essential

- It's always a pleasure to receive a board member.

- No nonsense, Lord Galmara.I heard of this small party, you do not mind, I hope, me about me not being invited.

- Certainly not, you do not need an invitation.

- Yes. But, dear, I saw that you were going to open the evening. I beg you, do so.

The courtier returned to the stage quickly.

- Dear friends, today the world is on the brink of ruin. We all know it is up to us to find a diplomatic solution. We all have acquaintances, friends, relatives who right now are worried about their future. It is for this future that you're here tonight. It is time to regain confidence in each other.

They all applauded many more out of politeness than conviction. Soft music began and the servants came in the room, bringing alcohol and refined fare. And the usual discussions began.

In their corner, Iron Mask and Oogoe gave themselves the latest news.

- Marlok succeeded.

The voice of the Iron Mask was hoarse and seems to come from far away. Raven played the crow courtier played with a black feather jay.

- This is both good and bad. If he returned the stone hearts to the Zil, it has already started to put them on his side.

- Yes, for once, the envoys were conspicuous. It is a real feat to take a Nehantistist’s Dark stone heart. It took much effort to play its role as Marlok.But it is, as expected.

- Now we must ensure that the Zil maintain their independence. And for that, I have a solution too. - What is it?

Oogoe took out a scroll a scroll in one of his many hidden pockets.

- This is a deed. The Crow offers Zil a piece of land ready to the border with the Tomb of the ancestors. I know you like to travel around the world, but this place could give them a solid foot on the ground and allow them a home. Iron Mask was drinking a delicious Yses wine in his glass crystal. Finally he grabbed the paper.

- The Zil will not forget this gesture.

For its part, Marlok wanted to know more about this Ishaia.His new role within the envoys puts him too unfamiliar situations. If he had ever heard of the Council, he had never met one of its members. Seeing that few people had invited her to dance, he began.

- May I have this dance, my lady?

- Certainly, they all think I bite because I'm the part of the council she said, grasping his hand. Marlok did not see the black eyes of Angelica, which at this moment would die of jealousy. The dancers whirled in a relatively slow pace, which left them time to talk.

- You are Marlok is not it? I heard about your story so unique.

- A sad story, fortunately for the moment it ends well.

- I read the report that the Prophet sent to the Council, about your stunt. Impressive.

- Thank you for the compliment. - I know you and your guild, faced with a Nehantiste.

Marlok stopped dancing. - Let's talk about this a little further, as you will, he says holding her hand and took her by the waist with a mischievous look.

On one of the many balconies of the castle, the two courtiers continued their discussion. In the distance, the stone that fell from the sky gleamed faintly like a shining star on Earth.

- May I?

Marlok made five small blue crystals appear.

- Calm down, it is only that our words remain with us

Ishaia and the mage nodded and placed equidistant five crystals on the ground around them. Then, a gesture, the latter a kind of levitating and blue magic shield was formed, as it is a bubble. - Here we can talk freely.What do you know?

-Not so much what I want to know; what matters is what I want you to substantiate. Several months ago we saw disturbing behavior within the guilds. What happened to the fighters Zil is not isolated.Nehants name recurs incessantly, and his latest report confirms this. We believe that one or more Nehantistes profit from conflict in the stone fallen from Heaven.

- We bttled a Nehantiste actually, but we have not defeated him, we only managed to drive him away. If there are more, I fear that we will have a lot of trouble if we face them.

The young woman took a serious look.

- The Council would like to entrust a mission, she said, grabbing one of the rollers attached to her belt.

Marlok was surprised.

- Why me? - Because you have the experience, maturity and the necessary gifts. We need as much information as possible about what is happening behind the scenes. We want names and especially we want to know what happened to Eredan.

- No less! He exclaimed in a tone of irony. You think seriously that alone I'll be able to do better?

- No, not alone. There will be others who will have the same mission as you. For now and for security reasons, we prefer that everyone remain anonymous. - Anyway, I have little choice. I must obey the orders of the Council. But I am bound to Dragon and Dragon will know what is going on. I doubt that you can forbid him to mix Noz'Dingard to this story.

- Dragon already knows and we agreed that for now he would not intervene. Marlok sighed and opened the parchment and unrolled the mission order. After going through its contents, put it away.

- I put myself on the road tomorrow.

- So if the case is heard, I still want to dance.

The mage set aside his fate and both joined the meeting.

- One last thing, beware of these two, she said, pointing to the Iron Mask and Oogoe.

Death and Rebirth


Prophet was lying stretched out on a crystal table arranged in the middle of the square of Noz'Dingard.The people mourned because now he had no leader.Anryéna, eyes red with tears incessant shaking hands of his son.Around them, the silence was disturbed by the crying of women.Kounok now adult size far exceeded all present.He realized, seeing that practically the whole town had come, how his brother was loved.Naya and order of the Witchblade almost in full salute his memory. All said goodbye. As is tradition, the night falling on Noz'Dingard, the crowd scattered and soon, there remained qu'Anryéna and Kounok.While the vast blue gem, central to life in Draconis lit.Form took shape, first simple bluish glow it materialized into a majestic and huge dragon.He then landed near the deceased.A halo appeared around the Prophet and a double spectral came out of him.Anryéna seemed both pleased to see his son, but she knew that this was his last appearance.

-Your existence came to an end; I came looking for you to accompany you to your final resting place.

Prophet approached and his mother, his ghostly hand, stroked her cheek. Anryéna cried harder.

-Mother hold your tears. I will always be with you and Dragon will watch over me.

-I know my son, I know. But a mother has the right to mourn the death of her child.

Kounok had not moved to an inch and watched his brother insisted. If he could speak, he told him how much he would miss him. As if Dragon had learned to read in him, the latter put his huge head.

- Are you willing to take over Kounok?

Anryéna strongly protested then.

- What? Taking one of my children is not enough for you father? Now you want him to take reckless risks your last little boy.

But to answer Kounok Dragon looked and nodded his head.

- He has chosen, my child.Draconia needs a guide and, in this era of conflict, a new prophet should appear.

- But Kounok is not a magician. As were all previous prophets.

- It's true. But your attempts to dissuade me ... will be in vain. Anryéna lowered her head.

- Brother, I know that Prophet will be a strong and wise. You will succeed where I fail. The ancient Prophet put his right hand on the muzzle Kounok.

- I will convey the will of those who preceded us. What wisdom and knowledge are yours.

At that time, a white aura that enveloped Kounok he felt immediately as assaulted by emotions and images that were unknown. Dragon whispered words in an unknown language.Kounok then became man. The white aura gradually ceased. His incredible likeness to his brother was amazing. He looked at his hands, and then touched his face smiling. He scratched his chest and, for the first time in his life, he could express, at last, something else other than grunts or use of magic.

- Goodbye, brother, you will be forever in my heart and those who knew you.

The ghost of the old Prophet then disappeared.

- A Prophet is gone, and another arrives. Like your predecessors, a new dragon knight will appear to help you in your task.

- I have a much better idea, said Kounok.

- I hear you, Prophet.

- I do not want a new dragon knight. Although he had failed in his task, I have Zahal near me.

- If that is your choice, accept it.

- It's not all. I wish also to the title; because I'm not like my brother wizard, go into battle with sword in hand.

- But this is against the rules, said Anryéna.

- Mother! The rules led us to the is now gone, where we are. It’s time to move on and show that our people also know fighting.

- Regardless, I grant you that right.

- One more thing I need Chimera

A name, a kind of unease settled. Chimera was once the sword of Ardakar as the most powerful Dragon Knight. This is partly thanks to her that Draconis defeated the Empire Xzia.Alas; his sword was the instrument of her downfall when the war broke out against Nehant. The sword was doing bad things to the wearer. To get rid of the influence Chimera had on her, she had no choice but to break it. Nobody ever saw her again after that. The Prophet then recovered the pieces of Chimera in order to keep them locked up forever. Then the sword appeared in the hand of Kounok. Its blade was broken glass and its guard was worn.

-Dragon! Why entrust such an instrument of death?

-My daughter, I did nothing.

- Incredible! It came by itself!

- It is only a reflection of what it once was. But I feel it will come in handy

Kounok looked at Chimera, he had never seen except in a book. He hoped that it becomes the symbol of military power of the Draconis.

Several weeks passed and Kounok fully insured on his new role. A few days ago that he wanted to leave at the Tomb of the Ancestors and join the envoys, made aware of the appointment by Dragon Kounok was given the rank of prophet. But fate decreed that it be envoys returning, at least in part, Noz’Dingard. Prophet was having a great discussion with some advisers when a guard brought him a message. Aerouant, Alishk Zahal and had just arrived in town and brought with them Marlok the traitor. He was then summoned to receive him in the great hall. Zahal went first, head down; he knew he would be punished for his fault, followed by Alishk of Marlok, held prisoner by magical bonds, and finally seeing that Aerouant Prophet was destabilized. Kounok looked so much like his father.

Zahal threw Marlok to the ground.

-Marlok the Lord here t...

He did not have time to finish his sentence as Chimera appeared in the hand of Kounok. Guided by their instincts, they immediately saw a presence behind Marlok, with a strong link between them. Prophet struck the presence quickly and accurately, cutting the invisible link. Marlok lost consciousness at that moment. A black man and vaguely formed.

- Aaahhhh, a new Prophet ... Your days are numbered...

Then the form evaporated. Zahal, Alishk Aerouant and were stunned by the scene that had just occurred.

- What was that? Aeronaunt asked.

-I’m not sure, but I suspect I just Marlok free from the grip of a Nehantiste.

Zahal watched the sword of his new boss, she said something. Then memories came back. Yes, he had already seen the broken blade ... That’s Chimera! When he felt that the Prophet was also a Dragon Knight, which afflicted him at the highest point. That was his punishment, he would lose his status? The next day Marlok had regained consciousness. Of course, he was locked in a cell in the prison of the city, guarded by two Witchblade. But this he did not care for after he managed to think for himself.

-So traitor, are you awake? Route of Anryéna well symbolized her feeling of the moment: anger. You know what to expect?

Marlok got up and dusted himself clean.

-You know, I just live for several months in the grip of a Néhantiste. You can just let me rot here until the end of my days.

- What’s... that?

- Marlok immediately understood. Kounok he had not said anything.

-I see that prophet is used to hide the important things. On the other hand it is true that he is very different from his brother.

-I see him.

- See what, mother? Prophet said as he entered the hall of cells.

- Why you dont tell him everything, Marlok said. Kounok looked at the Witchblade.

- Please leave us.

Quietly, the two women left the hall.

- I know what you have done in the past Marlok. Stealing information and doing banned cristalomancie are serious crimes. But I know you’ve always kept it for you. My mother lives in the past and is unable to forgive. You have already been punished and I would add one thing. Your sins are washed, now more than ever the Draconis and Zil need you.

- If I was in the grip of a néhantiste, they are probably too right?

-That’s what I want to know the Prophet said, opening the door of the cell.

Anryéna was hurt and angry, but understood that the interest of the Draconis required her to do nothing.

-I refer you to one of the combatants. I would like you to use this. Kounok handed a worn Monocle.

- This was made by Asal of Arguemand, the famous inventor of the cristalomancie. It was manufactured during the war against Néhant to identify people who were under control. It is your responsibility now. You are free to do what you like. You can completely ignore it, although I doubt the possession of your friends Zil or flee. Or you can return to your roots and earn your place among the apostles. You choose your path.

Marlok had lost several months of his life and his beloved golem, but on other hand he had earned his return to the Draconian... Nothing attached him now to this life of wandering. But, he could not resign himself to abandon the Zil to their fate. They took him in when he had nowhere to go...



Ergue was tired. His fight against Tsuro and the Witchblades required him constant attention at all times. He had failed to maintain its state of Abomination long enough to defeat and the escape was the only solution the zil hunter found. Soriek and Bigrage his companions had split up to cover their tracks. For several weeks they were sleeping around and played with the guerrillas, sometimes with Noz’Dingard, sometimes with Kotoba.

Ergue drank from the river to the other side of the forest. Then he saw wedged between two boulders a piece of gray fabric, then another piece of it passed before him. Puzzled, he glanced at the upstream and saw an elongated shape on shore, half in the freezing water.

-Go and see. Whispered a voice in his head.

He got up and went to see what this thing could be. He guessed that it was advancing a person. His clothes were half torn Ergue lifted a piece of his cloak which hid part of the face of his find. He recognized immediately that he had to do. This gray material, this mask so special, though has never crossed, Ergue was sure it was the Mystic Slayer! But why was he like this? And above all ... The Mystic Slayer! This is a sensational discovery, the answer to many questions about the origins of one of the most famous murderers of the world. Ergue returned the Slayer who was face against the ground, the shapes in the dress did not deceive, and this was a woman. Locks of hair exceeded her mask almost completely torn, and the rest of the costume was not much better. The Zil hunter took the opportunity to tie her hands. He decided to bring her back to camp; his guild mates probably know what to do with her.

-Whatsss issss Thisss?

- I found her at the edge of a river. It’s the Mystic Slayer

- The who? She said, looking innocent.

- You know, you care less of me, I understand im not particularly in the mood, he added, holding his ribs.

A little later in the Zil camp. There were not many people. Only Abyssien was on his post, guarding the premises.

- Ah, Ergue, I began to worry about you not being here. Soriek is not with you, but Bigrage is finally is here.

- No, I do not know what happened to the him, but he had better return quickly.

- You look very angry, is it related to what you have on your shoulder and thats wriggling?

- Yes. And he threw his grip on one of the many cushions.

- Abyssien leaned over the young woman she grumbled. He noticed the costume and the rest of the mask.

- Where did you get her?

- I found her in the river a few hours away. She was unconscious.

The head of Zil then addressed the Mystic Slayer.

- Ill free you, we do not want trouble; we just want know what happened to you. We want to help. You can not get out of this tent, I magically sealed for this purpose. Do you understand? The Slayer nodded her head. Abyssien after closing the entrances to the tent set her free. This time she did not move, but tears ran down her eyes.

- Are you really the Mystic Slayer?


- Do not worry everything you say will remain between us.

-Im not the Mystic Slayer, but I should have became one.

- Ah? You were going to replace him?

- No, I was going to become one, she says with a hint of anger and bitterness.

-What do you mean by that? There are several Mystic Slayers?

- Yes, there many of us are wearing the costume.

- Abyssien turned to his comrades.

- So bring something to sustain our guest.

While Bigrage and Ergue went to get it the head of Zil took the opportunity to cast a spell of the past that allowed him to see what events had led this young woman where she was. What he discovered was a sacred revelation. Indeed, separate images showed several people dressed as Slayer. They were all more or less the same size. They surrounded the young woman as a kind of ritual. One of them came forward then.

- I take this student under my wing, I teach him our secrets, I will teach him to hunt down and kill our targets without getting caught. Then came another.

- Dark, I took your name because it no longer. Today you’re a Mystic Slayer; you will serve the organization until death.

Yet another, who had a mask on his hands, placed it on her head.

- Go now, your primary targets are identified.

The scene ended there. Abyssien understood now how the reputation of the famous assassin. was built.

- So Dark how did you got in this state?

- I was abandoned by my master. The mission on which we had sent a wrong I turned and faced too much for me. I failed. My teacher thought I was dead and he left me. Anyway, a true Slayer would come out of this situation. But our rules are strict when Slayer fails; the accompanying must address remediation. Kill and remove the body of the failed part Mystic Slayer rules. - Well, we can not escape the rules of the organization. Still I have some questions, I promise, I will leave you alone. Why did I reveal to you all this?

- Because I hate them!

- This is a good reason enough. And so, now that you’re not a Slayer anymore, what will you do?

- I don’t know.

- People who have no place to go are welcome to stay here. Stay with us for as long as you like, Dark, Im sure your talents will be greatly appreciated. We can learn from you, and we will protect you from the Mysticslayers if necessary. Moreover, you are free to leave when you want to.

Indeed, after; Abyssien has reopened the door, Bloodsword, Faceless and Fenrath entered

The Ambassador


The camp Xziarite had regained its composure. The glow of torches lit his tent with a soft red glow. Incense bathing place of a sweet odor. Gakyusha took advantage of the momentary calm to take a deserved rest. Once again; the Emperor would be satisfied with his services.

Suddenly a voice boomed out:

-My Lord! We have a problem

Alas, Gakyusha sighed. He stood from his bed and left his tent.

Notifying the sentinel on his knees before the entry:

- What’s going on?

- A weird being came to the camp entrance. He calls for a hearing.

- A being? Is it a dragon,or a Zil?

- Neither one nor the other, sir ... He says he speaks for the forest..

- From whom? Let us go then ... I’m curious to know what he wants this madman. Guard my son Asajiro. Be prepared in case this is a new trick by planned the Zil.

- The guard that escorted Gakyusha prepared three seats a little away from his camp. On the middle sat Ergue b, a little further away stood Soriek, the blue giant Which Tsuro had reported. Bigrage probably stood near hidden among the shadows of the trees.

But the most surprising in this meeting was the strange being that was facing the three seats. On his right stood an impressive HomChai to the middle, his face marked with red paint. A big spear made of amber was driven into the ground just behind him.But being that seemed to have organized this meeting was entirely unknown to the Xziarite.. He had a rather sickly appearance, not very big and not very muscular, his great pale eyes were devoid of pupils and, above all, he had no mouth. Just wearing a loincloth of leaves and vines running over his body as if nature itself wanted to protect it from attacks. In his hand lay a stick over a kind of moon shaped carved in ivory in the center of which was a little creature suffused with blue flames. Ergue turned to Gakyusha. He read in his eyes which seemed as surprised as him to the amazing sequence of events.

The voice echoed in his head as clear as if he had heard:

- Hello to you Imperial lord Gakyusha Xzia. Im Spirit Speaker, I speak for the people of Eltarite. We wanted to meet you today to let you know that the land you tread is not yours. They were a territory of the people of the forests long before the existence of your respective nations.

At first taken aback, Gakyusha started laughing...

- Are you kidding? The Tomb of the Ancestors has been disputed by the draconian and the Empire long ago. In addition, the nation of which you claim to be the spokesperson for us is totally unknown. I even doubt that the Council is aware of your existence. Let me tell you that your business is doomed to failure.

- We would be very distressed if we have to use our powers to protect our lands, The Dais voice rang out. We did it in the past and we are willing to do it again if the danger is too great.

- Ergue cuts in; the conflicts that arise here involve only a few men and not look too far into the forest. Why say they hurt your kind so much?

- The greatest danger comes not from the conflict itself but just this thorn in the surface of our world. The canopy pointed his bat toward the stone fell from the sky. Immediately, like a mirage in the desert, the air grew dim. Stone fell from the sky shone as a substitute for sunlight. The ground it seemed on fire and deeply hurt. Like the earth is infected by a disease caused by a foreign body.

- Damn Ergue murmured, passing his hand over his forehead. I’m beginning to understand, he whispered.

- And then Gakyusha answered, this stone is an issue. We can not carry it far away without tools and men. Despite our leadership in the current conflict that stone arouses more interest. I can not make such a decision without the approval of the Emperor and the protection for the workers.

- The Imperial lord rose.

- Your message has been said, but I doubt that his small nation could afford to be heard.

- Well, imperial lord. I will convey your words to mine. So be it.

Spirit Speaker retreated with his bodyguard, outside the firelight. Myriads of fireflies rose from the ground up to hide the Dais and HomChai at the sight of their interlocutors. When the cloud of fireflies scattered, there remained no trace of them.

Back in his tent Gakyusha lay down again. Lying on his bed, he took a moment to reflect. What does this stone represent and why so many people are interested in it. The unknown people could be dangerous? He doubted but his experience led him to distrust people who were openly stating their willingness to face their enemies. Either they were crazy or they were sure of themselves.

- Tsuro! He said in the silence of his tent. Can your trackerstrack the emissaries from the forests?

- No, my lord, we have lost track as soon as they reached the forest, said the tracker from the shadows of the tent.

- What do you know about these people of Eltarite?

- Few things my lord. We know that small tribes HomChai and Elfine are scattered around the forest. They trade plants, amber jewelry and their hunting but have little contact with our nation. I did not know they were part of a group of tribes, or they could obey other people

- So ... They are probably all crazy.

Ergue walked in darkness at a rapid pace. His gifts of affinity to animals allowing it to see as well in the dark than in sunlight. If only Marlok was still one of them he could enlighten him on the visit tonight. But one thing was certain, contrary to what Gakyusha believes, he would not make the mistake of underestimating the people of the forests. He had set a time to find what he knew about the canopy. In his travels to the heart of the most primitive tribes in this country, he had heard about but never see any, as gods revered by all peoples close to nature. Legends told that they had great magical powers, they were the will of nature, that all life forms obeyed them. If this were the case, a powerful new adversary was about to enter the game.

The block of amber bathed the room in a soft golden glow. The Keizan, lost himself in contemplation of the monolith. Sighing, he approached the stone and put his hand rough on its surface.

The voice echoed in his head instantly:

- Then my brother, have men reached your expectations?

- Alas no, he said to Keizan. Our attempt to reason with this species has failed. I sent Spirit Speaker and Red Mark accompanied by some of our scouts to begin the dialogue with the human fighters but we have met only contempt and indifference.

- I warned you, these children will never understand anything, release me and believe me they will remember why their ancestors were afraid of the forest.

- No, Keizan sadly said. Your past actions have condemned you to this prison and you will remain until the end of time. When the wrath of this forest awakens, they will understand very soon that they are not welcome here.

The Mummy


150 years before the stone falls from the sky, the emerald desert is facing a civil war.

The Tuareg in the south, supported by the Sheikh Azin, and Priestess Ptola challenged the supremacy of the cult of Solra. The conflict had led to fratricidal battles where supporters of each camp could be part of the same family.

The moment came when the two powers were of equal. The final confrontation took place between the polytheists who, for once, agreed to conduct a common front against the monotheistic Solra, whose armies were commanded by Temple Guardian Ahmid. At the heart of the battle, the priestess of Ptola, the goddess of the dead, found herself fighting Ahmid. It was gigantic! The powers of the elected of the gods were huge, sweeping everything in their path, not caring of their environment and those who were fighting on their behalf.

Soon everyone was around them. The sword of the guardians of Ahmid rent the air with a hoarse whistle. For its part, the Priestess praying to Ptola to grant her powers terrifying and deadly. Unfortunately, Ahmid Solaris support, managed to cut off the head of his unfortunate opponent. Miros head rolling on the burning sand, and stood facing the warrior. The eyes still narrowed and his mouth said:

- Ha! The one who sleeps does not die! You may have won, but by killing me you've signed your death warrant...

Gripped by a cold chill Ahmid realized that this voice was not that of the priestess, but of Ptola. That day saw the advent of Solra and supremacy of the forces of Minepthra. The same evening in the heart of the desert was a big party in honor of Ahmid and his victorious army. Alcohol flows freely, so that the guardian of the temple was soon intoxicated. His senses began to play tricks on him. In the middle of the crowd, he thought he saw someone who seemed familiar. Upsetting the guests, he went to the edge of the unknown river passing nearby. Ahmid believed the appearance of a ghost, because he was well recognized, it was the high priestess of Ptola.

- Is it really you? He said with a mixture of astonishment and fear. The young woman smiled as if to say yes, it was her.

- But it’s impossible, I killed you with own my hands.

Tears ran down his cheeks.

- I have ... killed.

He fell on his knees and remembered the sweet years before the Civil War. At that time, he led a sweet romance with her which was unfortunately broken by the madness of the gods. And still seeing her, he knew that his love for her was still alive.

The high priestess also began to knee and took the Ahmid face in his hands before giving him a kiss. This is where the guardian of the temple felt a deep malaise and pain in the heart.

- You die by the hand of the one you loved as she died of your hand.

The warrior could not breathe, her blood boiled in his veins.

- When you die, you will be mummified and they will make you lavish funeral. Alas for you when you’ll wake up locked in your grave for eternity.

Ahmid felt the beating of his heart slow down then stop when the priestess gave him these words.

- You understand that I am Ptola in person. It costs me a lot to come here. A day will come when I will resume my former glory. Farewell, guardian of the temple of Solra

Ahmid was found dead and the people wept for him as fortold. The honors were given to him, and as Ptola predicted. He was granted a tomb fit for a king. Many years passed before Ahmid woke up from this kind of apparent death. He was gone and, above all changed. He knocked the lid of the sarcophagus with force to remove it. Fortunately his grave was provided with a myriad of small gems solar illuminated the room which is small enoughl. Unfortunately, several days went by as he tried to find a way out, but all was in vain.

Outside, the young Djamena followed a few weeks the teachings of the priests. They were fascinated by the speed with which the young woman learned and absorbed the precepts of Solra. One night the girl woke up with the strange feeling she had something to do. Regardless of anything, she left the church as guided by a higher power. A voice told him that someone needed her. She arrived in the Great Pyramid before going in through a back door that she was unaware until then. The winding corridors led to the heart of the building, where Ahmid waiting for ages. Instinctively, she activated the door of the tomb and entered it without any fear. Instantly her appearance changed, the wings appeared on her back and her hair became like the sun heated the sand.

- WHO ARE YOU? Ahmid yelled.

Djamena then advanced bright light. The warrior then fell to her knees before acknowledging the divine power of Solra.

- An envoy of Solra, he said, its time for my redemption, Ill finally be able to join my ancestors.

- Will you get rid of this non-life? He said in a voice incredibly hollow. I have served faithfully all my life as a human. I implore you to let me go Messenger.

-I have other plans for you, guardian of the temple, serve me faithfully and I will deliver you from the curse.

- But ... I fought in the name of Solra, I killed in his name and overcome sacrificed my soul for him. Is this his way of thanking me?

- It will prove more grateful if you act in his name, there is no discussion to have. It could very well leave you well. This is not what you want, is not it?

The Mummy remembered the supreme command of the guardians of the temple: Obey.

- Or, what I should do for my lord and master, he replied bitterly.

- Do what you do best, kill people. A major threat made its appearance. Iolmarek and other nomads of the desert will have a lot of work against them. Go to lend a hand.

- I obey!

- Then the young woman turns back to; Djamena, her became hair black and her wings disappeared.

The Awakening


An arrow whistled through the air with speed and plunged into the chest of the Imperial Lord Gakyusha...

He had turned a deaf ear on Spirit Speakers warning. For him the stone belonged to the Emperor and now nothing will change that fact. The Envoys were not interested in the stone anymore, the Zil were almost routed. Only the desert nomads were problematic, but so far they had not been aggressive. But it was only a facade, soon Iolmarek will know how to use the powers of the stone fell from the sky and put an end to the conflict.

Unfortunately they did not count the arrival of new enemies that they did not want one thing that this stone and all the invaders of their lands disappear for millennia. Also had roots spring from the soil devastated the camps and trying to grab all those who had not fled. Everywhere one another trying to get out of this sudden vegetation and free those who were not reached. Ydiane had long observed these people and thanks to her expertise she had spotted some member Kotoba she deemed “neutralize’’. She and The Claw had ventured near their camp and were preparing to eliminate them.

She drew her bow and shot one who seemed the leader. The Claw raced to the biggest of them. Xin did not have time to react and found himself on the back, the vines that appeared immediately. As for Gakyusha he inwardly thanked Masamune who had forged his armor, because the arrow stuck in the metal and the tip of Amber was partly broken. But above all it meant that a shooter wants his life. In the heat of the battle he saw a furious attack from the insectoid.

He did not hesitate and began to retreat in the opposite direction. Identifying Ydiane, he seized custody of his faithful Word of the Emperor and quickly made a vacuum in his mind. It focuses on the second arrow that had been cleared. It was not the first time he used this technique, but never in a situation as unique. While the arrow would kill him by hitting his head the Lord used a technique Imperial ancestral Iaijutsu iwith incredible speed he unsheathed his sword, cutting the arrow coming to the side. Not stopping there, from experience I knew the shots in a fight were very difficult, he decided to take the word of the Emperor to that insectoid, which serve to shield him in case of a new shot against him. Tsuro and Amaya were not there and Iro and Asajiro had gone back to the capital, because the attack was carried out at the time that was not really Kotoba their full potential. The fight would be difficult.

On the other side of the stone, the nomads had taken refuge at the foot of the stone. Divine power prevented the vines to grow up them. Ahlem and Iolmarek prayed to their god while the Sphinx was planted in custody, brandishing his two scimitars with rage. Opposite, two large Homchaï like colossi were moving, groaning of the little band. The Kei-Zan then approached, surrounded by an armor of thorns that seemed alive.

- Its time for you to leave! We will not take no for an answer.

- Creatures of evil! You are nothing compared to Solra. You are only insects and I will crush you as such! Shouted the Sphinx before charging towards the Kei-Zan.

The latter struck the ground with his staff and roots started to grow rapidly, capturing the mastodon with ease. For their part, the other nomadic HomChaï faced with an incredible rage. Blood flowed quickly, but the nomads were closing wounds with the fervor of their priests. It was the first time they faced this Magic. The spirit Iolmarek did not wavered and was not too destructive to let the stone fell into the hands of these savages. The Sap hearts were about to prevail when their battle strategy was fully deployed. While HomChai came to the end of the combatants of the desert, riding his Mélissandre wolf, with his flank Bearcupine took the rest of the troupe. Fortunately for priests, a newcomer came to restore a little balance in the opposition forces. . Ahmid with its characteristic of undead disempowering nature was imposed on the HomChai, and his opponents backed down.

- Im Ahmid, Solras plague, you will meet soon meet your ancestors who sleep in the depths of these lands!

Iolmarek looked with big eyes on the haggard mummy. Ahmid seeing as the hero of the past. They saw the obvious intervention of their god and gained confidence. The fight turned into a disorganized melee.

While this was happening Kei-Zan, watched patiently. I listened to that nature destroyed, gathered their forces, and concentrated his energy on his stone-heart, and then transformed into tree-god. His appearance was that of a man tree. His feet became roots that dug into the ground; his back long branches grew to hang small flowers.

The canopy of the waves radiated power of the world tree. This was the incredible power of the Sap Heart, because at that time the Elfine, HomChaï and Guemelite all became, in harmony with the land. The earth began to tremble, roots and vines as thick as trees tore the ground and curled gently around the stone that fell from the sky. After a while they formed a cocoon and could no longer distinguish any yellow glow.

Iolmarek and other nomads felt the bond that united them from the stone has just been broken, this was a heavy defeat, a battle had just been lost. But who would win this war in the end?

The Crow


A few days before the attack of the Sap Heart, Xin guarded the entrance of the Kotoba camp . He was tired because since the arrival of the desert people, new fighting broke out.

- Then, we focus on daydreaming?

The phrase brought to Kotoba out of his state. I had not seen arriving at this person who spoke. He pursed his eyes to see better and noticed the Kotoba brand on her kimono.

- Let me in or let me think here?

- Who are you announce yourself?

- Do you know who I am?

Xin shook his head negatively.

- Well, I see ... Lord Gakyusha announces that Oogoe Kage is coming here and now let me enter, fatty!

The youngest member of the Kotoba internally angry against this insult, but the name of Kage Oogoe Kage he was well known. Iro and SenRyaku who are training had witnessed the exchange from a distance, dropped his partner to see what was happening. The young champion of the Emperor recognized the holding of the arrival, a member of the clan of the raven. “What does he want?” Wondered Iro.

- So this is our new champion of the Emperor! Iro, I must see your father as soon as possible. You can also prepare the business for you will have to start journey to Merag.

- Why?

- The Emperor demands your presence.

In the command tent, the Lord Imperial Gakyusha received Oogoe Kage

- Imperial Lord is unfortunately sad news that makes me come to you. Our lord and master, the Emperor of Xzia is seriously ill.

Gakyusha rose from his seat, his face contorted.

- Seriously ill? You mean ... dying?

Oogoe lowered his head to confirm the words of Chief Kotoba.

- Thank you for defendant. I will prepare my things and go to Merag.

- Lord, I fear, unfortunately, your presence here is imperative, he says holding out a scroll.

After reading the imperial lord sat down again. He took a scroll, brush and ink. No sooner had written some words, folded and sealed his letter, gave it to Oogoe.

- Asajiro and Iro will accompany you, Crow. I want my child read this letter to the Emperor. and he alone will read it, you understand?

The severe tone did not affect Oogoe. - It will be done according to your wishes, my Lord. Can I have?

- You can. Call Iro, I need to speak to him.

Iro was ready. The Emperor had always had witnessed respect and honored with the title Champion of the Emperor, at an age where no one had done this miracle. Tears came, but he hid them from Oogoe.Gakyusha had told him what to expect. Going to the store from his father, he came across SenRyaku. The young woman took his arm as they passed. He whispered some words to her ear.

- Take care and don’t trust the people around you. Put your trust on Asajiro. He’ll always be faithful.

Then she let go and went about their business. Iro entered the tent which now floated a sweet smell of incense. He remembered the smell and it revived memories the home he tried to forget. A few years ago when her mother fell ill, his father had requested Kami to grant healing, unfortunately without success. But the Lord had accepted the death of his wife.

- Father, are you there?

- Yes, Iro. Come sit next to me.

The Lord of Kotoba was in a wing of the tent. Here, there was an altar on which rested the statuette of a naked young woman with long hair hid the chest. Around her incense sticks burned slowly. In front, entirely in red kimono, the father of Iro recited prayer and mantras. The young champion of the Emperor knelt and recited prayers in turn. It lasted a long time and night fell softly.

- Iro, I just received a message from Tsuro just after the arrival of Oogoe. The situation within the Empire is degraded and politics intensified. I put aside all this and is a clever maneuver. It is for this, what I tell you, to inform me about what happens. This all seems rather strange and disturbing.

Iro contemplated the statue, lost in thought. He heard the warnings of his father, but he could not help thinking of his mother, whose face was beginning to fade from his memory. He then pulled himself together.

A few miles away, Malysse sitting cross-legged in the middle of the Tomb of the ancestors finished reading an incantation that he had begun the previous day. He was on the verge of fainting and magical forces faltered beyond reason. It was not chance that brought him here, but a specific plan. And it was exactly over the last part he performed at present.

A few weeks earlier he had helped Toran through intermediaries and had ensured that the confrontation between him and Akutsaï take place here. Their presence here was rushed to the spirit world and had opened a gap on the world. Malyss looking for a particular spirit of a warrior fallen in battle long ago. Finally, he finished his incantation and everything around him became whiter, as if reality had disappeared. Forms then appeared, at first simple and then the mist as consistency took a form shaped like a man. At that time, Malyss eyes were closed because he was not allowed to see this place. He then caught a small box he had in his bag, opened it and took out its contents: a crow-quill, far too long to be that of an animal of this species of normal size. The young mage dropped the pen began to flutter. One of the spirit was then caught like a fly with honey and he touched the pen. Soon reappeared all around them. Malyss opened his eyes. Before him stood that he was looking for.

- Ganso, the Raven is happy to see you back with us. You are eagerly awaited.

- Thank you to you for coming to get me, I do not know how long I wandered aimlessly.

- We need leave for Merag, The Crow is ahead. Iro and Oogoe finally arrived at their destination. The capital before them, was buzzing with activity. They did not have time to rest and demanded an immediate hearing so that the champion of Xzia can see the Emperor. They went to the room where Ayuka, the old Imperial servant, took care of the patient. She rose and bowed to the two men then left the room without saying a word. The room was bathed in red light, color representative of the Empire Xzia. He floated the smell of incense and herbs. Iro fell to his knees by the bed where the Emperor, thin and very pale skin, was sleeping hectic. Iro was found it difficult to see him in this state. After a few minutes, coughing awoke the patient and noticing that he was not alone. When he saw his champion and Oogoe, the Emperor sat.

- Kage, he spoke with difficulty. Leave us.

Oogoe immediately bowed and left the two men alone.

- Iro, darkness veils my eyes little by little ... Soon I will join my ancestors.

- No, don’t say that we will soon find a cure.

The Emperor marked a small grin.

- The greatest healers have studied my case, without any success. Death will surely take me and I already know that this will not be long. Iro ... Come to me, I have something to tell you...

The youngest member of the Kotoba stood very close to the Emperor; it was a great honor for him because in society Xziarite be close to the Emperor, in the physical sense of the term, is having his favor.

- Iro, you are perhaps not aware, but when an emperor is no longer able to reign, a regency was established. Hear me, I feel the shadows move and watching me, all this is not natural. You are my champion so worthy of this title and protect your Emperor.

- Protect you from what? And Who?

At that moment entered the room an old man with long white beard, dressed entirely in black.

- Lord Iro, to see you again in Merag. I think its time for our Emperor to rest.

Iro knew this person: it was Daijin, the venerable and powerful leader of the Crow clan, but also senior advisor of the Emperor. To Iro, the old man had always been a loyal imperialist.

The young man was about to leave when the Emperor caught him by the wrist.

- Remember my words Iro ... Protect the Empire...

Tempus Fugit


Psalm, the famous bard was sitting on a rock partly covered by moss. Most of the inhabitants of the small nearby village had gathered for this rare opportunity. Old and young were waiting for the bard as he begins his stories.

Psalm cleared his throat and took a few notes on his harp before starting a sweet melody.

“Hear ye hear, hear ye this is the story of the exiles of Time, who came to our land to escape their troubles.

This will happen in the future no one knows exactly when or where. Samia the young apprentice, curious about life, never listened to anything.

Now she was warned, The Book of Destiny is not open to anyone who wants to read it, it is forbidden.

Obviously she didn’t listen and read the book...

A few months before the Psalm was in this village, like many people, he was moving towards the stone that fell from the sky. His horse and he were exhausted by the long journey. Sought a peaceful place to spend the night. There he saw a small camp in the middle of which a fire was burning; it was for him a beacon in the falling darkness. He approached and saw a young woman in strange attire; she was alone in a place little known for being calm.

- Excuse me, I traveled the land and I am looking for a place for the night. Could I have the honor to share the camp with you?

The young woman looked up Psalm and he saw in spite of the darkness that she was blind; Her eyes were white as snow.

- We all want something. Sit back and don’t worry, we are safe from any danger.

The young man arose and set his horse, and after putting a blanket on the ground began to play the lyre.

- Are you a musician? Asked the young woman with a certain touch of innocence.

- I am milady a bard, my name is Psalm.

- Enchanted Psalm.

Having played a few songs, the bard put down his instrument.

- Do you know how we, bards, get our songs?

- No, tell me.

- In addition to the legends of various countries, we talk a lot with the travelers we meet as they often have things to tell.

- So you want to know if I would have a story to you? On reflection, yes, I have a story.

Psalm’s face brightened he became interested. - Tell me I’m listening.

He unpacked in a hurry to take notes.

- I am listening.

- My name is Samia, in that times many of you name me the Apostle of Destiny. I’m from the future.

- The future? This means that you know what will happen then?

- Be gentle Psalm you can ask me questions later, my story is long enough.

- Oh, please forgive me.

- So in the future I will be an apprentice of the watchmaker, a respectable person of ... how to say, a secret society called Tempus. Ill be young when an event happens that changed many things.

Psalm already burned a thousand questions; he listened to this amazing story while drinking where apparently all the verbs were combined in a special way, blending past, present and future.

-The Tempus is the keeper of the secrets of Fate, and carefully preserved the balance of the time. I showed too much curiosity because of that I will break the absolute prohibition of Tempus, reading the Big Book of Destinies. This grimoire created by Eredan, can reveal to him who reads the fate of a person. Then you just have to focus on the person you want to see his fate that the book changes it.

The Bard was still a doubt, was this invented or was this true, did she have experienced all of this?

- Now I had an idea that I will regret, in part, that of wanting to reveal the fate of a particular person I known. Unfortunately for me I violated a rule that I did not know in relation to reading this book. I have been so very serious consequences. Fate has veiled my eyes and I was punished. I will now live with the ability to read the destiny of the people I passed but I could never learn anything of my own destiny. I am in chains.

- Exciting! Exclaimed the bard. And then that happened?

- It happens that, I having broken several “sacred” rules I incurred the wrath of the other Tempuses. I owe my life the watchmaker, that I am very close. I do not know what pushed him to help me. He appeared immediately after my vision disappears and then we escape by Tempus Fugit, a specific timeline, normally also forbidden to use. We chose to come here in those days.

- If I understand you are back in the past. But is it the other Tempus could not come too this time?

- You are insightful, Psalm. They will arrive soon; it’s actually a matter of time. But we believe people with an exceptional destiny can help us.

- But by doing so won’t you change the future?

- And very unfortunately did not know our past, but a priori we can aspire to two theories. In the future, and we came to the past and this future because there is “normal”. Or then we modify and create a different future. I recognize that the stories of the time are the passion of the Watchmaker. My view of time is limited to the fate of the people because I can see someone’s future. - So you know what adventures I will live.

- Yes, I know the story I told you will travel the world and when the time comes you will remember who it was.

Far into the future, when the Apostle and the clock disappears in the maze of time a man appeared. His costume was the most unusual was a Tempus.

- I have observed, this impacts the past, my brothers, the mandate has been broken, finally, we must act.

Other people with similar outfits appeared in turn.

- They will be locked.

- The facts will be recorded.

- They will be punished.

Then all disappeared, and borrowed the Tempus Fugit ...

Manual, Chapter1


Baranthe is the most eastern of the seven kingdoms. But it is also closest to the wilderness, the land that once saw fighting during the war against cataclysmic Nehant. His king, named Baranthe too, was a man full of ambition. His predecessor had left a small kingdom and shame for the seven kingdoms, and it really bothered him. He undertook extensive work throughout his kingdom to give a boost to the economy and improve the lives of his people.

One morning, a young peasant came to the Castle Baranthe with an important letter that caught the attention of his majesty. He announced the discovery of a strange large object buried in the ground deep in the province of Thane, known as the poorest region of the kingdom. Immediately, the king was taken aback. One thing buried in a remote part of his kingdom, what could it be? He asked the advice of artisans known in the capital. Unfortunately no one knew not explain what exactly this “thing”. All that the king had such information was that it was a large object with incredibly complex mechanisms. The reaction was swift.

- So be it. Since you’re incompetent, Ill have to call the only person able to deal with it: the great royal jeweler!

He arrived some time later, he bowed and said haughtily:

- I will fix it for your majesty. This conundrum is resolved.

This jeweler was known to have created mechanisms advanced enough for jewelry and has written several great inventions. He set out towards Thane where the “thing” is waiting. There, he spent an entire week, almost day and night, trying to solve the riddle. Alas, after three days, he panicked because he was not progressing at all. The servants present even saw him at the sixth night almost naked in front of the “thing”, and almost mad babbling of “Ill never make it! I never make it”. And indeed he did not succeed the unfortunate man almost went insane and was taken, back to the capital for him to recover...

King was angry. . He lost his prestige in this which began to annoy him seriously. But he had a great idea.

- Heralds! Spread the rumor around the world that I, the king Baranthe, invites the greatest craftsmen of the world to solve the riddle that no one has yet unraveled. Whoever arrives at the solution will be rewarded at fair value.

Very soon the rumor circulated and soon a crowd of curious onlookers and of course craftsmen reached Baranthe, doubling the population of the city. The King found himself a victim of its announcement and had to face. He ordered his advisers to begin a royal “casting”, a new method of recruitment by jury. Selections lasted several days and, of course, the vast majority of applicants were repressed. Nevertheless, some big names made the trip. Some were even remotely. They were so kindly invited, at the expense of the kingdom, to go to Thane, and during this trip, some of them had time to discuss their respective passions. They were welcomed by the Lord of Thane, which had supported the safety of the site and supervised on behalf of his beloved king, the management of this discovery.

- Welcome to Thane. More precisely called Imsiss we belong to a region whose history is nothing special. I hope your incredible talent will help us solve the riddle that I propose to contemplate.

Then he told his servants then opened the heavy wooden door of the enclosure built to protect the perimeter. The “thing” was truly impressive, partly covered with soil. It was a huge cube with a height close to the three men. Was a real challenge because its visible surface presented a multitude of mechanisms and bright gems of different colors. - Well, here is a beautiful work, said Delko, the famous manufacturer of Golems Noz’Dingard.

- You’re right, my dear colleague! Jorus said.

- Finally let’s get to work. Ill begin right away. Said Klementine the mechanist with her mechanic golem assistant, one of her most incredible achievements.

Without any delicacy, the young woman threw herself on the mechanisms at hand and tried to smash them with a hammer. Unfortunately without any success. Nothing happened, except the destruction of her hammer. Delko and Jorus, them wacky theories were based on what could be the object.

- And whether to align the same color gem in threes, maybe they cancel each other out?

- Pouapoua! No matter what you say. Im sure you must press it at the same time, said Jorus, the glassblower.

Nearby, two well-hidden Mystic Slayers watched the scene with great interest.

- That’s something we have not heard for a long time.

- Yes, we must say that some of his works still exist.

- Except that this one is his masterpiece, at said the last second

- Yes, even today no one can match it as he was ahead of its time, a true genius.

- What is worrying is that this ... cube was buried. It looks like a safe.

- But what does it contain?

- We will know, if they’re successful at opening it .

- I will report to the brotherhood, we must record these facts. If we could get back the technology, it would help us in our task.

- Well, I will leave immediately.

The World Tree


The wind was blowing gently in the branches of World Tree. In those days, life was peaceful on Guem, erosion had not yet worked. No human being trod these lands.

World Tree was the focus of all life. It had the distinction, in addition to being truly great, to have pushed a stone-heart, which according to legends the Dais was the first existing Guem. Thus, the seed carried by the wind landed on this rock, and had developed an extraordinary speed. Thus the tree was born.

The following spring it was covered with beautiful flowers, which later became fruit, also proportionately larger than the shaft. Once the ripe fruit, they fell to the ground. But rather than germinate into a tree, creatures that came out, similar to chicks emerging from eggs. This was the birth of the first inhabitants of Guem the Dais. Children of the World Tree were in harmony, each being both a very small part of the tree, as a collective consciousness, and be full.

Years passed, and for centuries, and all was well in the brave new world. But one of them seemed preoccupied by something. He was chosen by his family to become the leader of the people Dais, he was called Keizan. He was born from a special product of the World Tree because it gave two daises. Moreover, while Keizan gazing dubiously the trunk of the tree, his brother came. The members of this people had the particularity of experience with high accuracy the feelings of others. And then he had felt the deep anguish of the head dais.

- I feel great concern to you, my brother. Maybe you can discuss it with me what’s wrong?

Keizan had always been more sympathetic to the world that had spawned.

- Each dais that comes weakens the World Tree.

- How so?

- Her stone heart weakens and I hear the voice of our mother. She is in agony.

- Really? Yet it seems that all is well. Look, the branches are numerous and do not fall. The foliage is dense and there are many flowers, announcing the future arrival of Dais children.

- His pain is deeper.

- Come on, don’t worry. I am confident that things will be fine.

- I don’t think so

Indeed, the situation did not get any better. The Dais felt that their tree-Heart perished. Most of them went to the tree as if driven by instinct. The Keizan and his brother maintained their own as best they could, but the sadness and the pain was too great. If the tree dies, it condemned their people to disappear. The gem heart, partly visible in some bark crevices, emits more than a small light. Then the unthinkable happened.

Keizans brother approached one of these gaps, saw that the bark was being split and the Stone heart of the tree is inflating. He understood immediately what was coming. He ran towards his brother while in his back the Stone Heart exploded in a shower of green. He had just time to jump in front of the Keizan before receiving bursts of the stone heart of the tree. The explosion had virtually disintegrated and many of the Dais that prayed about the tree was killed that day. The Keizan pushed his brother who had fallen unconscious on him with the breath of the blast. The depths of his being, he was torn. Around them was chaos, branches fell with a crash when the petals gently down there with a sad spectacle. He leaned toward his brother even though he was unconscious, writhing in pain. His whole right side was wounded by shrapnel that had been deeply planted in him.

Keizan shook his head as if to compose herself. He soon realized that consciousness that connected them all Dais had disappeared. He could not feel the pain of the survivors, nor that of his brother. To avoid being crushed by debris falling again, he took his brother on his shoulder and put him away to safety. Having picked up a little more perspective, it could then be aware of the extent of damage.The World Tree was dead. Much of his people swept away and, most importantly, there would be no birth of new dais. Once the situation calmed down, he felt like a magical force that was emitting low. Intrigued, he went to see what he could salvage. After slalom between the dead bodies of Dais and dead branches, where he reached the tree was there and found a stump surrounded by shards of crystal. Among them that it was a piece of rock especially.Keizan leaned over and picked it up. As big as his fist, this gem housed within it a piece of root. Then he heard these words:

“Death is not the end. You will carry me and we will live together until the day of rebirth”.

At that time, he realized that this was a seed of the World Tree and the cycle of life will continue. One day in the future other World Tree would emerge.

But when?

Manual, Chapter 2


Throne room of the castle Baranthe, some time after the departure of artisans to Thane.

The king was alone, sitting in his throne easily. The thought of a fabulous treasure would soon own. He had to admit, was really exited and glad. Unfortunately for him, his good humor would be broken by the unexpected arrival of an unwelcome visitor. First the King was tired, he felt his body became more and more heavy, and then everything went black around him, as if the light would pass through the blackened windows. From inside the pocket of his coat came out a stone heart, levitating a short distance from his head. This stone-heart was probably green, but in its current state, it was almost entirely black. Then the ambient light is concentrated into it and clouds of smoke that gathered in a central point. Finally, the smoke cleared and a man appeared dressed in black his face partly hidden by a hood. He advanced towards the king, stamping his stick.

- Do you work well, King Baranthe. You will soon be rich and all the seven kingdoms will bend their knees in front of your splendor.

The words of Nehantist hit the mark. Vanity, greed and the desire to become one and served as an entry point to the conscience of the king.

- If the plan goes as planned, we will arrive at the solution.

The Nehantist then gave the king a virgin parchment and writing materials.

- You will write a letter to the lord of Thane.

Immediately, the king’s hand began to write without even looking at the parchment.

- You will indicate that a certain Quilingo will come on your behalf and will serve first in what will be in the trunk. It is important that he comes first. Of course, you will sign, as normal, and put your royal seal.

A few minutes later, the letter was prepared and sealed.

- The so-called Quilingo should arrive tomorrow. You will discreetly and give him your orders.

Then, he retreated to the center of the room:

- Remember, your name will go down in history!

The Nehantist turns into smoke, and then the smoke went to black light. The kings stone- heart went back in his pocket, all was clear. The king was free to think by himself again. For him, it was all his idea.

For several days, the most important craftsmen worked tirelessly to solve the riddle. And the least we can say is that it kept them sane. The little band lived in an isolated village hastily built and located nearby. That night, Lord Thane had ordered a meeting to take stock of the progress of their guests. And they were all there, around a table in an impressive uproar, each passionately defending their ideas. The poor man had a lot of work to do with all these complex personalities.

- Please! Please! Ladies and Gentlemen! Can I have your attention!

Unfortunately, apart Arckam, the magician of Zil, no one really listened. Total disarray was before the Lord, the Zil decided to do something. He reached into a pocket and pulled out a balloon and then he himself leapt on the table, without the chaos declining. Then he inflated balloon until became big as Ramen the seller of noodles. Some stopped their chatter, others have not. The craftsman then Zil out as if by magic a long needle and popped the balloon it exploded immediately began to repeat the words of the Lord of Thane, but with much more body.


Strangely, everyone stopped talking. Arckam went down the table, as mysteriously as he had appeared.

- Thank you, sir Arckam. Now that I have your attention, I would like each report on your assumptions. Klementine do you want to start?

The young woman was very surprised to see that he was interested to her. She wiped her hands on her apron and stood up, clearing her throat.

- If you want my opinion, this was made by someone. If we knew who could solve this fortuitous history. Because there is no way to unscrew anything to that machine!

- Fine, but if a hypothesis to open?

- Meh no, I have no idea.

- Well, uh, thank you. Well, Jorus?

The old man was preoccupied he was whispering something to one of his “Jorusiens” and was surprised to be asked.

- Eh?

- Well, would you have an idea how to open this thing? What are your theories?

- Hmm, it has locks so it must have keys?

At that time, Delko began to applaud.

- Bravo! We suspected it! Said the golem maker.

- Well if you’re strong go at it!

- Since you let me speak, I think I have some ideas. said Klementine, it is important to know who "made it" before moving it. Once we know, we need to understand the mechanisms.

- So it’s been several days that you have been staying here and you said that no progress has been made yet?

- You are mistaken, countered Delko. We exchanged our point of view; this is what makes us tick. If you thought we were going to arrive and discover the solution on the first look is wrong about our business. Well he said, we have anticipated all of this, I would like to have the answer about who is the manufacturer of this thing soon.

Indeed, the next morning a messenger from Noz’Dingard brought Delko a parchment. All other craftsmen gathered around him, as Jorus would say, “ogle”

“Master Delko”,

The name of the person you are looking for is Master of Elmijah Krefga, also known as the Ebohki. Based on the information we have on him in the library of the Compendium, he have mysteriously disappeared some time after the war against Nehant.

Hoping that this information will be for all purposes.

Yours sincerely,


Ebohki. The name immediately aroused the interest of the assistance and discussions s fresh start. For those present that day, the mention of the name meant a lot because in the middle that was theirs, was the one who Ebhoki sublimated his art at its height, a genius ahead of his time. Even today most of them were not able to do as well as him. This presaged good prospects for success of their business.

A few days later, Quilingo had arrived in camps. He was bored and spent time playing Counter Ylong with Ramen. The latter is there to work (but a little to spy on colleagues). In the midst of some exciting a clamor was heard and there was so much agitation, followed by multiple sounds of machinery and steam jets. Finally, a small earthquake took place; the “thing” was finally opened. The Craftsmen were pleased with each other and screams of “Hooray!” Resonated on the walls of the “thing”. Quilingo jumped from his stool and made his way through the dense crowd which, beyond the mutual compliments, began slowly to enter the giant box. But Quilingo reminded everyone that no one should go before him. Its large size and strength allowed him to gain respect. The interior was amazing! Totally metal, there were mechanisms around against the walls and also green lights emanating strange half glass spheres. Across the floor was a real treasure. Money, but also many miscellaneous objects, from the armor, the cabinet, through simple objects like tissues. Their eyes widened when he the craftsmen saw that. Quilingo then quietly unfolded a piece of parchment on which was an illustration, namely a drawing of a sword, with, below some entries. The man-panda searched the room and finally found the object of his desire, a sword oh so special. He wrapped it in a large piece of cloth and went away without anyone noticing.

During that time, Lord Thane savored the victory. The guests had left quietly as they had learned the name of the “artist” who built the “thing”. Finally, it was done. He asked to Masamune, who remained far behind, how they managed this feat.

- The reed bends but does not break. Our intelligence was bent without breaking.

- Ah, um, fine, fine, but what else did you do?

Masamune, who as usual never smiled, made a pretend sneer.

- We have adapted. The design of this work could not be apprehended by minds who reason with knowledge. Adaptation was the key to our victory, and team work was our instrument.

The famous blacksmith Kotoba showed that exceeded the door locks.

- There were several locks; all with different bars of different nature, Delko explained to the Lord. Thanks to our combined knowledge together we were able to decipher the riddles. Anyway Ill spare you the details because for you it was important that this takes place, and for us to fulfill it. And we hope a little wealth.

Restored Honor


They were all there. The whole sorority stood before her, as if to make weight in the balance of shame, the shame she felt for weeks. They wore a simple gray dress and a black leather belt fell on their hips. Gray, the color of evil. Today, she was no longer a Witchblade, laying her sword at the feet of Naya, she could not restrain her tears. Tears as many of them shared. Witchblade when not fulfilling the function attributed to her was the entire organization and all their principles were undermined. The error of the young woman was the error of all, but despite that it was she who paid the price.

- Anazra. Today, your honor is broken, and honor is the foundation of our beliefs and our principles.

The Commander picked up the sword of Anazra.

- I remember the day I gave you this weapon, you were very young at that time. Taking it off from you now hurts my feelings.

Anazra Tears fell sharply on the cavernous floor of the temple of the sisterhood.

- It is time for you to go. I will keep this sword, hoping to give it back to you on the day that your honor is restored.

Thus ended the ceremony which saw a witchblade lose her title, this happens very rarely but it was always an ordeal for the organization to experience this.

A few days later, the young woman had given up hope to regain what she was. She spent most of his time in the gardens of Noz’Dingard where the statues of heroes of the past looked to the horizon. How to find my honor? She had asked this question hundreds of times without any response to make.

- So did you find inspiration Anazra?

Two young women came dressed in Witchblade.

- You just taunt me my “sisters”?

Eglantyne Moira and had entered the order at the same time as her and from that time had very strong ties woven between them.

- Of course not.

- We did not hear from you, but it seems that your presence here has been noted by Dragon.

- Dragon? He must laugh at my situation, said the former Witchblade.

- Not so sure if I were you, Eglantyne added.

- But you’re not in my place. I would love to see you there.

The two sisters moved to either side of the stone bench.

- Do you remember our training? Asked Moira.

- Yes, perfectly.

She then remembered a few years earlier, the training of their eldest, Naya, especially the first sentence she addressed them. And in its way was as much a test as a “Welcome” The Witchblade is both swordsman and sorceress. It must be agile and understand the mysteries of the Dragon.”

Then more recent memories, where Eglantyne, Moira and she had ventured into the Breath of the Dragon, a region deep within the Draconis. There they had understood the meaning of honor. Anazra looked forward to her friends. Both smiled. They knew that he opened the track to return in Witchblade. Her heart was filled with renewed hope.

- Thank you, I understand what I should do.

Then she went away without saying a word, waving away from her friends.

- You think she will succeed?

- Dragon always watches over her as he watches over us. She is currently perhaps not yet a Witchblade, but she is a draconian and her powers are still formidable.

- We will see.

Anazra made a quick detour to the inn where she slept since her fall, taking her pack, the rapier that she had been offered to replace the one taken up by Naya and left the city in the wake. She knew that her journey would last a few days and it would pass through the villages along the road. Away she went for a journey of initiation, or at least re-initiation. She had already walked the pavement of the road leading south to Noz’Zar, the second largest city of the Draconis. There she would leave the relative safety to follow the paths that would lead to the plain cross Mornepierres which tranversed with caution and recklessness. Only this time, reached the end of this plain, she met a traveler who was resting near a stream. Anazra did not expect to find someone here in the middle of nowhere. The man stood up at the approach of the former Witchblade. He was a young man who was about her age, wearing traveling clothes, but a bill that left no doubt about its condition, a member of the nobility. The facial features reminded him of someone, but it did not really know that, but the sense of déjà vu was more than strong.

- Its you, he says with an air of satisfaction.

- The young woman frowned. “What’s this about again?”

- That depends, who do you expect for my Lord

- The one who had to protect my father, but could not.

The heart of the young woman sank and the look of shame appeared on her face.

- Oh, I apologize for this unfortunate phrase; I did not want to hurt you. Come, sit with me Ill explain exactly what brought me here.

The former Witchblade put threw her pack on the green grass, the young man followed suit.

- We crossed paths once two years ago, especially since I grew up and Dragon told me that I would succeed my father by becoming Dragon lord of Drak’Azol.

- Congratulations, it is a heavy responsibility, for you.

- Thank you, but I’m not here to tell you that. I knew your heading for the Breath of the Dragon. Now I have to visit the Lord Karn, and I will go through the same route.

- How did you know? Who told you that I would pass by? - Your friends Eglytane and Moira.

- Aaah the bitches! I knew that their discussion about our training was not trivial.

Anazra fulminated and thought “they had me well”

- And then you said that to remember my mistakes along the journey would certainly be an interesting punishment?

The young man opened his mouth, as bewildered by this sentence.

- No no, quite the contrary. You know this tragic event is due to two things: Fate and the Slayer. It would have been your friends for you the result would have been the same.

- You rely on assumptions.

- No, I understand that you feel for not having done his duty, but you should not feel bad, because if that happened, is because it had to happen.

- I am not convinced by what you say, Dragon Lord. Let’s get started shall we? This place is not very safe.

- You are right.

They began the road through the red mountains. At the beginning Anazra hearkened not the Lord-Dragon, but along the way she gradually yielded to the arguments of the young man. She began again to trust her. Then a few days after they arrived in a place known as the Dragon’s Breath. A bowl filled with a permanent opaque haze.

- Here we are in the Breath of the Dragon; I will continue my path to Kastel Drak. I hope these past few days with me have opened your eyes.

Anazra knew how dangerous the road to Kastel Drak, and to reach the city had to cross over a pass, which was famous for being frequented by bandits.

- If you want, I can accompany you there.

- No no, you have better things to do than to escort me, nobody will attack a Dragon Lord anyway.

- Hopefully.

Their paths hace split and he walked away and the former Witchblade advanced in the Breath of the Dragon. A legend of the famous draconian said that this would be the Breath of Dragon and that it would prevent the secrets of what happened in this place to be revealed. Young Witchblade came here to be tested. Anazra progressed a good hour before she feels the presence of Dragon.

- What are the rules of the Order of the Witchblade? Asked a deep voice.

- To serve you, the people and the Dragon Lords.

- Well, and how best to serve a Lord-Dragon? The voice was more serious.

Anazra was silent a few seconds. Then your heart is narrowed. He had left the Lord DrakAzol against a potential risk. If looking for her honor, she should not stay her anymore. she ran as fast as he could. She stopped briefly and turned to her magical powers to support her more. She manages to reach the Lord who at that time was being assaulted by a bunch of rogues trying to steal his wealth. Without hesitation, she drew her sword and her skill came into play long before well-trained. The bandits did not resist very long and fled in a hurry. The Dragon Lord fortunately, was not harmed.

- Well, I really thought you were going to abandon me to my fate.

- A Witchblades duty is to protect the Dragon Lords.

- Because you are a Witchblade?

- If the leader of our order does not mind.

- In this case, I will allow myself to act in your favor.

A few days later, the temple of the order of the Witchblade in NozDingard. Again, they were all together, but this time their robes were blue and meaning rejoiced. Anazra was back on her knees before Naya. There was silence then.

- Honor never leaves us. When we are in doubt, we can count on each other.

She took the sword of Anazra.

- This is the symbol of our commitment and I am pleased today to make you. To proudly carry the weapon and join your sisters, Anazra, witchblade of NozDingard.

Unlocking the Shadow


The dance of the courtiers was now finished, but the mission did not stop there for Ishaia. She had given a quest to Marlok and he had now bad news. She returned to Kastel Draken with her servants following in order to reach the Tomb of the ancestors, and after several days of travel, the objective was achieved: the camp of the Zil.

Seeing the arrival of the delegation with the colors of the Council Ergue guarding around quickly warned Abyssien. The latter met all Zil fighters available to receive the best way to majestic visitors. He was surprised to recognize the flag of the Lady Ishaia. In the past, their paths had already crossed. The Councilor looked at the audience with a neutral air.

- Councilor, welcome to our humble abode.

- Abyssien, she replied, nodding respectfully. Thank you for your welcome. Do not worry, I will not stay long.

- Zil Fighters looked at each other. Whats happening? Most of them were not even aware of the existence of a council of guilds exist, and they would learn at their expense. Ishaia and Abyssien and settled into a private part of the capital. The head of the Zil offered refreshments to the counselor.

- Pleased to see that you know how to still receive visitors.

- Please reserve her thoughts to herself, remember who made you enter the Council! He said with some anger in his voice.

- Well, well precisely because we knew is that the council sent me instead! Do you have preferred to be that it be the Regent?

- No, of course, I’m glad to see you. But I think sometimes you have an arrogant attitude. What brings you here?

- Well, I come to announce bad news. Then she cleared her throat as she unrolled a parchment. Many facts we are raised to us, including: the assassination of the Prophet by Telendar, once leader of the Guild Zil, the infiltration of a Nehantiste among members of his clan, the betrayals of its members Selene Silene and Telendar, lack of reporting of new guild members, and finally the lack of reporting on their activities for several months.

Abyssien swallowed. Indeed it was something serious.

- Based on these facts, the council adopted the following decision. The Guild Zil has two months to update their statements and prove they can still be worthy of the title it carries. Otherwise, they will be dissolved.

It was a fatal blow which had hit the Chief Zil.

- Abyssien well understood, does not make me happy. Officially, the Council needs to answer for the actions of your guild. We must renew your shield and show that its members are trustworthy.

She left her drink and stood up.

Unofficially, I know that this is all about Telendar. But the rules are strict; the clan leader is responsible for the acts of his guild. The conflict in being embedded intensifies. I have no doubt that zils talents are appreciated, if you can channel them. Abyssien remained silent all this was serious and he had to act wisely.

-Well, I can wait no longer Councilor; there are things I have to do.

The tone made it clear was Abyssien going to take things in hand. The face of the head Zil has changed and it began to swell

- Oh well, I think I’m leaving now. In two months, we judge the evolution of things.

Councilor left as quickly as she came, leaving the zil chief at his business.

Abyssien was surrounded by the other fighters. He had explained the situation and they were serious. Kriss moved toward the head.

- Abyssien, you must meet the triumvirate.

The oldest zils knew that there was a triumvirate that when the situation required it would meet to make decisions. The newer members learn how they operate.

-We have to. Then look at the crowd. Well listen to me everyone should clear the runway, away everything that gets in the way, once they’re done a circle is made around him. Kriss will bring a person unknown to the vast majority of you. If it will ever speak to you, do not respond.

Fighters left the track, then a large trunk is brought out Abyssien, opened it and took its contents. Then gently, he placed what looked like a puppet made of straw and fabric with the colors of the guild. Then straighten the body. Kriss began playing music with his body until then air a tune unknown to most of the troops. Abyssien, meanwhile, launched a charm of night in the room, then another spell that created a light well on the track. The black cat that never leaves Kriss began to revolve around the kind of puppet. Zil chief loved to keep pace with the music. After a moment the straw dummy was lifted in the air while the cat. Tentacles of shadow came out of the cat and curled around what in fact was a scarecrow. Then passed through the eyes and mouth, leaving the feline unconscious and thr Scarecrow fell on the floor.

The music stopped as the incantation. The creature was standing and rocking gently back and forth with arms in the air ranging. All held their breath watching the event. Then the scarecrow came to life and started walking, looking around. After a walk, stopped at Abyssien and Kryss. The two men bowed, and the creature did the same.

- WHY DO YOU bother me?

- We had to meet the triumvirate, the guild is in danger.

- AAAH? WHAT the guiLD I created IS in DANger?

Abyssien explained so the liabilities of the guild and the notice of the Council. The scarecrows turned and refit a lap. He recognized no one besides Bloodsword and Faceless, who remained in place.

- OUUUH my little GRANdits you! You are SUPERb!

Continuing his tour, he stopped before Dark.

- WHats your NAme?

But she said nothing, remembering the warning of Abyssien. The Scarecrow nodded his head.

- She is called Dark, she is good at juggling, said the chief. We need to talk in private. Kryss, and newcomer Abyssien left the rest leaving them full of speculation.

The triumvirate meets so away from the tent to be free of any spy.

- Don'T WORRY RIngMAster, they CAN not dissOLVE my belovED GUIild! The SHadow is heRE NOw!

- What will give us credit? Kryss wondered

- We will get down to business, said Abyssien whose face swelled again.

- YES! We will PUnish the traitors and do WHAT I was created for, to ENsure THAT EVIL does nOT come out of the SHadows.

- Will you stay this time? Asked Kriss who changed.

- YES But NO one should know who I am! Archmage Artrezil has BEEN clear about tHIS. You NAme me SALEM NOW!



As everywhere in the world, the White Islands offer to soothe parched throats, disreputable taverns where alcohol flows freely and thieves rob drunks. Its one of those places where the incredible adventure of the crew of Al Killicrew starts. “The two wooden legs” was a tavern in the neighborhood most notorious of the famous city of Volovan a cesspool of scoundrels and swindlers of all kinds. Burrich beater, one of the regular customers had good hope of getting a hit of trying to sell a centuries old treasure map. Until his story reached the ears of Bragan, a member of the crew of the Al Killicrew. After doing some checking, he reported the authenticity of the thing to his captain. Al killicrew was very interested in this discovery.

Bragan, the old pirate, Poulkos, the man fish and captain Al Killicrew entered the tavern where he had conducted the sale of the map. Many left across the pirates, whose bad reputation preceded them. For those who never had met Killicrew, the first impression that caused them to leave stunned them. With her hat, the young woman, often found it difficult to get through the doors, both in height because of her height and width due to the impressive mechanical prosthesis that replaced her right arm.

His appointment was waiting in a corner. Burrich was going from there after imagining his riches after he sold the piece of paper found in a trading opportunity. Both of the captain’s crew sat at the table of the unfortunate salesman. The captain was sat immediately his left.

- Display us your merchandise, merchant! Bragan shouted with all the kindness he could show.

The man took out the coveted object; a scroll was probably sealed by a leather thong and a red wax seal. Al Killicrew examined the strap and then unfolded the map. This was it! Several years looking in vain to be found almost by accident. But she showed no satisfaction. Poulkos threw on the table a purse containing money. The man grabbed it and opened it eagerly. Unfortunately he was disappointed; the sum does not really fit their expectations.

- Hey! But there’s nothing in here! He said angrily.

When the Killicrew rose from her stool, knocking her stool and grabbed the jerks neck and lifted him to her face. The other two did not move a finger. It was necessary to maintain the myth of the famous Al Kilicrew!

- Listen herring head of a scum. I have filled my cove. I got rid of them in the salt mines of Brenda. So if you do not want to lose an arm and ill do the same to you, accept this transaction it is entirely honorable.

The man was speechless. He thought everything was over for him. Bragan and Poulkos looked as if his last hour had arrived. Weighing the pros and cons rather quickly handed the map.

- Here you go; I think it’s a good deal!

The captain dropped him suddenly and he collapsed to the ground. He barely had time to get up that pirates were already leaving, which was a relief for him. He had a little more money and a lot less trouble.

A little later on Arc-Kadia, the ship of captain kilicrew she was steering the wheel, all of it was excitement. The young woman had brought back all her crew so far was “licensed”. In her cabin, the young woman tried to penetrate the secrets of the treasure map when someone knocked at the door.

- Captain, It’s me! Says a high-pitched voice. When killicrew stood up, she opened door and looked at his second with joy.

- Come in, she said, looking if there was not one or two curious spies. I found it, I finally found the Titan Captain Hic’s map!

Gemineye, the second in command, frowned and took off a few strands that fall over her face. She had grown up with the captain and the two women had become true brothers in arms. When the Kilicrew proudly showed him the map, displayed on the panel. Scattered around, even above, were a lot of open books and measuring instruments. The map was quite large and above all beautifully illustrated.

-You truly believe that is the captain Hic who drew it?

- Absolutely! Kilicrew said while showing a lot of scrolls. That’s all I met on it. Here are a number of drawings signed by his hand. The style corresponds, and the date too. If you look closely, the left is the kingdom of Bramamir before the vortex is formed. We knew Hic that lived there before the war with the void.

Gemineye watched the map. She felt the magic emanating from the map its discreet but there. The Guemelite ran her hand on the map on purpose but it did not activate. Inscriptions appeared on the parchment, and then the map gave a fine smoke that settled to form a much more complete. A small yellow ball the size of a finger appeared on the map.Killicrew moved, her eyes shining with excitement. She took a look at the inscriptions, was a language that few knew, but it has long dominated. His father was a pirate captain, and had taught her daughter everything she knew.

Here’s what it says:

“The hunt begins, against all odds you will encounter, but the cardinals will help you. At each stage will fight, get everything from Titan or sink to eternal oblivion”.

She read the phrase repeatedly in order to better perceive the essence.

- Well, this is mysterious, it is very interesting.

Her second looked at the yellow dot. She took a map of the region and compared both planes.

- We recognize certain parts of the White isles; the yellow dot indicates a piece that was once the coast. We can be there in two days.

- Well, prepare the crew. Fill the ship energy. Were leaving tomorrow!

- Well, Captain.

On the following morning the ship was ready. It was a gigantic 3 masts powered by large engines “Vafeur”, which united a technology based on a steam engine and lightning, a machine created by mixing crystals and magical forces of nature recovered from the same clouds. Electrical arcing produced crystals that licked very particular chatter. But the crew had grown accustomed to them long ago and nobody had him carefully. On the bridge, everyone expected the speech of her captain. Gemineye had done their job and they all were right. Finally, the captain appeared, carrying her wide sword as proof of her leadership.

- Pirates! Today we follow the Titan, the famous ship of Captain Hic and treasure that it holds! She said, raising her sword toward the sky.

Then they all look and start yelling, giving encouragement, head full of dreams of wealth and glory. The crew was put to the task; the ship broke loose from the dock and sails for the winds. The Arc-Kadia shuddered, creaked, and then slowly rose into the air. City Volovan and its island, floating in the sky became smaller and smaller while the cluds grew. When kiliirew proudly wore the helm, I knew exactly where to go, had memorized the treasure map and the plans for her second.

Night had fallen over the ancient kingdom of Bramamir and two days had passed since his departure. No one slept and all in feverish activity; the ship began its approach to a remote island and small. This was undulating dunes and completely covered with gloomy sand.

- What do we know about the area, Gemineye?

- Not much, it is a desert region, there is nobody living in the region. She has assured death who dares to come here.

- An ideal place to hide something. BRAGAAAAAAAN!! Shouted the captain.

A good-natured old man appeared, half asleep, and a bottle of rum in hand.

- Yes? My captain?

- You go in the morning on the island with lil Laddie and...

- Me! Me! Me! Me!

Then landed a kid with a short hair and very lightly dressed. He climbed the stairs to the bridge in a jiffy and stopped by putting himself at attention. Al Kilicrew looked desperately and shook her head, hiding her face with her left hand.

- Do you ever sleep pest? Taunted Bragan.

- Captain, let me go with them! The redhead insisted.

- Well, you can go there, but I warn you I don’t want to here our mission failed because of you .Do you understand, Armada?

- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

She leaped into the air waving her arms frantically.

A few hours passed and the day finally arrived, the small group was ready. The vessel was placed far enough away to Bragan, clerks and Armada could descend with a rope. The sand was warm and unsullied and dunes stretching as far as the eye can see. The small group moved slowly but surely toward the center of the island. Aboard the Arc-Kadi, Al Kilicrew watched using her binoculars, but the heat from the sand, quickly hidden from the group of pirates. After a few hours of walking, Bragan realized that something was wrong

- By walking this far, we should have reached the other side of the island.

- Clerk surveyed the surroundings.

- Here! Traces in the sand! Look, three people have been here.

- They are our trails, boy! Armada spat. Were running around like rats in a boat.

- Damn, what will we do? Launched the sailor with a hint of panic.

- Let us ponder this course! I know you do not often but will be needed. Let’s start by changing direction. The group returned to the road, and some moments later, while the heat was becoming untenable;

- We are going to die...

Lil Laddie had took off his jacket and looked at the others.

- Not yet. I told you I had to think.

- It seems you, old man, on a reflection? Armada says laughing.

- Well.... To ponder. And it is an old story that makes me think of the solution. Do you know the mirrors of Flint?

- Both young women responded buy not in unison.

- Because I know, I’m not surprised. Some pirates to hide a treasure, created a series of subtle magic mirrors, which makes people, go around in circles and the unfortunate who wanted to steal it. And this is the case, as no one could steal, although Hic and died long ago, the spell is still active.

- And how do we leave?

- By magic! These mirrors are a mirage; we can stop it by breaking them. Armada your explosives you always have them with you. Put three loads to make a triangle, you know what a triangle is?

- Pfff, I know what that is, senile old man!

Bragan focused for long minutes, while Armada placed the three bombs. Then a flame appeared before the mage pirate. It turns into a bird, it became two and then a third appeared.

- Get down!

Armada and Clerk had barely had time to stick to the ground when Bragan unleashed his birds to the bombs. A huge explosion rang out and then a cloud of dust was formed.

- Kof! Kof! Beh I say, that’s some strong bombs that you have made for us Armada.

- Yep, small but effective!

- Look! There! Something is shining in the sand.

Indeed, a little further in the sun a gold shone like a thousand fires lit. Approaching the pirates recognized a shattered skull, his teeth clenching a roll of gold. At the time when Bragan took the object, the skull became a pile of sand. The island itself began to shake in tremors.

Aboard the Arc-Kadi, the crew scanned the surroundings. It was long hours and now the troops are gone. Concern had been growing slowly. Then came the explosion, and some moments later, a strange fact. The island shook and lost pieces that capsized in the storm. When Kilikrew quickly glanced through her telescope and noticed his men. The boat pitched and moved to the unfortunate fate privateers who fought to avoid being sucked into one of the many holes that formed in the sand. Bragan, clerks and Armada were aboard again, just in time when the whole island fell apart ...