De Eredan.





The Kotoba had been traveling for a few days now. They had left Okia, the farthest village from the Imperial capital but also the closest to the Tomb of the Elders. The place where the large crystal stone had crashed was not too far away now, a two days walk at the most.

They had crossed the great gates of Ji built by their ancestors to lead the dead to the world of eternal rest. In this they had broken the treaty between the Empire and Draconia. But it mattered little, times had changed and their victory on the foreigners had made them confident. Or so they thought ...

The roads through these long forgotten lands were mostly vague paths and a great sense of sorrow and melancholy could be “felt” in the air. It was a feeling that very few words could describe. Amaya was ahead of the group, scouting the area for any potential clues when suddenly she noticed footprints.

Amaya: Hold! Look over there!

The young lady pointed towards large smoke not too far in the distance. Shyly, Aku walked slowly towards the Imperial Lord.

Aku: I think I know who it is...We have nothing to fear.

Soon after, the Kotoba arrived at the site well armed and ready for any ambush, however two mysterious individuals were waiting for them. One dressed in costume and face makeup and a huge muscular well yes... fat monster...

Young Iro: Kyoshiro! Okooni!

Gakyusha: Ha! Well well well, I suppose the Kotoba is now complete or nearly... It’s a good thing you are here my friends.

Kyoshiro, the smallest of the two walked towards the group and saluted his leader.

Kyoshiro: My Lord, we saw the meteorite crash not too far from here and I just knew you would come all the way here.

Sen’ Ryaku suddenly grabbed Kyoshiro by the throat.

Sen'Ryaku: A bonfire, wow...that’s really subtle guys.. I mean really, Why not invite the dragons for dinner while you are at it!

Kyoshiro stared at Sen’Ryaku straight in the eyes for a few seconds and sighed.

Kyoshiro: They know we are coming. Don’t underestimate them.



The Noz’ Dingard had set camp at the bottom of the large stone fallen from the sky. Zahal, Eglantyne and Moira left to explore the area to look out for their eternal enemy: The Kotoba. Meanwhile, the rest of the group discussed quietly. Prophet was sitting on what seemed to be a comfortable traveling chair patting his pet dragon: Kounok. A few steps away were Anryena and her grand son Aerouant. Aerouant was fascinated by anything that concerned his family and could not wait to hear his grandmother’s knowledge on the matter. Physically, Anryena looked like she could be Aerouant’s big sister. She had the beauty of a young woman and the knowledge of an elder.

Aerouant: You are Prophet’s mother aren’t you Anryena? So this means you are my Grandmother. But Prophet never told me who his father was.

Anryena: My child, your curiosity is natural. Tis perfectly normal to wonder about your family line. There are secrets that your father has kept from you... he should have tell you a long time ago.

Anryena glanced at Prophet with resentment, Prophet stared back in a very cold silence.

Anryena: I am the daughter of the Dragon and Zaina, the first Witchblade.

Aerouant felt like he was struck by lightning, it was now obvious, he was the Dragon’s grandson! Still sitting comfortably in his chair, Prophet listened to his mother in silence, eyes closed with a slight grin on his face.

Anryena: I had two children, your father was the first. The second...well, the most surprising thing in all this is that your uncle never was human...

Aerouant: Kounok!!

Anryena smiled in shock, she admired her grandson for his wit and enthusiasm. The small dragon stared Aerouant straight in eyes with respect.

Anryena: Concerning you, Dragon descendant, your mother is no other than the current Witchblade leader, the venerable Naya. But... Prophet and your mother have had their differences in the past and they haven’t spoken to each other in years. Only their respective duties require them to mingle.

Prophet: Mother, that’s enough! This doesn’t concern him... at least not directly...

A little further on, Alishk seemed to lose himself in extreme focus. Since their arrival here, he felt something strange with this stone fallen from the sky and tried to analyse with his own magical senses to understand this immense magical gem. But he had struck some sort of energy field that was beyond his understanding. No one could touch the stone. It provided a soft yellow light that filled the exile of the Desert with protective energy.

Boy: erm...Alishk? Do you feel anything?

The small boy seemed shy and was wearing great big glasses.

Alishk: Strangely I don’t feel any negative energy yet I also suspect this to be a meer facade. You should maybe try yourself, Pilkim.

Pilkim: Yes, you're right...



The wind was blowing through the branches of ancient trees in Murmur Forest. Moira, Eglantyne and Zahal had gone around the edge of the woods, exploring and scouting the area when suddenly the youngest Witchblade sensed something.

Moira: We have company. People are hiding not too far ahead.

Without a word, Zahal made a swift military gesture giving the sisters the go ahead to explore the area. The Witchblades were fast, within a flash, they vanished into the dark woods. The Dragon Knight closed his eyes for a few seconds and dashed into the dark forest.

On the other side, The Imperial Lord had sent Tsuro, Amaya and Ryouken on a delicate mission to find some crucial information about the Noz’ Dingard Envoys. The three Kotoba ventured towards the enemy’s camp when they saw the Dragon Knight and the two Witchblades heading into the forest.

This was the perfect opportunity to gather information on these strange individuals whose fame had reached the ears of the Emperor. The two trackers did not speak with their voices but through different gestures and signs, they could then communicate in silence and follow the envoys. Well hidden , they never did think for a second that they would be caught by beings from an inferior guild. However, Amaya, still a novice in the Art of discretion was seen by the Noz’ Dingard women..

Masters in the arts of shadow and trickery, unbeknownst to Kotoba, the Zil Warriors had spied on them for a long time. They had spotted their target from the start. However, Telendar never acted without making sure that he had all the right cards in hand.

Telendar: Soriek, Ergue, Bigrage, go to the forest and kill anyone you meet on your path.

The young man then turned towards Marlok.

Telendar: You are a master elements, aren't you?

Marlok: That’s correct. But it’s been a while since...

Telendar: I don’t care. Just do what I ask.

The mage obeyed his leader without resistance and placed himself on the edge of a cliff. Marlok started murmuring strange words that formed incantations of some sort. In a matter of minutes the whole sky began to fill with clouds, violent winds gathered and smashed the land. The trees in Murmur Forest swayed and trembled before the might of the spell.

Marlok tried to focus the best he could but unfortunately lost control of elements, releasing extremely violent forces. Lightning tore the sky apart and tornadoes could be seen all over the land. The mage was embarrassed by his mistake but Telendar was nonchalant about it. This so called mistake gave them a huge battlefield advantage. The young man smiled with delight and shouted from the very essence of his soul:

Telendar: Brothers, gather round, no retreat, no surrender, that is the essence of Zil Lore. Show them hell!!!!



The storm was at its peak. The Murmur Forest was now a battleground for the different guilds that traveled to see the stone fallen from the sky.

The Noz' Dingard Envoys confronted the Kotoba Trackers from Xzia. Both parties had now stopped to judged each others' strength. Up until a certain point, the Trackers had had an advantage over their opponents.

Their swift attacks were unmatched as the two Noz' Dingard Witchblades and a lone Dragon Knight had a hard time keeping up. However, an unexpected event occurred, disrupting their confrontation.

Quietly, Amaya the Tracker quickly grabbed her weapon. She was only a few steps away from Moira the Witchblade, there was no doubt in her mind that her backstab would work. Amaya took a deep breath and pounced in the air to strike her opponent. However, whilst being in the air, she could feel a wire tied to her ankle. Before she knew what had happened, she was trapped in a very tight net.

Moira heard the sound, turned around and smiled like a hunter who had just captured his prey:

Moira: Well well well, It seems the mouse got caught!

Amaya: Get me out of here you Witch!

Moira: Wh.. haha I wasn’t responsible for the...

The Witchblade stopped laughing when footsteps were heard not too far away. She turned around and saw her sister running at full speed in front of her. Eglantyne jumped right over her sister, weapon in hand.

Eglantyne: Get down!!

Meanwhile, Tsuro observed the situation from a safe distance. He couldn’t leave his most promising student in the hands of these WItchblades. Taking advantage of the chaos, Tsuro climbed the tree where the net was tied too. Once Tsuro reached the top, he ended being face to face with a large strange green looking creature who stared right back at him with big evil eyes.

Creature: SSsssSss don’t touch the net silly fly or I will cut your tongue!

Tsuro jumped and kicked the creature in the face with all his strength , the creature fell but flipped back on his feet to the ground with ease and then vanished in the depths of the forest. The Tracker cut the wire holding his student and pounced back on the ground ending face to face with the green creature once again, Bigrage.

Tsuro: I don’t know who you are, but you and I we already have a problem...

Bigrage did not answer. She was plotting to occupy him so that Ergue could hit Tsuro hard and fast. However, they underestimated Amaya. Freed from the net, Amaya pounced on Ergue before he had time to strike. Seeing that his plan failed, Ergue threw his circular weapon towards Tsuro. Tsuro was suprised by the speed of it but managed to dodge it at the very last second.

Eglantyne et Moira resumed in their traditional combat stance. There was an unknown presence that was close-by and they could feel it. Suddenly, a huge blue-skinned creature emerged from the bush. The creature called Soriek rushed towards the two sisters.

Eglantyne tried to hit him fast as she could but the creature managed to deflect her blows. They were in trouble and they knew it. But just before Soriek could strike them both, Aez appeared out of nowhere and waved his massive flail to protect his allies, sending Soriek flying miles away.



Whilst the first of many confrontations were happening near the border between the Tomb of the Elders, Draconia and Seven Kingdoms, Lady Jane was already at that time head of a special mission given to her by the Temple of Precades.

The Temple served the community as a convent, hostel and hospital. It was constantly frequented by travelers or residents of the neighbourhood, most came to seek medicine or simply stayed the night before heading back to their travels. The nuns of Precades were recognized for their unwavering faith in their Goddess Mera.

The young woman had grown up in this place, loved by her sisters. She followed her destiny: to help anyone who was in need. She had found her place within this hostile world. Lady Jane was praying in a small vaulted room where she liked to take refuge from time to time when she heard a voice:

Voice: Jane...

The voice was that of a woman. The voice was gentle and warm but completely surreal. She froze as this presence was very familiar, but she knew Goddess Mera would never intervened directly in the life of her servants. Lady Jane did not move an inch in fear that comforting presence would go away.

Goddess Mera: Jane... I’ve been observing you with great interest.

The revelation was like a gift from the heavens for Lady Jane. With tears rolling down her cheeks, Lady Jane was unable to respond, overwhelmed by emotion.

Goddess Mera: Jane... A task awaits you where the stone from the sky fell. Go and never forget that I will always be with you.

She thanked the heaven for this vision. But Lady Jane did not expect this task to arrive so soon. However, this blissful scene quickly transitioned into a harsh and violent reality. Lady Jane suddenly felt a cold metallic object pressed against the back of her head.

???: Time to die... Any last words before I blow your brains out?

This distorted, horrific cold voice could only come from one person... The Mystic Slayer. The young woman went ultimate happiness to ultimate fear for her life held hostage by the Mystic Slayer. The Mystic Slayer had built a reputation for himself over many years. It was widely circulated that his executions were always disturbing and very theatrical.

He pressed on the trigger with determination but the outcome was slightly unexpected. A shining halo appeared and protected Lady Jane as the trigger was pressed. As a result, the bullet ricocheted into the Mystic Slayer’s Shoulder and burst into a blinding, holy light.

The Mystic Slayer’s rules were simple, if an execution failed, it was time to immediate retreat. Within a split second, the Mystic Slayer broke through the church window, attracting a lot of attention in the process. The situation was not any better for the Mystic Slayer as the only people who saw him were either dead or on the verge of death.

Goddess Mera: After that assassin, Jane!

With Goddess Mera's voice echoing in her head, Lady Jane ran as she could to get out of the temple, ungracefully though due to her figure. Lady Jane was still confused and shocked over the Goddess' protection. Lots of questions came to her mind, mingled with excitement and fear.

Those present quickly realized what had happened because the girl still had a shining halo of divinity. They beckoned her and showed her the way that the assassin took. The trail was easy to follow as the assassin had left many blood stains behind. The trail led her straight to the Tomb of the Elders.

In the distance, the storm caused by Marlok was still at the peak of its rage and, unfortunately for Lady Jane, the legendary assassin was heading straight in that direction.

The injury to the Mystic Slayer's shoulder seemed more serious than he thought.

Mystic Slayer: I must find the other one, he will help me stop this bleeding and dissipate this cursed theurgy that is gnawing me.

He had half of his clothes burnt and part of his helmet broken due to the mystical retaliation, letting out a long black hair ...



Not much was needed to trigger the battle between Noz’Dingard Envoys and Kotoba. The storm merely served as an excuse to battle one another. The Draconian Camp was slowly but surely being destroyed by this ancient hatred. But as the battle went on, Prophet felt that this storm was not the work of the Xzia. The magic used resembled the one practised by some Noz’Dingard apprentices.

The Prophet decided to end the storm so that the draconic magic would no longer be disrupted. With his counterspell, the rain began to cease, the wind quietened down and eventually the uncontrollable magic vanished.

At this precise moment, Aku was released from the seal that held his immense power. The thin sheet of paper blocking Aku’s magic was torn and burnt instantly. Aku landed on the ground and immediately summoned Akujin, who mewed with pleasure in seeing him again. Historically, for a good reason, it is known that Kotoba's Flawseeker had had a grip on Aku since the first day their paths had crossed.

Aku: We are free at last my friend.

Man: Are you certain of that?

Aku instantly recognized the voice of his old master. Toran was standing before him, his eyes full of revenge. It felt as if the time was in stasis when teacher and apprentice were sizing each other up with open hostilities. Without warning, Akujin started the fight with extreme violence, forcing Aku to merge with him to become Akutsaï.

Toran waited for this moment for years. He would finally avenge his family, killed by Akujin’s arrogance and ignorance. The old man’s tattoos then began to wriggle and float out of his body in a spectral appearance. Both Tsoutaïs threw themselves against each other, exchanging extremely violent blows. The area was resonated by the sound of the violent strikes.

But Akutsaï could not defeat his old master. The fact that Toran had two Flawseekers, making him an equal and difficult opponent. Akutsaï began to retreat into the ruins of the Tomb of the Elders. The place was an ancient fallen city of the Empire, ravaged by Wars of the Old times.

Toran had planned it all. His plan was perfect and his revenge unstoppable. He had pushed his old student exactly to this location where he had prepared a unique Tsoutai ritual that once served to defeat this beast. Everything was going as planned. He had trained for this moment for months. The two rivals could be seen in the old town center face to face.

Night was falling and hours seemed like minutes. Toran suddenly fell to his knees, his eyes staring the floor.

Akutsaï: Hahahaha ! So... The powerful Toran at my feet. How does it feel to feel so useless and weak? Do you wish to join your friends in the underworld? I will free you from your misery...

Toran lifted his eyes and stared straight into Akutsaï’s eyes.

Toran: Free me? You are mistaken, it is Aku that I will free.

As night spread its cloak of darkness on the Tomb of the Elders, two Tsoutai spectral shapes appeared in front of Akustai, pale as ghosts.

Toran: Recognize them ? They have come for you Akujin, they have come to fulfill my dearest wish. In your fury and your influence over Aku, you have forgotten to call upon his knowledge. See for yourself my friend...

Toran pointed towards the ground. Akutsaï followed Toran's fingers with contempt and suddenly recognized the tomb of those he had killed years ago. The ground started to shake and strange complex shapes gradually appeared. Without warning, the two Flawseekers caught each of the monster's arm. Toran started the ritual, whispering strange words whilst closing his eyes .

The magic stunned Akustaï who started to feel great pain throughout his body. The two Flawseekers pulled his arms very violently, as if they wanted to tear him like a piece of paper. The pain was too unbearable. Akutsaï now knew what was happening to him. After a few minutes, the two entities separated again. Aku fell on the ground, knocked out, whereas Akujin struggled to free himself from Toran.

Toran: Akujin, I banish you from this land. I cannot kill you but I will trap you forever. I am breaking the influence you have over Aku.

The old man unrolled a scroll on which thousands of symbols had been drawn. The latter began to emit a red glow. Akujin screamed as he disappeared, sucked into the scroll. All became very quiet and Akujin’s screams became echoes that could be heard accross the land. Toran bowed to the spirits who had arranged a magic barrier during the ritual.

Toran: Thank you, you can finally rest in peace, you are now avenged...

The Monster


The fights were devastating Murmur Forest. Ergue and his comrads-in-arms were struggling against Tsuro, Amaya, Eglantyne and Moira. The wind broke tree branches and the leafs reduced the visibility for all the warriors present.

Cornered, the Zil warriors no longer relied on the element of surprise but on their greatest asset: Ergue. Ergue grabbed a purse of leather and untied the old rope holding it together. Pure white powder evaporated into the air, forming into mist and began spreading across the whole area. The fog hampered visibility for the Trackers and the Witchblades. Without much ado, Ergue began a exotic ritual. He was one of the rare people who knew a unique secret kept by old inhabitants of a remote island. Drum sounds were heard, the beats were slow at first but then became faster and faster.

Moira and Eglantyne felt something unusual was happening. A strange magic was at work here and it did not please them one bit.

As soon as the mist appeared, the two Trackers engaged in a Martial stance, making signs and speaking in their native tongue. Obviously, they suspected a dirty trick from their enemy. And they were right. Ergue, safe from enemy eyes, performed a very peculiar dance. Soriek and Bigrage did not move a muscle whilst Ergue ran around them in a trance, speaking a strange primitive dialect. Suddenly, the fog vanished. The three individuals were no more. Instead, a perfect hybrid of a huge terrifying green skinned giant with sharp claws emerged.

Monster: It’s Showtime!

The terrifying voice was a mix of the trio Ergue, Bigrage and Soriek. The beast pounced and ripped a few trees off the forest as if they were simple dead branches. A real sense of worry took over the monster’s opponents.

Tsuro: Amaya, Kaidan! Prepare yourself, don’t underestimate the monster...

The young woman looked at her master with surprise, she knew that her master never spoke without intent. This would mean that the situation had gotten a lot more dangerous. Amaya did not hesitate one second. A scary colored mask suddenly appeared in her hand. She instinctively put the mask on before vanishing in the blink of an eye.

The Witchblades also reacted quickly. Moira stepped in front of her sister and started spellcasting her weapon. Her sister followed by praying.

Eglantyne: O Dragon, please give us the power to defeat our foe. Please let my sister’s soul and I be in harmony.

Suddenly, the creature appeared right in front of them.

Monster: HAHAHAHA! You should of ran when you have the chance! You are done for!

Tsuro: That’s what you think!

Just like his apprentice, a mask suddenly appeared in his hand. In a quick move, Tsuro put the mask on and threw himself towards the monster.

The second stage of battle began, but this time the intensity was quite different! Lives were now at stake and each party cannot afford any mistake as any mistake they made could be their last. The sheer offensive power of the Abomination was formidable. Tsuro and Moira gave their best but their attacks were as meek as mosquito bites.

Very quickly, the tide of the battle favoured Abomination. Moira was breathless and had very little energy left. Tsuro deployed his true Tracker Art, but alas his speciality had no effect against monstrosity such as Abomination. A few minutes later, the unlikely alliance of Noz' Dingard Envoys and Kotoba were on the verge of collapse. Wounded and tired, their morale sank.

Moira: Eglantyne ... Can you do this???!! We are done for if you can’t!

Moira felt a familiar energy, the Dragon. Her wounds were closed again. Her will and courage to overcome this abomination were revived. Eglantyne stood beside her sister determined as ever, blue smoke in the form of the dragon suddenly surrounded the two Witchblades. With their swords flashed with blue light and suddenly as light as a feather, Eglantyne and Moira threw themselves on the monster who screamed at each brutal slash.

Meanwhile, Amaya also had finished her preparation. She had engraved tracker symbols around all nearby trees. Her master noticed this and immediately put himself in the appropriate attack stance. An ideogram in a circle appeared on the floor below him. The symbol flickered a few seconds and suddenly disappeared. In a flash, the old man struck the abomination with incredible speed and strength. Each blow pushed the creature backwards.

Taking this opportunity, Eglantyne pounced and grabbed the monster by the foot and violently smashed the creature to the ground, with Tsuro barely had time to dodge. In fury, Moira plunged her sword into the monster’s back. Abomination screamed in pain.

With an astonishing speed, Tsuro took advantage of the situation and used a particular technique inherited from the great masters of his family. He touched many neuralgic points hoping that this creature was constituted like a real human.

Miraculously, it worked. The Abomination fell down onto the ground, a white mist escaped from its body. Soon after, there are three Zil Warriors on the ground... unconscious.

The Death Of Prophet Chapter I


The night covered the Tomb of the Elders with its cloak of darkness. The Noz'Dingard Envoys and the Kotoba had gone their separate ways. It was said on that day, the ancient art of weapons training was at par with the legendary magic. The battle had lasted all day.

Calmness and stillness returned to the region. Or almost... for in the shadow, dark plans were being hatched. The same words constantly echoed in Telendar’s mind:Kill the Prophet... Kill the Prophet...

Indeed, the mysterious man had not chosen the Zil randomly, he selected people who had no remorse, specialized in assassination and cunning plans. Our Zil leader had killed many times before, taking undisguised pleasure every time. The plan was simple: Divide and hit hard. The first part of the plan was performed successfully.

Ergue, Soriek and Bigrage were sent to create a diversion. This gave Telendar the opportunity to analyze his enemies and know all their weaknesses. There would be nothing to fear from the Kotoba as they had set up camp on the other side of the stone fallen from the sky.

Silene smiled to her sister.

Silene: I cannot wait sweety! We will have so much fun ...

Selene: I hope so! Telendar promised us some real action!

The young man scratched the back of his head as if he had no clue what was going on...

Telendar: Oh Yes...I said that didn’t I...

The two sisters looked at each other puzzled by Talendar’s reaction.

Telendar: Can you hear it? The sweet melody of death? Tonight will be remembered forever. Our children and their children will remember the day we demonstrated true Zil strength. We will show these insignificant guilds what we are made of and prove to them that they are worth absolutely nothing... Blood will be spilt and History will be made...

Telendar paused. The man had never spoken like this, making his speech the more powerful.

Telendar: Remember what I told you? Get their attention and lead them astray as far as possible. I‘ll then do what I have to do. Marlok’s first offensive shouldn’t be long now. You two be well bloody focus, understood?

The two Guemelites responded in delightful harmony.

Sisters: “Yes sir!”

The two sisters sprinted towards the Noz camp. They arrived in what was left of the Noz camp, indeed, the storm has practically destroyed everything. The tent sails flapped in the wind, and most of the Noz belongings were scattered in the mud.

The young Pilkim could be seen picking up his precious scrolls. Pilkim entered the guild not long ago thanks to his incredible magic powers, he was nevertheless a young student and youth clearly was his weakness. Spatial awareness wasn’t exactly his best trait either as when he was lost in thought, he suddenly bumped his head against a rock.

Pilkim: OWWW! Who did that? What the hell???!!!

Pilkim suddenly realized he had knocked his head against a huge old and dirty crystal golem!

Pilkim: Wowwww!! A...crystal... golem

The boy immediately sensed that something wasn’t quite right. And for good reason. A shadow appeared in his back..

???: Hi kid, you lost?

Pilkim turned around and immediately cast a spell that created a great wall of ice. This stopped his enemy from reaching him. The boy knew that this man was no other but the traitor Marlok. Pilkim yelled from the top of his lungs:


This is when Silene and Selene made a surprise attack on the camp followed by Marlok and his golem. Total chaos reigned in the camp! The rage of the sisters and the power of the Marlok the mage completely destabilized disorganized draconian troops.

Anryena quickly spotted her former apprentice and took it upon herself to deal with the traitor. Marlok, seeing the offspring of the dragon coming towards him, drew back a little, keeping in mind that the goal was to keep them as far away from the target as possible.

Aerouant, Alishk and Pilkim struggled against the two guemelites. Taken completely off guard, their spells went off target without touching the sisters once. They devastated the camp they had just put in order, creating devastating flames that spread across the camp eagerly. Withdrawing into a safe area, the Noz'Dingard mages managed to organize themselves and took over the fight.

This is when Silene and Selene chose to fight seriously as well. The two sisters had the unique ability to transform into a single creature that very few people got to see: The Shadow. The surprise was the actual size of the Shadow , its disturbing appearance resembled a snake with a woman’s bust and four long arms.

Meanwhile the Zil leader approached his victim during the Attack. With great dexterity, he scratched the victim’s back just to merely get his attention. The Zil assassin slowly took a few steps back so he could lead Prophet into his trap.

Prophet: I see...the vultures are not far! Aaaaa...Pure Zil cowardliness is somewhat legendary!

The Marauders answered by a quick attack and vanished. This angered Prophet who immediately began casting powerful spells while moving forward. Telendar dodged every single spell facing his opponent while stepping back. This little game lasted the time needed for the trap to work.

It was in a closed area that would happen one of the most terrible tragedies that would forever change the destiny of the Zil Warriors and the Noz'dingard Envoys.

Prophet: It’s over little rat!

???: Do you really think so Prophet? The blood of the Dragon flows in your veins but blinds you with pride...

The voice came from someone above the scene, all dressed in black.

He shouted the mage angrily. Prophet: You!

Prophet: I thought people like you had disappeared forever!

???: Never say never...

The stranger dropped a gem that was quickly picked up by Telendar. Prophet opened his eyes with shock at the sight of this item.

???: you understand, half-dragon, that for you, death is inevitable and the only way out.

Telendar then struck with full force at incredible speed. Prophet replied with a powerful lightning spell but the stone around his opponent’s neck protected him. Then came the fateful moment when the Marauder's claws plunged into the mage’s chest.

Blood flowed...

The Death of Prophet Chapter II


Under the gaze of the unknown presence, Telendar threw Prophet’s body on the ground and finished him by sticking a claw to his throat.

Thus fell Prophet. The unknown presence boasted:

???: You were once a valiant opponent, a lot has changed since then...

The dragon felt a sudden rupture between him and his Prophet, wounding him deeply. All the Noz'Dingard Envoys felt that something serious had happened. Their semi-collective mind warned everyone of the disappearance of their leader. Anryena was the first to react. Her first feeling was not sorrow, but incredible anger.

Aryena: What have you done cursed Zil !!!??? What have you done !!!?? UUUAAAAAAAAA!

Her appearance suddenly changed. Her human traits became reptilian. Wings pierced her clothes in her upper back. Kounok also transformed into a large Draconian dominated by extreme rage.

Kounok: RUUUUUAUUURRRRWWW! You will pay! The dragon dashed towards the Shadow with great determination helped by Pilkim who couldn’t hold his own tears.

Aerouant took some time to recover. Besides the filial bond, he had a very special link to his father because he they were extremely similar. It was he who had introduced him to Draconic magic and cristalomancia in which he excelled. His heart sank when after a quick glance around him, he did not see the Prophet. All this wasn’t a dream. Without a breath, Areouant exploded. Using all the magic that he possessed, he had only one wish: to be with his father. The voice of the ancient dragon could suddenly be heard in his mind: "As you wish.... Instantly, he found himself on the scene. Prophet was lying there lifeless. Areouant embraced his father in silence with all the love a son can feel for a father. Tears couldn’t be avoided.

Telendar: Oh daddy! oh daddy! hehe Would you look at that? Daddy’s little boy is “ere to come and play!

???: Kill him...

The young man had his back turned on this assassin and remained silent, he suddenly turned around and stared Telendar down with the eyes of a blood thirsty killer. He vented his anger in an explosive attack. Crystals appeared on the mage's hands with some new body armor protecting him. Telendar was very surprised by this and slightly worried. The black stone heart only protected him from spells cast towards him. This Noz’Dingard was very different from Prophet. For one, Aerouant had only one thing in mind: to destroy this vile creature to dust. But Telendar knew how to defend himself and his speed was incredible. Arouant then noticed the stone necklace hanging around Telendar’s neck and everything became a lot clearer.

Aerouant:A black heart stone...

He had never seen one before, but thanks to his cristalomancia talents he knew he could do something about this. He appealed to the power of the area. Slender and gigantic crystals came out of the ground in an deafening earthquake. Telendar smiled and loved the fact that his opponent was preparing something big against him and that he had little chance to avoid this attack. The stranger who had been observing the scene from the start lost his grin.

Aerouant was specialized in Crystals and Stone hearts. The one that Telendar was wearing was corrupted and it had to be removed. The crystal barrier protecting Aerouant captured the magic contained in the disintegrated crystals, this focus suddenly shifted on to the black stone heart. The Zil Leader howled with pain and held onto the stone as if it were indeed his heart.

Aerouant: I'll set you free from the clutches of the insidious one and you will pay for your murder!

The stranger suddenly rushed towards Telendar and snatched the black stone-heart from his hands. On the back of his free hand, he quickly drew a incantatory shadow spell that plunged them them into impenetrable darkness. Shortly after, the shadow dispersed as well. Unfortunately for Aerouant, his opponents were no longer there.

Aerouant: Cowards, the Noz will find you wherever you go!!!

The enemies were gone, anger was replaced with sorrow. Anryena who had just given the shadow the beating of a lifetime dropped to her knees near her son’s body and gently caressed his hair with great love and sorrow.

Anryena: Let me take you to the Dragon my child, your spirit and body will become one with him. Anryena turned around and gently smiled to Aerouant.

Anryena: While waiting for the new Prophet to manifest himself, you will lead the Envoys, understood?

Before Aerouant could even answer, a halo of blue light spread around them and disappeared very suddenly leaving the Noz'Dingard leaderless and Aerouant plagued by sadness, anger and doubt.

In the distance, Tsuro and Amaya had quietly observed the whole scene and made their report to their Imperial Lord .

Tsuro: My lord, The leader of the Noz’Dingard is dead, he was assassinated by a sly Zil.

Very silently Gakyusha drank a sip of alcohol and gradually opened his eyes. A glimpse of nostalgia could be seen in his eyes.

Gakyusha: The Envoys have no leader, we can consider the stone ours. However, I am saddened that Prophet was killed by treachery. Let us honor his memory for The Prophet was our most worthy opponent.

Chronicles of the King


I Aez was once the Prince of Avalonia, now I am king. But, for a time, I wandered like a lost soul, a prey to an infinite thirst for revenge.

I was the first son of Mirion.I was destined to succeed him when the time comes. Unfortunately, a tragic event prevented me from taking the throne. A few years ago, as a custom for all the princes of the seven kingdoms,I had to stay for two years in other royal families. I chose to study in Valdoria with whom we maintain excellent relations. Our respective parents also promised me Myrie, their youngest daughter. Nothing could get better than that. I was almost part of their family and the knowledge was invaluable to my future reign.

But then came a fateful day. While I was training in the courtyard, a messenger came galloping. He wore the arms of my family. He wore a black cloak, a sign of mourning. Did something happened in my kingdom? The good man does not notice me and rushed straight to the throne room.

Soon after, Myrie came running to me with tears in her eyes.

- Aez ...The King of Avalonia ...your father.

She stopped, falling into tears.

- Well? Speak! What’s going on?, I said my heart drumming.

- He joined your ancestors...

This was like a stab right in the chest.

I went immediately Avalonia to learn more about this story. My mother greeted me at the grave of my father and she was weeping. she told me that my father, receiving a massage that the Xziarites crossed our border,Because he supposedly insulted the Emperor himself. Then there was a fight between him and a young warrior. My father was killed and the sword of the five elders was taken. The Xziarites left taking the precious blade as a trophy.

Indeed, the custom for becoming King of Avalonia was to wield that sword. The sword that was forged by the 5 ancestors over two hundred years ago and was used by the first of our kings. Without it is impossible for me fulfill my destiny. so went on a quest to win back the sword. I left the reins of power to my mother and she became regent. Then I went around the world in search of what I own rightfully.

Three long years passed, three years of wandering trails and paths that lead nowhere. Who were these Xziarites? I went through much of the empire without anyone ever seeing the sword of the five ancestors. It was when I left the Empire that the stone that fell from the sky crashed nearby.

There, a conflict erupted between several guilds. I never quite paid attention to these groups as of now. But is it by chance or it was finally time for me to get my revenge; I finally found the thief of the sword. But it was a young man of fifteen years. How had he managed to defeat my father? I watched him for a few days and I understood. His art of handling the weapons was awesome. I myself could beat him! The fate he were bent on me that I can be worthy of the Iro! In addition, he was not alone. He was surrounded by warriors, well; all of them seemed as formidable as each other. However, not being a coward, I went to their leader and I defied Iro.But the fight was cut short, I was too slow and too heavy in the armor, my plague did the brushing. I will not tell you of this shameful defeat.

I was desperate; Avalonia became an open land in the Grand Tournament. Then I met an individual who allowed me to become what I am today. I will always remember that conversation.

- There is a time for everything a time for sadness, a time to act and a time for revenge.

It was a strange little man, sitting on a strange contraption floating above the ground.

- Who are you? I told him. Don’t you see you’re bothering me?

- I see it. And I know that you grieve and thinking of restoring your honor.

At these words, he added, handing me the gesture a round object with needles.

- What is this?

- This will allow you to get what you want. He’ll have to be smart and think carefully about what you do. Exploit the weaknesses of your enemy.

- Why are you doing this for me? you do not know.

- I know. Let’s just say that we do not yet know of it yet. Anyway! In exchange for this, one day I will come to ask you something very important. You’ll remember the debt that you have for me and you will accept.

It was all very puzzling. I had seen so many odd things in my travels, but this one exceeded all of it. I was offered the opportunity to prove myself. I accepted.

Immediately, the hands of this object began to rotate at a high speed and everything around me fell out. I quickly lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was not in the same place, but to my surprise in a great city that turned out to be Xziarite Merag the imperial capital. Why was I sent here? Of course, my opponent came from there, but he was miles away from here. I saw a crowd of people who seemed to be celebrating something. I asked a man in the crowd. he said that this was the passage of Iro, the champion of the Emperor, who had again managed to defeat a great fighter. I looked around to see if this is the same Iro, and indeed it was him. But his appearance had changed. He was now much older than me. Impossible!

I tried to understand the situation. So I was in Merag, probably in the future. And now, what should I do? I asked about Iro, because i don't know much of him. The information i got from the people allowed me to plan my revenge.

A few days later, I finally had a plan. So I went to the Imperial Palace and stopped in front of the guards.

- Im, Aez Prince of Avalonia, I came a challenge Iro, The champion of His Majesty the Emperor of Xzia.

The guards were surprised. Then one of them went right in. A little later, a man, apparently a servant, came to get me he brought me in a big room that I recognized as the throne room. However, I noticed a something particular. There were hung on the walls of many weapons, primarily swords. My heart stopped for a moment saw the blade of my ancestors. There, in the middle, iro was waiting .We were surrounded by courtiers they are slanderous about me, condemning me to a quick defeat. Obviously he did not recognize me, to my advantage.

- I accept your challenge, and I would offer this victory to the Emperor. This should be completed fairly quickly; he said with a smile that spoke volumes. People around him laughed. Since I am challenged, I choose the blade as a weapon for the duel.

- Having no sword, then I can choose one among them, I said, pointing to the walls.

- They will not help you win; these blades are from those who lost against me.

I went there, without much hesitation, I went looking for the sword of the five ancestors. When i found it i was overcame with happiness. The ancestors were there, they were waiting for me.” Avenge yourself," they whispered.” Avenge me, my son!” That voice, I had heard over many years.

Galvanized and confident, we were able to give a good show to these people.Iro, in turn, would fight with no armor, just with two swords. He rushed at me with dexterity, but this time the situation was different. I knew some of his shots and, most importantly, I had the sword. I parried his blows. My defenses were impenetrable. For his part, he managed to parry my attacks as well.

- Well this is an enemy that is worthy of me!

Iro then changed position and placed his sword in a parallel. One pointing towards me and the second in the other direction. A fighting technique! I shook my sword so forcefully, muttering prayers to my ancestors. The blade began to emit a green glow, then burst forth flashes of the same color.Iro rushed at me, and I too rushed, shouting with all the contained rage that I had before. A large green light blinded everyone and when our eyes were handed over, Iro was down. I had won. My shield was cut in half. But one of his swords was broken.

I turned to him and said:

- I am Aez king of Avalonia, and you will forever live in shame of this defeat.

The Seal


In another time and another place.

King Gaumatta had passed away, leaving Yses in chaos of a big tournament. A few miles from the capital, Guedenot returning from a tour of the region's markets to sell the few crops that remained after the various taxes. Along the way, the turning to the woods of Moshat, the merchant heard a noise in his cart. He discovered two creatures dressed in rags, The two looked like they're starving. The merchant, having a philosophy too never left someone in need, whether human or not, and human, these two were not.

- Although Guedenot came to see better what was going on. gosh, creatures of the forest, we rarely see here. come here so I see you better.

Although frighted, the two creatures wanted to discover more, leaving their hiding place they emerged in the feeble sun of autumn.

- Damn, you two little scarecrows. How old are you? Where are you from? Do you at least understand me?

The larger of the two was a hom'chai and the other it was an Elfine, smaller than his companion; she had long hair and pressed something into his frail little hands.

- Well I'm going back home, I will let you come with me as well. Hide yourself down there, he said, pointing to a cover.

They did not ask anything and crept in becoming two bumps under the wool. The dealer ran a few miles separating him from his village thinking about what would happen to the two travelers. In this part of the kingdom were legion superstition and racism towards all that was not normal was very strong. When they arrived night was already falling on the fifteen houses that made up the village of Herberonde.Nestled in a forest, the inhabitants were mostly loggers and harvesters of honey sap .All that came from outside was seen with apprehension for fear of misfortunes happen in the small community. Guedenot put his cart in order to get children into the barn without anyone seeing them. He hid them between two bales of straw.

- Stay here, I will return, do you understand? Don’t go out.

The children huddled against each other, casting glances over their new environment. The merchant went to his house where his wife and two children waited impatiently for his return. He was welcomed as it should after several weeks of absence from the joy of a reunion. He then explained his meeting with riders and announced that he wanted to help them.

- are you serious! Do you realize the risks involved?

- Of course I know, they are children, Mewëen, children! Do you want to abandon them to a cruel fate? The woman hesitated, and then turned abruptly to the chimney. She peered into the crackling flames, after much thinking she accepted, she could not leave children as well, even if they are not human.

- Okay, let's see what they look like our guests. Since that day the two Eltarites, because this is was the name given to the creatures of the forest became new members of the family of Guedenot.The villagers were at first fearful them but over time they grew fond of the two, and time continued his endless race...

A few years later.

The constitution of hom'chaï and elfin was incredible. The two of them grew up at a fantastic speed the Elfine the size of a teenager, and the hom'chaï already exceeded most of the toughest lumberjacks. Moreover, it is natural that he was useful in the business there. At that time they were called Elaine and Gaherhis, two names are typical of this region of Yses.They had learned the customs and language to fit better but some people never seemed to want to approach them or talk to them. But that does not bother, they understood that they were anyway, not at home, and would probably never do. One fine spring morning, when the festivities were prepared in honor of a wedding, a big man arrived with two knights. It was the lord of the land, which from time to time inspects villages. It was chance that brought him there; it's the same chance that the lord met the two adopted Eltarites. The reaction was immediate. The Lord was furious that his villagers did not tell him about them and wanted to punish the village chief and Guedenot.Elaine and Gaherhis intervened, the Knights responded quickly and attacked the Eltarites.The hom'chaï was seriously wounded in the face, the Elfine furious of what happened attack with a blade which is made of strange amber. This particular object had grown at the same time with the elfine and was just a knife when they first arrived there, now it looked like a nice curved sword. When the blade hit and wounded of her opponent, the blade is turned red to her astonishment. All of this ended very quickly. With the help of the crowd along with Elaine and Mewëen, was Gaherhis dragged outside the town to heal its wounds. Unfortunately for him, he would be scarred for the rest of his life. At the heart of the forest, cluck have struck again at the door of Eltarites.Two miles from the village a small band of acrobats had settled there.Mewëen implored them to take care of them because now they could no longer reside in the village. Thus they joined the Zil warriors.


After the coming of the Unknown, the two companions had followed the other Zil warriors.Eltarite of their nature they are more resistant to the madness that prevailed the Zil.Shortly before their arrival at the Tomb of the ancestors they decided to split in to groups and make a detour through the rainforest to the north. It was one of the few places not visited before because of the legend of the creatures that live there. Abyssien had warned them that their research can lead to disappointments. Growing up in the company of men had plunged them into a culture very different from that which should have been theirs. Night fell on their makeshift camp in the distance the light emitted from the stone fallen from the sky lit up the clouds.Bloodsword and Faceless were lost in thought, staring into the distance. The silence was broken by a clearing of a throat. The two zil warriors jumped.

- I ...I'm sorry to bother you. I am a bit lost...

Bloodsword examined the newcomer who had a rather strange, especially the whites of her eyes did not deceive, and she was blind.

- Can I move with you and enjoy your presence for that night?

This meeting was something unusual, Bloodsword wondered how this person had come so far, alone and blind.

- And you are right to ask such questions.It is true that when we last met you were very young.

- What do you speak, roared Faceless, what do you know about us?

- I know all of you, I know who you are, I know your story. Bloodsword took out her blade.

- So you know you'll have to tell us everything!

The young woman with white hair pushed the blade aside with her parasol.

- Yes, do not worry, I'll tell you. She said with a grin. But first let me settle down.

- What is your name?

- A name? Well here they call me the Apostle. I do not think it's very feminine, but I accommodate.

This name does not tell them anything. She moved close to the fire , waiting apparently to be asked questions.

- Who are we?

- You are lost, two children who have a destiny in the history of this world. You get the answers to the people living in this forest she said, pointing to the direction of their destination. But to find them, you should first figure out how to enter the territory Eltarite.

- You said you've already met us before. Tell us more.

- I see you are smart, yes I have crossed, I have placed you on the road to Guedenot, you remember him?

- Of course yes! Faceless said in a strong hoarse voice.

- Why did you not take us and brought us to your home?

- And be raised by a blind woman? Well, I could not.

- Let. So you were talking about us, tell us how we can go home.

- Actually I could, but I do not know if they really wish to see you back, you are very different from "real" Eltarite.

- You should know, you say: I would tell you everything, so go ahead, what is there. The apostle marked a moment of reflection.

- The entrance to the forest is a door that is actually right next to here. Because most of the people only see a green wall. Only people like you can see it as it really is and most importantly, open it.

- Well now how do we get there? Bloodsword encourage each other. Faceless take your stuff, we will go find it on our own. And now the two Zil departed, with the hope of seeing their fellow men.

- Thank you for helping us cried the Elfine who was walking away. But where is it exactly?

- Trust your instincts! You will find it!

After the guests left the Apostle was alone before the fire. A tear on her cheek.

- Why did you force me to lie to them? How do you want me to light them back if I bring those lies and deception? What I have done will change forever the fate of the inhabitants of this continent. Faceless and Bloodsword walked an hour in the dark of night; it was a long time since they had felt such joy. Long years of searching finally rewarded .Finally they came to the door, it huge and majestic. Glyphs are written down vertically on each of two leaves that compose it. With the approach of Eltarites, enrollment began to shine. Instinctively Bloodsword and Faceless and placed themselves in front of each one of the lines of glyphs. Together they laid a hand on the first of them. A dull thud was heard as a kind of "crack" and then moved off the door... The glyphs ceased to shine; the door was open to the Infinite. She faced away from the forest, but on something else.Bloodsword and Faceless and quickly realized that this was not a door to home...

The Calling


The stone fell from the sky at a high speed; the rat race was to end in the Emerald Desert. But this was not the case. It came crashing in the middle of the continent, said in a neutral, where great battles had taken place before: the Tomb of the Ancestors. The rock as big as a house attracted the attention of nations. Their leaders all believed that a great power would be granted to those who have control of it. The first clashes had resulted in the death of the Prophet, the betrayal of Telendar and the victory of the relative Kotoba...

The Xziarite camp was quiet. The day before, members of the Guild celebrated their "victory" and farewell to a valiant enemy: the Prophet. The sun shone with a rare intensity, not a cloud was stained blue sky.Asajiro, which was on duty, watching the countryside with all the zeal which he knew to show. He walked away humming away from his compatriots, intrigued by the famous stone that fell from the sky that attracted the attention of many people. He approached it more than he thought. A huge ray of sunlight struck the rock, blinding the Imperial officer at the same time. When this happened, Alishk while in meditation could not believe his eyes. The beam struck the stone with incredible power, but he could see no magic in it. He had felt nothing like it. He quickly woke up the other envoys.Aerouant not sleeping, unable to forget the misery he had just witness.He also sensed something "unusual". - All this tells me nothing much,The mage whispered looking a the desert. - I agree. What will we be facing this time?

For its part, Kryss, who cleaned the organ, stood there open-mouthed at the sight radius.Abyssien, which was beside him, shook his friend's shoulder.

- What’s wrong?

But for all answer the musician showed the stone fell from the sky, muttering incomprehensible gargling.

Nassaafaraa oukt naass oukt nassaaafaraaa...

- Do you hear that voice Aryhpas?It is very clear and soft. Saphyra was a young woman who traveled the world in search of knowledge of the various existing beliefs. She had heard of the cult and the temple of Mera PRECAD and it was therefore made.

- Nah, I hear nothing what did it tell you?

The creature who had spoken was none other than a porcelain doll that she carried with her. Was she alive? She believed so.

- It calls on people in a language strange, but I know the meaning. People are coming not far from here. Let’s go fast. I want to see who they are.

Nassaafaraa oukt naass oukt nassaaafaraaa...

For miles and miles away was the desert Emerald. Here no tree but the sand out of sight from which flow vast emerald crystals. Despite this, a civilization has managed to dominate the environment hostile.Mineptha is the capital of a people who, when not living within the walls of this city, runs through the desert in search of scarce commodities and stone sun used to make jewelry and precious objects. Next to the royal palace, was the temple of Sol'Ra, their tutelary deity. The outstanding feature of this place was that most of its component parts had no roof so that sunlight is present throughout the day.Iolmarek, the high priest of Sol'Ra Ahlem and praying in the courtyard when they heard the words in turn.

Nassaafaraa oukt naass oukt nassaaafaraaa ... Seek out that this was meant for you. The infidels are trying to take it. Punish them as they should. At that time, something hidden in them awoke.

- Alhem, you leave with Aziz and those nearby, while I meet the others.

- Although the high priest, I'll fetch on. What are your orders for the infidels? Should I take your disciple?

- Yes of course it is the journey. As for those you meet there, they put themselves through on your way they are then placed into the condemnation of Sol'Ra!

The next day a small group left quietly Mineptha and set off to reach the tomb of the ancestors.

The Precious


Do we not say that at night all cats are gray? It’s a proverb that our young thief is experimenting on often as possible. A few days before, Helena had a pipe, according to information that it would be the coup of the century. An index had told him that he was told that the famous treasure of the legendary pirate captain Gol'denaï was found by the white government of the Islands and would soon be exposed to the public before returning to the national funds. The Treasure of Gol'denaï! Incredible! Not only the history of this famous pirate was transmitted between the various crews off-the-law, but its value was priceless to the eyes l treasure hunters and other thieves. Helena could not miss this unique opportunity to seize it. It was too tempting. She hastened, as this news spread as fast as a ZIAF (very shy bird) with the wind at your back. It might not be the only instantly. So here it is Pierrevent, the capital of white islands, a place where the dizzy could slip and fall into the vortex. Because these islands were not shipping, but air, that, following the great war against Néhant.

The plan was ready, tied up; she left no room for chance. Her genius was at its height. Obviously nothing happened as planned. And in retrospect, none of his plans had worked well, because just the chance always intervened. Bad luck or coincidence? Dusk, the first part plan: Disable magical protections. No problem on that side. The alarm, a 2.0 Cristagard presented no problem. A little powdered gem mirror and the case was played. Then she climbed on top of the tower with his faithful enchanfilin: a very thin rope, very resistant. Perfect, no one had seen, he was to pass the guards.Easy! They were just two to monitor an ancient treasure. The government of the islands was either white or stingy did not know the famous Helena! Dummies! The petzouille was a rather special animal, barely bigger than a kitten with a trunk and an option popular with high-flying thieves. Indeed, when petzouille eating sunflower seeds, he began to inflate like a balloon. It was enough then, thanks to an ingenious mechanism invented by Larcen, grand master thief to get into a room to release a soporific gas very quickly. The two guards fell asleep, in the showroom. A trunk, large and coveted, sat in the middle. Strangely no magical system was there to protect it. Nothing surprised her. Click! The trunk was open. The bright eyes and a heavy heart she opened it and ...nothing! Empty, the chest was empty! Dragon by the horns! A trap? No, obviously. A piece of parchment materialized then, surrounding a crystal cachemin, an object that thieves use to leave messages for them. Above, only a few words: "I have had many!” And it was signed Quilingo.

The thief shook the parchment with rage.

- QUILINGOOOO!She yelled. I would have that damn bear!

She quickly turned back. She had to leave before getting caught, which never happened, well almost never. A few Moments later, here in the dark alleys of the city, pondering this humiliating defeat. No treasure treasures ...Good think my daughter, think. A panda that does not go unnoticed. I’ll play my medicine wheels and track to the end of the world if necessary.

A few days later, at the heart of a dense forest in the extreme southwest of the Draconis, the young thief had set up a new plan. A plan even more perfect than the last, leaving once again no room for chance, which of course invited himself yet this little party. The trail of a panda, especially humanoid was easy to follow. Where was that? In fact, it did not matter, because in a short time, the treasure would be hers! She chose a place where there is no escape, a huge rope bridge over a chasm of ten meters overlooking a raging river infested with unfriendly animals. It was also the only crossing point to move across the forest. So she had placed a few traps that immobilize Quilingo without hurting him. She then hid and waited until the arrival of his poor victim. The time seemed an eternity, and his attention relaxed until a noise startled her. A board began to creak. She ventured to see what it was.Quilingo was already in the middle of the bridge. But...But...but ...How did he do to escape my traps? His reaction was immediate, she threw herself in pursuit of the panda, which alerted it, she was spotted very quickly. A chase ensued flash, it only lasted the time to the other side. As soon as the bridge behind him, stopped Quilingo to meet in Helena.

- So you want the treasure? Does it belong to you?

- Come on, do not provoke me, let go of the safe. It will save you the trouble.

- HAHAHAHA, so you want rob me? Me? I’m not a storage chest for nothing.Er'vent did you hear it? What your girlfriend said!

HELENA wrinkled her brow. What that Hell?

Then Erevent appeared next to her. Erevent like Helena, he was a member of Noz'Dingard.

- I heard and recorded everything. You did a good job.

The figure of the young woman became distorted.

- You have installed all this against me? But why?

- Envoys must be respected. Steal something from allies is not ...acceptable.

- It's not for you to tell me what is respectable or not, petzouille droppings.

Helena was building a new plan, it was necessary to prolong the discussion as long as possible.

- Insults, now you humble yourself in the other brigands. No it's not for me to tell you what is acceptable or not. Dragon will judge whether you are still worthy to remain in the ranks of the apostles. My mission is over. Consider yourself a prisoner.

- Of course! She yelled, throwing a ground glass sphere which liberated a white smoke ...which was immediately dispersed by wind. The thief tried to escape, but failed.Erevent was one of the best investigators Draconis.And a hocus-pocus like that, he knew them all. He had quietly launched a spell called "slime troll" which froze one person on the ground.

- Okay, okay ...ill Talk, she said with a smile.

But it was too late.Quilingo pulled out a rope of sausage and threw it over his shoulder. And all left for Noz'Dingard.

The Runic, Chapter 1


Emerald Desert was full of amazing little places where life swarmed like no other. All this was possible because the that water came out and drew all sorts of creatures. It also promotes vegetation.

In one of these oases, as it is and the desert people called them, an entire tribe who lived there for generations was partly destroyed. The attack took place at dawn, while all were still asleep. It was brutal and merciless. The attackers were numerous and highly organized. It was one of the greatest bands of slave traders. The screams woke the birds shimmering color and blood, much blood was shed. The men who had bravely tried to defend their families perished before the ferocity of the robbers and their lions of war. When all the attacks ceased, there were only corpses in the water while women and children had become prisoners for resale. Among them, the young Kalhid, aged just 9 years.

The boy was sold a few days later the slave market of Mineptha to a powerful man who lived in the mountains just north of the desert. Upon arrival at the property of Abn al hissan, he was sent to the mines of Sephra, a rare spice that was unique to be in a particular land of mountains. Thus had the fortune of the slave master Kalhid.

Many years passed and the boy became a man. Against all odds, while the vast majority of slaves miners died quickly, he resisted, fighting against his condition as those of his people thought that life was worth everything and the hope was always to be an engine for progress on the long road of life. And the time had come. After all this time in captivity, it was time to take this freedom that had been stolen. Thanks to its impressive strength and a careful planning, he and some other slaves managed to escape. The chance finally came. But he soon gave up because just hours after escaping, a sandstorm came upon them with incredible violence. They were all wiped out almost like a common bit of straw.Kalhid was exhausted, despite his resistance he could not fight against the elements. Exhausted, he abandoned himself to certain death.

Kalhid opened his eyes with a start, gasping but alive he pinned his right hand against his heart. He was pounding. This reassured him because it meant he was alive. The room in which he found himself was plunged into darkness. He saw nothing. Suddenly, four torches lit. He was lying on a comfortable bed, some furniture around him whose style was unknown and just next to him there was bowl containing water. He took a sip and splashed his face. Hundreds of questions drummed in his skull. Then the door opened and a voice was heard, a deep voice saying to him to approach. He stuck his head in the frame and found a long corridor lit with torches, too. All along, there were symbols that glittered in harmony. He passed several doors all closed and it culminated in a huge room. Everywhere shone weakly and symbols, which interested him more, there were dozens of weapons and armor beautifully carved. At the end of the room, sat what looked vaguely like a huge anvil. Behind her, half hidden in the dark, a creature apparently wearing a pair of horns looked.

He hesitated to move but the voice reassured him.

- Do not be afraid. We do not want in your life. Otherwise we will have left you to your fate.

Indeed the reasoning stood and he walked up to a reasonable distance.

- Thank you for saving me.

- Do not thank us, cut off the creature. Unfortunately we were unable to save your comrades, they all perished.

- I’m lucky you found me.

- It's not luck; we knew that we all expected would be there.

- I don’t understand.

- We have come far and we are looking for people with special destiny and you are one of those.

Kalhid squinted.

- You expect something from me don't you?