De Eredan.



Dazzling Illumination


Nature had covered the tomb of the ancestors of thick vegetation. It had obeyed those born of earth and trees. The fury with which the Sap heart had entered the conflict put an end to the peace that the place used to have. The vines that completely covered the rock that fell from the sky looked as if the blood pulsating flow through the beating of an invisible heart. The Sphinx with divine rage, tried cut the roots that captured him, but these were very strong to make matters worse two dangerously huge HomChai are coming towards him. Fortunately for the Temple Guardian, Kararine gave him a hand. Stealthy and agile as a panther, he freed his fellow Nomad. The latter decided to withdraw the time it takes to find Iolmarek a solution to this strong resistance. The chief of the nomads of the desert had much work, rejecting Keizan’s and Spirit Speakers magical attacks. The magic of the two Dais was powerful, but the faith of Iolmarek and his acolytes was a wall against which his opponents came crashing.

A little further out, the remains of the camp of Noz’Dingard served as a framework for a strange encounter. Melissandre was discussing with Valentin, the dragon knight.

- You live in a force that Keizan identified as equivalent to the World Tree. You must understand that this stone is not good for our land and it will damage it.

Valentin awoke with a start in the morning when the Sap Heart launched its offensive. Very quickly on a war footing, he had observed the skirmishes, making his account by Dragonic eyes of a situation quite complex and explosive. Then later, the young Elfine had presented to him, for reasons that he didn’t understand.

- We speak to Dragon and appeal to your wisdom. I speak for Keizan asking for the help of your people. He must feel the effects of perversion that the stone generates.

Valentin scratched his beard, quite confused. He was no magician so he did not know much about what they were trying to explain. He had been sent there to wait for the other members to return from their mission.

- I am one of the Knights of Dragon, all that I know, he also knows because we are connected.

At that time, Dragon decided to speak. The physical aspect of Valentin’s features changed, his appearance became those of a hybrid human / dragon.

- I heard the call of the World Tree, Elfine. The evil is hidden from the eyes of all and to my Sent.

Melissandre felt a little disappointed by this response.

- But Valentin will support you and use his knowledge to help you. I will send you to other allies when the time comes.

Then Valetin returned to his normal appearance.

- Well, it looks like I should put myself under your command.

A little later, with the fortuitous aid of the old dragon knight, the Nomads were in position very deplorable. There were several wounded in the ranks of the faithful of Solra. But fortunately for them, they were not alone. They fought for an ideal and a higher power that exceeded their condition. The rock that fell from the sky, still surrounded by vines, released a new song. The old priest listened and understood it as if it were heavenly voices.

“Call her servant. She alone can pull this away”.

- Her?

Malika, who was next to the priest, took the cassock Iolmarek.

- Who is she? Be clearer!

But the priest did not hear anything else. Then he took an oil lamp and rubbed. Then a blue creature came out.

- Yes, my master, can I grant one of your wishes?

- I use my second wish, genie. I want Djamena here immediately.

- Let it be done according to your will, master.

The Genie closed his eyes and a golden aura appeared around him. Then came a flash, blinding everyone in the area. When they’re sight came back, there by his side a young woman with characteristic white robes of the god of the initiates Solra. The young woman had visible signs of being embarrassed by what had just occurred and cast glances around with some panic. Then, staring inquisitors who had saved her father from an uncertain fate, she understood the song. The sweet voice was addressed only to her.

“Djamena, wake up! It is time for you to become the one you were before. Hear me Djamena”

The young woman did not move, but there was something in her, then she transformed. A spear appeared in her hand, and then she flew, upward toward the stone. After a few seconds, the vines around her broke, then fell, broke down and eventually become sand. The gem glowed more brightly once more. At its foot, Djamena had changed. She had grown wings and her hair floating in the wind had turned almost white. The Nomads all knew that a new Solarian had just made her appearance and this meant that the battle was not lost yet. Now, the soil around the stone is cracked, and a violent divine power had to work.

Now, the soil around the stone cracks, a violent divine energy began to work. Alhem felt Solra he looked and judged their actions. The Healing theurgies were invoked, calling all the Nomads plumbed for a new round. The counter-attack was launched by the Sphinx, in a roar, leaped on Red Mark nearly decapitating the Homchai, luckily Valentin rescued him, pushing the giant to the body of a lion. Djamena then intervened.

- You will be judged, I am the arm of God, and you’re an insect I will crush! She says angrily. Scarcely had she uttered these words, the sky began to darken.

- Lord, our following acts are not worthy of your eyes. What the Eclipse covers your eyes and give us divine favor with the black light.

- The Claw had slipped through the remains of lianas and trees and was about to deal attack the young nomad when she was immobilized. It felt as if drawn on the floor. Iolmarek advanced to her laughing derisively. His appearance had changed his clothes and his attitude had turned black.

- Eclipse, my beautiful Eclipse, we have a Guemelite!

Then with both hands, he grabbed the claw by the neck and lifted her over

- Your sins are many, infidel! Your soul is mine forever.

He clapped his right hand on the head of the Guemelite then, as if he had caught something invisible, he pulled with all his might. A ghostly form came out of her. Her Soul left the body. Her heart stopped beating and her arms stopped waving.Keizan watched the scene without being able to do anything...

To the Edge


The Tomb of the Ancestors was ablaze. The stone that had fallen from the sky burned everything, destroying the camp of NozDingard and Kotoba. The Sap Heart and Valentine the dragon knight had retreated in the territory of Eltarite. They were soon joined by others who had witnessed the battle and wanted to learn more. The Desert Nomads now held the Tomb of the Ancestors, galvanized by the stone and the Eclipse that occurred shortly after the appearance of their new fighter. These fanatics had set defeat the creatures of nature.

The Keizan held in his arms the lifeless body of the Claw, sadness and fatigue was visible on the faces of the Eltarians. For the shock and the importance of the event, was one of the rare occasions when many foreigners were accepted into the ancestral lands, which is usually hidden. As there were members of the envoys NozDingard, Kotoba, Zil Fighters and even the Pirates, the newcomers to the conflict.

The wind passing between the trees,Keizan put on the ground the lifeless body of his adopted daughter. If I had a heart, this would be broken into a thousand pieces because his grief was great. Around the other members of the Sap Heart met and began the ritual chant of the dead, a sad melody and melancholy.The Dais loved then an ancient spell to return to earth, roots emerged from the earth and surrounded the Claw. Then slowly, all sank into the ground.

During this time Valentine was speaking inside with Dragon.

- My lord, you saw through my eyes everything that happened. What action will you now take? These nomads seem to be as dangerous as the faithful Nehant.

- Knight, you will have to act without direct confrontation, at least for now. There is one person who could provide a solution. He is in this forest but he is trapped.

- I turn to that person?

- Yes, he is needed. Some of the envoys should not delay to get there now.

- I obey.

Once the song ended, Valentine went to meet the Keizan.

- Sorry to bother you at a painful time like this. I ask a favor. The Keizan nodded and then Valentin heard his voice in his head.

- Yes envoy of Dragon?

- Obviously someone at home would have a solution to destroy the powers of these nomads.

- Who?

- A person that you imprisoned.

The Dais whose face was frozen with no mouth shook his head.

- The person you mentioned that was punished for his actions.

- I do not call into question your opinion, but would it be possible to talk to him?

- I suspect that a higher presence of you gave to the existence of that person.

- Dragon thinks the prisoner is a link in the chain and that their help is essential.

After a long hesitation, Keizan accepted guiding the dragon knight to the site where he was imprisoned for many years, to the heart of the jungle. For two days they traveled trails, Valentin was surprised to see so many unusual and wonderful places, although for years he had traveled the world from here to there. They finally reached where previously the tree-height Heart dominated the world. There was nothing but a lifeless trunk, but it was the territory of Keizan. At the turn of a few large trees surrounded by shrubs was long and dangerous prisoner.

- I authorize you to speak, but be careful with your words, my brother is vindictive.

- Your brother? Good. Did he have a name?

- Today we call it the Hailwalker you will understand why the sight.

Before them stood aside vegetation leaving free passage to a large block of amber. Inside was confined for a high-rise Dais whose left side was filled with pieces of bright green stones. Keizan ran his hand over the Hailwalker, giving it the power to perceive the world around him. Immediately he felt a wave of sadness. He understood the events that had happened, and everything that led to the death of the Claw. The anger was too fast, too fast!

- That’s where all this leads to my brother! The time for talk is over, set me free!

- No, you know that’s impossible. Valentine was surprised by the voice of Hailwalker, powerful and clear.

- And you Guemelite, do not you feel the slow destruction of our world? He said, addressing the Dragon Knight.

- I know we have a tough opponent and you have a solution to our purpose.

- Before that you must let me out, but I can not stay motionless, paralyzed in this place while Eltarites die!

- The Claw knew the risk! Keizan replied vigorously.

- Yes, of course, but you, you left her to die. So which of us should be in this block of amber, my brother?

- But you know it or not a means to address these nomads from the desert? The dragon Guemelite perceived animosity coming from the between two brothers.

- Yes, I know said Hailwalker who was calming down.

- Now tell us what you know brother.

-I told you, Ill have to leave this prison because Ill have to take people there. Keizan Heard the lamentation of Eltarianos, they feel the wind change and danger lurks close to home.

The Dais knew this moment would come someday, but if Hailwalker really has the solution he should leave his feelings aside and give way to reason. And if he ever becomes unstable Hailwalker would be taken back to his prison where he would spend the rest for eternity.

- Well, I release you. But one false step, you will return here. Keizan then hit the ground with his cane covered with moss and leaves. A wave of magical energy was extended to the block of amber, which was reduced until the prisoner can finally move. He stretched and then advanced at once to his brother.

- I keep my word; I will help as best I can.

Several days later, on the edge of the forest a village of tents had been installed, a combination of all the guilds. Arc-Kadia, the pirate ship had anchored a little later in a clearing. They exchange of views about what was happening and stopped talking when Keizan, Valentine and Hailwalker appeared. They formed a large circle around them.Hailwalker turned around looking at each of them.

- War is upon us. Those from the desert serve a god that can’t be stopped.

Among the crowd there were many whispers.

- Those that are able to avoid the animosity they feel for the others will be an unparalleled support for the battle ahead. Come with me, so some of you may solve our main problem, the stone fallen from sky.

- And where do you plan to go? Asked Malyss the Kotoba mage.

- To the Edge… replied the Hailwalker.

Again the whispers were made the meeting, the name “Edge” seemed to cause a lot of questions, some fear, others by curiosity.

- I know a way to take us there. I will not deny that it is very risky, but what is the risk compared to the danger we face? Any volunteers? One member from each profession seems to be a good choice. Ergue immediately stepped forward.

- I’ve always wanted to go

Then Malyss followed, Moira and finally, after much discussion and given the interest of finding something valuable,Gemineye was the representative of the Pirates. Meanwhile Dragon offered his help. Thanks to Valentin and NozDingard Sent there, a portal opened between where they were and the great reception hall of the palace NozDingard, thus avoiding a long way since the Edge was on the other side of the Draconia compared to its current position. They were received by the Prophet.

- Welcome. The Draconia available to the expedition food and some supplies so they can better fulfill this task. I’ll be sure to find a place to stay overnight at the border of Baranthe.

- Thank you Prophet.

A week later, the group of adventurers arrived at the border. Nearby were the mists of the Edge. This particular location was a barrier, hidden behind the tomb where The Void was imprisoned a hundred years ago. This magical fog was a crossing point between two continents, inmates and what is commonly called Land Guem. It happened sometimes that some people on one side or the other comes across to another continent, sometimes unwittingly, sometimes after a long search.

- Here on the edge of the fog in the Edge, we dare to try entry we may never be able to go out.

They asked Hailwalker

- I’ve heard of this place. Are you sure you want to go there? Powerful magic invades the area, I can feel the sensation. Malyss looked worried.

- This is the magic that allows us to cross over.

Hailwalker said that all were tied to each other. At the same time driven by curiosity and anxiety about the unknown, the expedition rushed into the thick fog. They could not see beyond their noses and trust was placed in advance with caution. Soon the floor cracked under their feet covered with scorched earth particles were added to the clouding of vision, making breathing difficult and it was painful . An hour passed, and around them, but did not see it, the landscape started to become chaotic. Crystals of many colors emerging from everywhere, making their slow progress dangerous. Their guide will go through diversion was incredible, but gradually the fog faded and disappeared in the ashes. When everything around them clarifies obviously they were no longer in Guem, but on the other end of the world with an amazing setting.

- Looks like the White Islands! But it’s huge! Gemineye exclaimed.

Everyone was fascinated with the discovery of this part of the world. Not lost sight that left hundreds of islands floating from earth to heaven. After a quick glance down they could see the planets surface.

- We got it. Our journey has just begun and journey to spread the risk. We set off in search of a legendary creature that ever existed in the Land of Guem the “Stone Eater”.



Excerpts from the diary of Al Kilicrew.

[…]We found a strange object on island of captain Hic, we presume, that it belonged to him,it was magically protected, fortunately, Bragan knew this spell without him, we would have ended up our ass in the water.[…]

[…]The object was actually a lost beacon. When we approached the area I noticed that the map symbols and furrows appeared on the metal.Gemineye spent several hours with this enigma, not realizing what it was. It was Klementine who solved the riddle when I went for solutions to the rest of the crew. It was another trick of pirates, a ball of gunpowder, Gunpowder must be put on the object, and then on again, once done, slide it on parchment. It should start a supported a cross-shaped symbol that is on the field, on parchment, then slips the area alone, drawing a shape. It is very difficult to explain as well. Having done this we had there on the parchment a totally weird. […]

[...]I have an incredible headache; I must say that was held in good shape our finding. Overlaying the map of Captain Hic and parchment with the line taken by the island starting point where we had found the area was an excellent idea. Following the thick line that runs through the points and making them correspond to certain indications, this showed us the place where to go next. […]

[…]While doing an inspection where we expected to find the next puzzle, we met with an obstacle of a larger size, an absence of wind. We are in the middle of nowhere, both the rudders, and machines, no longer respond. Our only hope is for Klementine to find out how to solve this. […]

[…]It’s been several days since Arc-Kadia is immobile in the air like a beached hulk. I do not understand what is happening here, we are exactly where the map indicates, was I wrong? In any case, is what some sailors seem to think so that they started to talk to each other. I overheard the conversation between Poulkos and Gemineye, it seems that I am not a very good captain as I thought. I will monitor this closely; this attitude by my second astonished me. […]

[…]Mutiny! It was so sudden; I doubt that this is normal. One of the crew wants me surrender under the pretext of not having protected and not anticipating this. These cowards captured Klementine and Bragan whom who faithful to me. Such as to let them know he’s going to fly through the air. For my wooden leg! What led you to do this? Did they think the ship is suddenly going to regain movement as soon as they get rid of me? Truly I have the impression that they are going crazy. […]The more time passes the situation worsens. I have to recover the ship, I have no other choice, I required klementine to be release first and she will reactivate nut. With this advantage it will be easy to take the rest. For a long time since I had the opportunity to re-use my pistolblades would have preferred it to be in better condition, so be it. […]

[…]I succeeded, Klementine is free. Armada will have a headache for sometime, but I wanted to pass. I knew this girl was not very clever; she threatened to blow us up. What made me take her on board? […] Klementine tells me that the rebels were behaving strangely.[…] We went to reactivate nut, they will now see that wood when I’m done with them.

[…]A long battle took place. It has damaged my beautiful ship; I’ll make them pay me all this shit to these savages! Good results, all the mutineers are neutralized without any death. It has rumbled, I did not know Klementine was also smart. She made a kind of gloves at once magical and mechanical. Nut struck, and many Klementine was exactly doing the same gesture! The others were very surprised by this find. […]I questioned these scum bags were doing, but they’re answers were evasive and they didn’t knew what happened. Upon reflection, the relationship between the point of the next puzzle and all this was almost clear. Bragan then confirmed that it was still something magical to work. […]

[…]It happened again a weird thing; the ghost of Captain Hic appeared on deck, a rather handsome man for that matter. It made me realize that I was worthy to continue the race to the treasure. In any case even without his consent I would have continued. […]When the boat is has recovered again to advance, and where captain hic once stood there was, a red book the title size copper closed by a lock-shaped mouth of a demon appeared. On the cover that read the title: journal of Captain Hic. […] The lock did not last long, a pistol stroke and has shattered it. […]

[…]I read the diary of Captain Hic; we can say that he has experienced incredible adventures. I note this particularly, the writing was difficult to decipher: “My bones are broken. My ship landed in the middle of an incredible place, there are bubbles everywhere. As death tends to me his cloak of doom, its time for me to start the spell of inheritance. If you read these lines is that you are my heir, but beware because ....” Unfortunately it stops there. A new bright spot on the map, we set off, I can not wait to see what it holds.

The Nehantist


Marlok looked at one of the many mirrors in the bathroom. It had been a long time, since he had seen himself that way.

- “You already have gray hair old man”, he said out loud. “Its time to go back home”.

Aerouant that was standing in the doorway shaking his head convinced that this man had gone mad. After all, had he not been part of Zil.

- Marlok, the others we have been waiting for a long time, you ready?

The tone of the color displayed Aerouant, as his grandmother, he did not like him and did not hesitate to let him know that.

- Son, rushing is never a good adviser, as well as resentment.

- Don’t you talk to me! You know that despite your relative freedom, you’re nothing but a convict.

- You’re right to be angry with me, but if your uncle has freed me because I am one of the few that can trigger this bag of knots and solve the “problem” of Zil.

Both men were then at the north gate of NozDingard where were some of the envoys and the new Prophet are located, the only absentee was Anryéna. Possibly she would have things to tell your father? Kounok spoke.

- Alishk, Pilkim Aerouant and you will go to the Tomb of the Ancients, and to meet with the zils. Others will not be sent away and assist you if necessary.

- Then he addressed Zahal.

- Here is a letter to send to Angelica is in Kastel Drakren. Deliver it without delay Dragon Knight.

Zahal took the letter without looking at the Prophet, still shameful for his failure. He greeted the soldiers and set off directly.

- Its time for you to return to your mission Marlok. Prophet added.

Some were quite amazed and Aerouant scowled. But no one said a word because the Prophet”s order should not be discussed.

- The shadow extends his hands over the world to us to bite us until we bleed! Take care and remember the teachings they received. Nehant The magic is very powerful; it is sneaky and can reap life in “the blink of an eye”.

- Prophet, my witchblades will accompany your men.

The way in which Naya just went to the Prophet was bordering on disrespect her authoritative tone denoted her mood and thought; she would avenge him, with whom she shared her life in another time. Kounok looked at what was the partner of his brother during long years and also is the mother of Aerouant. The Prophet heard Dragon “Let her go, claiming revenge and wanting to protect her son will be an advantage”.

- You are welcome in this expedition, you should already know the danger, but his eyes sparkle with rage, their hearts beat hard and you want to avenge my brother. Be Dragon’s teeth and bite, bite deep!

Thus Naya, the commander of the Witchblades with Anazra, Eglantyne and Moira joined the expedition.

The trip lasted a few days, during this time Marlok explained his plan to everyone. To undo the bond that existed between the Zil fighters and the Nehantist a magic ritual was needed to be performed. This ritual will attract evil, as surely as flies to dung. They will attack during this. The Witchblade will therefore be the protectors of the ritual, time will be required to complete this and release the zils. Meanwhile it was necessary that all of us should be quiet. They set up camp at a reasonable distance from those who are they trying liberate.

Marlok put on his old clothes with the colors of the zils.

- Tomorrow at noon, begin the ritual. This will give me the time to gather those who are under the influence of Nehantist.

Then he pulled out a bag that was the arm of his golem, which, after a spell, it became an integral part of his own arm. Then he looked at Aerouant and Pilkim.

- You must know the fate of link is not found?

- Theoretically, Aerouant said. But I never threw it.

- I know what to do, Pilkim said with a timid voice. The young mage still remembered his first meeting with Marlok.

- In that case, put it on me, then during my absence I will require that each of you can see the ties.

- With what purpose? Moira asked out of curiosity.

- it will reveal the ties lets you see the magic thread that links a person with a stone heart, you have one. It is a spell Eredan invented by himself. When we deal with the Nehantist, this will allow us to see who is the handler and, if necessary, to know if one of us falls under the influence of the enemy. This should not happen because our stones are linked to heart-Dragon, but you never know what could happen.

Moira shook her head, motioning that she had received the message.

- Well, it’s time to work.

Marlok took two stones from a bag the same size and look the same, totally opaque red and black marbled. They gave one Aerouant and the other Pilkim who was excited.

- The Jasper! It is very rare, where did you get that?

Jasper was actually a stone with magical properties undeniable and served in numerous spells and rituals.

- This is my little secret. Marlok replied with a wink. Stand!

Pilkim was shown with an air of disappointment, but proudly held the stone, feeling its power.

The two young wizards went on the opposite sides of Marlok and the ritual began. They used their knowledge of cristalomancia and concentrated on the stones of Jasper levitating above the target of the spell.

- The invisible becomes visible, they cried together ritualistically.

Then Marlok felt the magical effect, his vision becomes slightly reddish. He blinked repeatedly to adjust his vision. He looked to his companions and found that a more or less thick yarn came out of them, which is going towards NozDingard.

- Well, it works, you are very talented. Naya, I expect you tomorrow at the noon.

The lady nodded satisfied.

-Go now, time is running out.

The mage did not linger and set off to join the Zil.

The black purple tent was peaceful; the only thing heard a sweet music played by Kriss. On the front porch half asleep Faceless served as a guard. Marlok approached him and a reasonable distance to avoid the slightest confusion cleared his throat. The HomChai was startled.

- Who’s there? Thundered with his deep voice, he tightened his giant blade with both hands.

- It’s me, Marlok!

- Marlok? But you had been caught!

- Yes, but I managed to escape.

Visibly pleased to see him again, Faceless dropped his sword and hugged the magician who couldn’t breathe because of the massive muscles of the HomChai.

- I am also happy to see you, and ... and ... You can let go.

- Realizing what he did and how it might end, the Homchai loosened his embrace. Then he called the others.

- Look whose back! Said a voice that came from the tent.

Then a head popped out of the tents entrance, it was Bloodsword, she shook the magicians arms, and in turn the guild members came out. Marlok realized that they were all linked to Nehantist. The thin filaments came out of them into the distance. Abyssien finally put his hand on the shoulder of Marlok.

- Welcome, you have plenty of things to tell, right?

- Tomorrow morning if you like, I will rest today, I’m exhausted.

- Yes, I understand. You have your place among us, go now.

The rest of the afternoon was quite happy in the bosom of Fighters Zil. They improvised a show to one who returned to them where everyone did an act.

“These people deserve to be saved” he said to himself internally. “They can be a definite asset in the approaching conflict”.

Then as the night wore on sleep was preying on them.

The next day, the sun was hidden behind dark clouds as an omen before a battle whose outcome is uncertain. Marlok then told how he was captured, thrown into prison, and then the long treatment he used to get out. While all this was a lie, no one expected it to be different. At noon all the zils were present in the tent. The timing was right; Marlok slipped near the door and turned to the tent leaving crystals on the earth. Blood sword found one of the crystals. Marlok went immediately to her. He saw that the link with the Nehantist became stronger. “Take Charge! Quickly”. Marlok then jump on her and took the stone out of her hand. Blood sword began to curse. Now all zils watched, Abyssien wondered what was happening. But it was too late, the ritual had begun. The wizard cast a protective bubble; no one else could enter or leave from the tent. Outside Alishk, Pilkim and Aerouant had followed the recommendations of the Witchblade which concerned a discrete approximation. Deployed all its art and applied to as Marlok planned. Were placed to form a triangle around the tent, they invoked the will of the Dragon. Large crystals emerged from the ground. Inside the tent,Blood sword who had become enraged resisted Marlok . The link between Nehantist and her was strong, his will was void. The others realized the situation when the dome had already appeared. Some tried to leave, others understood. Faceless decided to help his loyal friend and attacked the magician. Abyssien in turn began to understand, heard the pleas of the envoys that were outside. The Zil boss had always been very receptive to magic spells and understood instinctively what he saw.

- It is a ritual Isolation Guem! Bloodsword, Faceless, stop immediately!

But neither heard the order. In counterpart, the bond was strengthened Faceless, becoming uncontrollable. Marlok barely had time to launch the second protective shield around him. Bloodsword and Faceless attacked with superhuman strength in the wall of magic.

Abyssien! Marlok shouted. A Nehantist the controls her! He has her stone-heart!

A memory, vague and distant returned to the surface of his thoughts on the day of the visit of the Unknown. Was not present that day, but had told him that story and even then the relationship was not evident. Everything became clear, the assassination of the Prophet, the treachery of certain members of Combatants of Zil, the departure of its chief …

Abyssien decided to act, magic crackled from the shadow of his fingers and two black balls appeared on their feet. When the balls touch the ground disks became shade after cylinders, imprisoning the unfortunate possessed.

Outside the situation is rapidly degraded. The Wizards were going to finish the ritual as the sky darkened completely, as if night had been invited to the party. Naya drew her sword, imitated by other Witchblades. Silhouettes humanoids advancing on them, then became more defined more precise. It was a dozen people to more data, dressed as travelers or simple peasants armed with pitchforks, sticks or daggers.

- This is everything you send us? Eglantyne exclaimed. Don t underestimate us!

- Don t underestimate them my sister, the perfidy of Néhantist has no limits. she said to her sister which was not far away.

The possessed advanced without hearing the warning issued by the envoys Noz'Dingard, leaving them no choice but to attack them. Bolstered by dark powers, the attackers were a major force, but not enough to kill the bodyguards of wizards. While Anazra was going to kill one of the last raised still possessed a form fell on it. Fortunately, the young woman was taken by Naya, just in time to avoid the blades that have broken and probably killed her. Moira immediately recognized the figure. Telendar! The young man had changed, no longer saw his face was submerged in darkness, magic, large blades sticking out of his wide sleeves.

- YOU! Glared, Naya, the murderer of Prophet was in front her. she left all her anger explode ahead of the wings of glass were appeared on her back. A fight would be incredible.

Inside Abyssien helped keep at bay the zil fighters still under the influence of Nehantist. At that time, Marlok felt a familiar presence it was sultry and powerful. The Néhantist was here. - Marlok my little Marlok I have high hopes for you once... I was expecting you to join me...don’t you wish to learn the truth?

The Unknown was there, not far from them, the magician did not believe his eyes, there were dozens and dozens of threads that came to him, among whom was one of an incredible thickness, a privileged link. “Come back to this!” He said

- And you Abyssien, disappointed in your retirement?

Abyssien perceived power of the person in front of him, but he must find a plan. In fact the Nehantist studying both his opponents , felt the presence of a stone-heart untainted, of Abyssien the Nehantiste was the first act. The stone-heart from the head of Zil came from one of the pockets of his jacket and blew briskly into the Unknown. He captured the stone it started to turn black at high speed. Marlok pounced on his opponent while his hand turned into a sheet of glass blue glass. Abyssien began to scream, his spirit attacked by a powerful will, as a common fly crushed beneath a boot. Marlok hit the hand of Nehantist, releasing the stone heart of Abyssien fell, breaking the spell of Nehantist. The Stranger then disappeared. Outside the situation had evolved, shades had joined the battle, making it more difficult to defend the ritual. The Witch-blades put into practice they re art, supported by Naya extremely angry. Now a glass armor protecting her, wearing a helmet shaped head of a dragon. There, amid the fighting, not far from Nehantiste Telendar appeared. Looking at the Witchblades the newcomer approached his commander to front. Although, the outnumbered, they decided not to give up, encouraged by the presence of the Dragon.

- Naya, right? You will make a lovely converted. Quipped the Unknown.

- Swallow your words Nehantist!

At that time the weapons of the Witchblades began to glow with a bright white light.

- We are the guardians of justice, and justice will be done today! she shouted.

While this was passing the ritual was completed. The windows were broken and became dust. Pilkim, Alishk and Aerouant fell to the ground, their mission was accomplished, the Zil Warriors were free. The Nehantist swallowed a curse.

Inside the dome, Marlok stopped the tie of the Nehantist to the Zils There remained only the last part of the plan to implement. He left the tent quickly, he saw the confrontation between the Witchblade and Nehantiste. “He’s up to something”.just as he thought a form appeared beside Eglantyne. The Witchblade had no time to react and fell down her back scratched by the claws of a black-skinned creature. The feud continued growing, this time everyone was fighting for survival. Marlok launched his crystals on Eglantyne to protect her. Naya used her powers and drove back Telendar and shady. His skin looked bluish, with skirmishes, he fought as a tiger who dealt blow after blow. Moira and the accompanying Anazra suit held a deadly choreography under the eyes of Marlok. For his part the Nehantist, his fingers clenched, palms upward spilled black magic scrolls. A Dark Stone Heart appeared before him, forming an impenetrable protection.

- Let's what can you do without the support of your beloved Dragon!

The Unknown freed all the power accumulated, creating a circle of black magic that touched everyone present. But the desired effect did not occur. The links between the envoys and Dragon were still active. Marlok was equally surprised as the Nehantist was the latter frowned.

- Surprised with what happened?

The voice was Aerouant, wavering and weak, approached Marlok.

- Look, he says, pointing to a blue stone carved in the shape of a dragon's head. This was the stone of the Prophet, my father!

- A stone guardian? Marlok asked.

- Exactly. Added the young man by concentrating his magical power to the stone.

The blue stone in the hand of a young Mage crumbled and fell to dust. The Unknown growled.

- No problem, now that your stone is no more, I’ll start again!

Aerouant did not let him finish his sentence, he concentrated all his remaining magical forces

- The cristalomancia is our specialty, look and learn!

He took his arms to make T, and broke the magic stone in front nehantist. His the black stone hearts darkness disappeared in one fell swoop. Marlok took advantage of this opportunity to in turn cast a spell. His hands and lightning sizzled sprouted. The Stranger protected, then said on his return. A magical duel ensued. Its magic power clashed with and around them the ground is cracked or not stand the weight of the Magi. Marlok alternated between offensive and defensive, decking and shock. Neither could take the advantage over the other. At least until the intervention of Naya. Not seeing the blow coming, the light sword of Witchblade struck the Nehantist that he staggered, wounded. The latter bowed the knee.

- Surrender! Cried the commander in a threatening tone. Your servants are beaten, you are alone.

The Stranger looked up at his enemies and laughed mockingly.

- It was all planned, you have progressed. But I know today that you will not make the weight. My minions as you say are my way out. Goodbye!

Then he disappeared, leaving just traces of blood where he was.



The Emperor was still ill, confined to his room in the palace of Mérag. The people prayed for their sovereign to quickly recover his health, to bring them back to the heavenly light. On the streets,residents were busy in preparing a big party, not in honor of the Emperor, but to celebrate the new year, the 106th since creation of the Empire of Xzia.

I am Kaori, in charge of teaching our customs to foreigners like you. Some of them you really need to know. And behind us is the streets of the imperial capital observe what is happening.

In the main square of the capital, a theater company performs in front of a dense crowd and disciplined, a piece that recalls the glory of Xzia and founded the Empire, which marked the beginning of the imperial calendar. All the work is told as an epic and heroic tale. The audience applauds and is amazed by a show that during normal days is out of reach, only to the troops, who are often paid for by the rich lords who have the means to afford such luxuries. It is an occasion for the imperial family to make a move to his people, and the current Emperor was always good and right.

At dusk, all Meragi to the streets. The city lights and lanterns is flooded with the music of the party. Everywhere, small groups gather around musicians and dancers around. Everyone can participate, because nothing keeps them that afternoon and all penalties are neglected. In front of the imperial palace tournament takes place the traditional New Year, where villagers brave can test their value. Iro, champion of the Emperor himself refereeing the fighting the and allowing the villagers to face off in a friendly game of wooden swords. It was Goshiun an unknown to the public water carrier who, thanks to his skills, took the title and was crowned champion of the year of the Rabbit.

In the night north of the city prepared the grand event of this New Year. The xziarites the vast majority are very superstitious, rarely missing this. For this occasion the “Kamizono” the garden dedicated to the “kami”, had been adorned with many decorations to the image of the rabbit was dark. The garden was located at the foot of the hill, on top of which was built the oldest and most important temple of Meragi.Tradition required to take the road leading to the temple, starting from the “Kamizono” with the image of Kami guard last year. Once up, while the Empire”s eyes lifted and fixed on the portrait, this is burned the “Kami” is released from it”s physical shell and return”s to the heavenly world. Once this ritual complete, go in the same path but this in a opposite direction carrying the effigy of the kami of the new year of the Empire. The road up to the temple goes through several “torii”, a kind of gates through which pass the spirits to reach the terrestrial world.

There are many other customs observed by the Xziarites, but the pots of soil are a singularity of this civilization. During the two days preceding the New Year's Day, Xziarites families made in earthenware pots. Then everyone writes up wishes to be granted by the Kami protector. Then, these vessels are placed in the garden, in front of the door or it could be placed in front of a temple, not forgetting to put food inside. The Xziarites must choose a dish that suits the Kami.. For example, putting meat on the vessels would be a grave offense for “Usagi no Kami”, the protective spirit of the new year. But if is appropriate and that the kami accepts the offering then wish will be granted this year. So, some lucky people enjoy favors from beyond.

Well ... I hope the trip interested you. There are many other wonders to see in Meragi, but remember one thing, there are some places you should not venture alone.

Beyond this apparent peace of mind this time of celebration in the Empire, the machinations and intrigues always continued.

Ooge Kage had worked well for months preparing a coup that would give the clan of the Crow an important position within government certainly His victim was none other than one of the next Emperor”s advisers and the minister of finance, Gozou Zhan. The night had fallen on Meragi. On the following night would be the party in the streets of the city. In a rich purple, Mr. Gozou, whose wife was traveling in the north of the Empire, gave himself up to spend time in the company of a young woman . Did not suspect even for a moment that this woman had been paid by another person to access the night with him. One thing was certain, would remember the rest of his days this time of loss. It was already late.Gozou had taken advantage of the more complete this time of carnal pleasure, drinking to excess. This way of acting was not the usual, but due to the bitch who know how to wrap, combined with the alcohol that helped the counselor had been carried away. Lying under a blanket, snoring like a blessed. Started up, foul, dark, went to a flask containing water and splashed his face. This is where he felt a particular and characteristic odor. He rubbed his eyes and went to a lantern.

Blood! It was covered. His heart beat. Then he jumped when someone knocked at the door with force.

- On behalf of the Emperor, Lord Zhan open the door!

The poor man did not know where he stood. Limping, he went to the door and opened it. There were five soldiers from the Imperial Armed Forces.

- Sorry for bothering you Lord, Zhan, we heard screams coming from this house.

- What? All this must be a mistake, he stammered.

Because of the lights of the night, the young captain saw the bloodstained clothes of Lord Zhan. He unsheathed his blade and held in compliance with the counselor.

- You, go and see what happened inside.

The soldiers went to see and found the mangled body of the girl. On the floor there was blood, as well as empty bottles of alcohol, not far from the bed of Lord Zhan was his katana. The poor man did not understand anything, but that led him to spend the rest of the night in jail, accused of a murder for which he could not remember having done so.

Outside, a shadow slipped into an alley bleak. Oogoe, wrapped in a coat of black feathers,was waiting.

- Karasu? Are you done? Did serve the Crow decently?

- Yes, prominent cousin. The plan worked like a charm, no one will see the trick, it seems very real.

- Well, the captain will have his reward. When it's time for me to ensure that no one is available to check anything.

- In one week, you will be the new financial adviser to the Emperor.

- A year that will be placed under the sign of the Crow and not the rabbit, let the festivities begin! Oogoe quipped.

Peace Treaty


The calm had returned to the camp of fighters Zil. The Néhantist had left or fled as Marlok statemented. Overshadowed, members of the guild Abyssien regained consciousness, freed from the yoke of the black magician. Similarly, the envoys are recovering from the clash, Eglantyne had been damaged by a treacherous attack Aerouant had used much of his magical resources. The battle was over, but it was only the first assault, the future holds many more of this any and Abyssien Knew this.

Shortly before nightfall the big black and purple tent housed everyone to talk about what happened and what would happen.

- This Néhantist will not stop there Abyssien, you know better than anyone. Marlok put his crystal hand on the shoulder of the head Zil.

Around the two mages, fighters Zil and Envoys had been mingling each other while this short lasting truce between their guilds.

- Yes, what really worries me is that he still has the stones hearts of my zils and therefore they may fall under his influence, if he can counteract the ritual with in which they have been released.

The Zils all seemed very concerned. As soon as their will is free but they were in danger of losing it again. The memories of acts performed under the control of Néhantist drummed into their consciousness. Bloodsword was in the arms of Faceless, destroyed, she watched the two mages with infinite sadness.

Aerouant, once restored, rose.

- There is a ritual to retrieve the stone-heart.

Everyone looked surprised by the intervention of the young man. Why would he want to help those who have contributed, even under duress, to his fathers death?

- My father had developed this but he had never practiced it in real life.

Marlok scratched his chin looking with amazement at the young man.

- You think you can do it Aerouant? The he asked.

- With the help of the magicians present, we can try. I need a little preparation and authorization of the Compendium of using this spell.

- I'll get you this, while you will prepare.

Some hours later, at dead of night Envoys of Noz 'Dingard had organized the ritual and were about to begin. For the occasion, and seen the importance of the magic of the work streams, the ceremony was held outside. Aerouant had left pieces of his armor that was made the crystals used to make clothing more comfortable. Invited Zil Warriors, of which the holder was of their stone hearts is the Nehantist to settle in the middle of a large circle formed by his guild. Marlok had supported the son of the Prophet getting permission to use this spell and had calmed things down. He practiced again placing his protective spell thicker blue gems, this time, and accelerating the magic shield that nobody could pass. Abyssien encouraged his friends to display courage and trust in the magic of Dragon. He also will participate in this experiment.

The ritual began.

Aerouant materialized a crystal in the center of the circle, then channeled the magic that every magician participant offered, so that a pulsating magic stone. Then, pulling a thread Aerouant was magic attached to each fighter Zil present, one by one. Once done, was placed under the stone and concentrated. Abyssi naturally understood magic, analyzed the ritual as it developed. According to him, this great gem served Aerouant as a antenna, allowing him to locate the stones heart of the people who were attached to it. Then, gradually absorbed Aerouant the magical energy contained in the stone. The magic flowed through his veins and a strong aura flowed from it.Aerouant fought, to keep this energy without being consumed at the same time. Marlok said that any other would probably have been broken by too much magic, but this descendant of the Dragon had the skills to perform this miracle. Now Aerouant used his knowledge of cristalomancia to call one by one the stone-heart. Appeared, as they met each one to its owner. Aerouant all the magic ran out, pulling the stones heart of the will of the Néhantist which in turn struggled to keep them under control.But the Magic Dragon was the most powerful and the ritual of Prophet worked like a charm. Aerouant invited Marlok the circle and created another smaller rock crystal, he locked his last pieces of magic. Shortly before passing out, he asked Marlok call into activity the links they had broken with the previous ritual. Which he did immediately. The tired envoys asked sanctuary and protection to the soldiers of Zil for the rest of the night. The next day, Abyssien thanked the envoys of NozDingard for their valuable assistance and offered Aerouant peace and the promise of mutual assistance between the two guilds.

The time has come for Draconians to go back home, after completing their mission. Marlok, meanwhile, was sent to Kastel Drakken to participate in the Dance of the courtiers.

A few days later, the ball was over, Ishaia gave the ultimatum to the fighters of Zil and Salem was free. Abyssien was out alone with the newcomer.

- I reflected on recent events, I think we have been deceived by one of us and sold us the Néhantist.

- IT'S poSSible yEs, said Salem nodding like a doll being shaken.

Abyssien immersed himself in his memories. Thirty years earlier, when he was young, he was apprenticed to a magician in the small kingdom of northwest Oryfort land Guem. Its ability to understand the magic had attracted the interest of a person who turned out to be a follower of the path of Néhant. All this was tempting for the young man who at the time was not yet his stage name. Slowly, he was taught the basic precepts of Néhant and he was becoming a real apprentice of the Néhantist.But he quickly realized that this was not what I expected magic. Indeed, the magic of the Shadow was I wanted to practice, but not that way. Zil then had intervened to get him out of this situation and the boy had been formed by its precepts and what he thought should be the true magic of the Shadow. To Zil, the magic of the Shadow allowed many things, but should not lead to the subjugation of others. It served to see what happens in the shade. He became a member of Zil Warriors, and then at the age of twenty-five became the boss.

- Zil, I'll have to let him out.

- IF iT is nEceSSary then, It iS A paRT of yoU liKE me TO ArtEzil.

Abyssien then crouched down and looked at his shadow on the floor by the light of day.

- My old friend, I have devoured you long ago and today I will let you out. You must hunt down the member that we sold us.

With that, the mage of the shadows began to vomit a black substance that made a vaguely humanoid form. When Abyssien had finished his physical appearance was different, he had lost a lot of corpulence. Salem began to applaud signifying his satisfaction.

- You are our link to all, I who have eaten some of the shadows of the fighters. Takes us where the traitor is.

The shadow man bowed his head and then quietly turned in on itself. He analyzed each member of the guild, of course there were the fighters are present, but many more than that. Finally he stopped, put his hands on Abyssien and Salem then dug into their own shadows.

He reappeared in the shadow of a person . He obviously arguing with someone, but stopped when he felt attendance. Abyssien recognized without much difficulty Iron Mask, and the relationship seemed logical. He was the only one consistently absent from meetings, traveling the world for the purpose of diplomatic and social relations with other guilds.

- You! Abyssien said in a tone of anger.

- Master Abyssien what a surprise! Can I do something for you?

Salem came in limping. He quickly cut the cloth were the bell hung at his back, the object fell to the ground without a sound.

- YoU're, nO lOnGer onE OF mY fighTHers YoU hAve beTraYed tHE tRusT of YoU're boSS!

When a new fighter Zil was recruited, the guild leader then gives a bell. This represented a commitment to always serve the guild.

Surprised the diplomat sighed, his expression was hidden behind his mask of metal.

- In this case, I'm not forced to hide anymore!

In the blink of an eye iron mask disappeared the same way as did the Néhantist at the time of his confrontation with Marlok.

- We will find him, I devoured his shadow. Abyssien said firmly.

- NehanT Casts iTS ShaDow mY fRiEnd.



The old servant ran down the narrow corridors of the Imperial Palace in one hand holding the bottom of her kimono. So she would not fall. Breathless, she came to a door and fell her knees. She bowed as was the tradition.

- Eiji-sama! You are urgently requested!

On the other side of the door, the maids frantic tone alerted Kakiji Eiji, who quickly grew restless. Sitting behind a low table, the doctor dropped his brush and rose sharply. He was not as flexible as in his youth, but the years had been kind to him. He trotted to the door and opened a dry gesture.

- What's going on?

The woman looked up, tears rolling down her face torn by fatigue.

- It's the Emperor! He's .. He's ..

She collapsed. Eiji looked at both sides of the corridor and then forcefully grabbed the old lady's arm.

- Stop crying! Let's go quickly.

Eiji Kakaji was long the official doctor of the Emperor. From the day he was born from the womb of the Empress Saisho and had took care of him so far. When the disease appeared, he was quickly displaced due to his inability to apply the treatment. But he remained the only official authorized to make diagnoses.

A short time passed until they came before the Imperial Chamber. It was guarded by two officers as was the tradition when in bed the Emperor. Serendipity, or scheming, Asajiro was just posted at that time. He bowed to the respectable character and opened the door:

- You are expected, he added. Keeping an eye on the inside.

Iro champion Emperor knelt in front of the poster bed. Seeing the person who had just entered, stood up, hoping to finally receive a response. Some of the Emperor's several doctors were whispering among themselves, denigrating his colleague. Eiji advanced to the Emperor, the latter seemed peaceful, eyes closed. He determined to examine him. He quickly felt relieved to see that had not yet been reunited with his ancestors, but unfortunately he fell into a deep sleep. His pulse was regular but weak. After several attempts to awaken the Emperor, the old man shook his head negatively looking at Iro.

- Everybody out! growled Iro usually so calm. Let us be!

Faced with the wrath of the son of the Imperial Lord ,the attendees left the room, alone remained Eiji. Iro went to close the door and whispered a few words to Asajiro.

- Do not let anyone enter.

- I answer with my life.

Asajiro stood before the entrance of the chamber, his spear across to mean the prohibition of access.

- Kakiji-sama, will the Emperor die?

- I think not, but his condition is critical. His body is still animated by the flame of life, but his spirit seems to be beyond.

- So that's it, is this the end of his reign?

- No, he is still breathing. But when a situation like this appears, the laws are very clear.

I know, a regency should be implemented. And given the current situation, I'm not sure it benefits the empire. I have to put some order into all this. I will ensure that you stay at the bedside of the Emperor and put members of Kotoba as guards.

- Wise decision, Champion.

Iro left the room, after giving orders to Asajiro he left andreturned home. The family home was not far from the imperial palace. It was a large house in the middle of a perfectly maintained garden, currently only Ayako, the youngest of the family lived there with his grandfather, Henshin, who trained during the almost-permanent Gakyusha. She was just the beginning of a lesson in magic of the pond water, Henshin lavished advice to her in order to master her powers. The old man saw Iro come home looking worried.

- Ayako, continue without me and think that water is a living material.

He found Iro in the office of his father, looking for writing materials.

- You look unhappy Iro, may I help you?

- Thank you Jii-san, but I must tell my father and bring the Kotoba. serious events are occuring on the empire.

- Serious? What are they?

The young duelist regarded the Emperor as a benevolent uncle, to see him in this state and think what hurt this regency will do.

- Things will change, the Emperor is not able to govern and he will be replaced by a regency, giving rise to people who should not have access to power.

- I see.

The old man left the champion in their affairs. The latter began to write a letter when he heard his grandfather called from the living room. Puzzled by this call was to see to that required it. There Henshin was kneeling in the center of the room, and a detail caught the attention of Iro, his grandfather wore a jade Magatama, a teardrop-shaped pendant. Before him, on the ground,he had a roll of parchment sealed with the imperial seal.

- I am Shi-ze of the Emperor in person. I entrusted this role to be returned to you when the time came with a message from you, as well as the imperial edict.

The young man sat in front of his grandfather, he was both surprised and curious about the message.

- Iro, you're a person that the Emperor placed his trust to. This scroll symbolizes the hope for you not to see the Empire fall into the wrong hands. Beware of those who have risen too high. Kotoba Today more than ever represents an ideal means to act on behalf of the Emperor. Do not forget one thing, Kotoba is to the Emperor and him alone, a ruling will have no power over her. Be strong, never wavering, you are the future of the Empire.

Henshin took the scroll and gave it to Iro who accepted it with honor.

- This scroll should be read before the imperial council. Hurry now you should not take long to meet. Iro, reinvigorated by the message of the Emperor returned immediately to the palace. He greeted his sister had really grown lately, not to mention her magical skills have developed at a high speed. Surely she deserves a place within the Kotoba.

The great council chamber had rarely seen so many people for years. All imperial ministers and counselors were there, sitting in a circle, each on its silky and comfortable cushion. They had been several hours of lively discussions on the status of the Emperor and the policies to be followed. Oogoe and Daijin were watching their opponents, when the struggle for power had arrived.

The Crow knew it was going to win in this race and its silence made some of the Emperor members nervous. Oogoe stood up and placed in the center of campus with all his usual nonchalance.

The laws are needed in these cases, honorable servants of the Emperor. When the Heavenly Augur can not assume their role as they do not have any offspring, a regent must be appointed by all persons authorized to make. Although I have much respect to you but I think Lord Daijin not Akizuki-sama is the person best placed today to govern the empire.

The reaction was immediate. Supporters of Prime Minister Akizuki, rose to protest. Oogoe back in place, visibly pleased with the turn things were taking, he liked to install the doubt and confusion among their opponents. It was then Daijin's, turn to speak the Crow knew his opponent, he knew that the balance was henceforth in his favor. He rose, helped by Karasu.

- Well, well, a bit of peace do you, remember that the Emperor in his sleep sees us and judges us. Akizuki-dono, you are responsible to take the necessary decision.

The prime minister bowed his head, embarrassed not to have seen the blow coming.

- A regent must be appointed.

At that time Iro came into the room with noise, a decisive step. Crow Supporters protested this intrusion of champion of the Emperor. But Iro was unmoved and delivered a threatening look the protests ceased.

- Champion. What do you bring to the court of policies? Oogoe launched.

- This! He says handing the roll to Akizuki. I read it incumbent upon the imperial council.

The Minister accepted the scroll and opened it. It authenticate the object as officially written by the hand of the Emperor. So he stood up to read aloud.

- These are the wishes of the Emperor he said in a trembling voice.

“While we are no longer held by a earthly god, it is our duty to consider the maintenance of the unity of what our ancestors have bequeathed to us. While we do not want it down and as the laws established to be appointed a regent, the time a new Emperor is presented. We decided that if a regent was to be appointed it will be chosen from the order Tsoutaï. They alone have the necessary perspective to restore order in the chaos left by my absence and thus restore balance

Thus is the will of the Emperor.”

The chatter started again, many found this unfair, since there were no candidates on the side of Daijin or of Akizuki. The Crow whispered something to the ear Oogoe.

- Please some composure! Cried the Prime Minister. The Emperor's will should be respected. In my capacity as Prime Minister solemnly ask the Emperor's Champion as a guarantor of it.

- I agree, whoever goes against them must stop by my sword. Iro replied.

Oogoe rose again.

- The Clan of the Crow intends to seek the best possible candidate for the regency.

Akizuki was not deceived, there was probably a dirty trick under the cover of this sentence, but the Crow was now strong and refusal would have been perceived as an insult and a serious affront. And after all, were they the Tsoutaï not wise?

- So be it! I will give time for Crow to find the regent.

Akizuki did not suspect that Daijin knew exactly who he would appoint. The board meeting was adjourned.

In the home of the Crow clan, Daijin discussed with Karasu and Oogoe.

- It is a story you may have heard. It was long ago, a crow had a particular destiny, he was selected by Flawseekers and recognized as a Tsoutaï. At the time, and before this fact, he asked me the right not to be part of the clan to follow the chosen path. And I agreed with a small condition, if one day we needed him, he should answer our call.

- Well, sir, but this person is able to assume the regency of the empire? Oogoe questioned.

- It is. I will prepare the official edict of the imperial council for appointment. I send them both to announce this news to whom it may concern.

- Lord Daijin, where do we send it?

- At Temple Yafujima.

None of them knew of this place, but would soon remedy this ignorance, because the next day were on the road, carrying the precious message. They already had a name, which was not unknown. This man had made about him, some time ago. Karasu was furious, took advantage of the way for ranting against the Emperor, who had the courage to make Daijin ruler, bellowed against this damn Tsoutaï, who knew nothing of politics, or what life was like in Meragi. They reached the temple at dusk and were received shortly after its leader, who also revealed to be the future ruler. The meeting was held in one of the smaller shows planned to greet people passing through. Toran asked what they wanted two members of the Crow who came especially to see him.

- Thank you for receiving us Toran-sama. Oogoe began.

- Do not thank me, the door of this temple is open to those who need peace and serenity.

- This is great that you speak of peace because that is what our business processes.

The young magistrate placed before him on the small wooden table the letter from the Imperial Council.

- This is for you. Before you do read and have your say, because it is true that you can refuse, Daijin allows himself to remember who you really are.

Toran squinted and his tattoos started to move.

- Oogoe thank you to send me back to my condition, I know very well who I am and where I belong, I suggest you reflect on your own.

The young Crow showed a face frozen in a sarcastic smile, he had hit his target. Outside, Aku who was now apprenticed to Toran spying on the scene and despite his discretion it did not escape the vigilance of Karasu. The latter rose and bowed to the old Tsoutaï before going out to give an example of courtesy to the young brash.

After two or three readings Toran had resigned. He was appointed to become Regent of the Empire of Xzia him a man who had spent several years traveling the world, seeking to perfect his art.

- I understand your feeling Toran-sama, only you can decide.

- There are other Tsoutaï, people far wiser than me.

- Yes, but they are not the clan of the Crow. It would be unfortunate if you refuse this favor to Daijin-sama especially at a time when the empire is weakened, it should not be much to it all collapses.

- I recognize here the words of those who have been born. I accept the role assigned to me by the Imperial Council. When should I go to Merag?

- As soon as possible.

Karasu hustled Aku outside.

- We play the spies without the means? Karasu spat.

- I just wanted to make sure nothing happens to my master, replied the young Tsoutaï nervously.

- I'm going to get the urge to spy!

Karasu shoved Aku, who fell violently on the floor. Around him and despite the late hour few other Tsoutaï are at the scene. Their philosophy is not to answer violence with violence, they asked politely to the Crow clan member to stop the infringement. Karasu turned a deaf ear, he had spent his nerves on someone, yet it was not his habit to do so. Aku could not replicate, Toran had strictly forbidden to use violence in his state of fragility. He would later learn with Akujin his Flawseeker, to master the intricacies of war Tsoutaï. The young Hime fact present at that time did not see the attack in the same way as the others. She intervened.

- Crow! If you are looking for someone to beat you confront me.

Her flawseeker, a majestic blue heron, then appeared at her side, slamming its beak to the face of Karasu. It stopped there, it was not worth the trouble to keep his act and had already annoyed the Tsoutaï.

- Another time perhaps I would be delighted to compete with a fighter like you. But I have better things to do.

At that time,Toran and Oogoe arrived in the yard, putting an end to the opposition.

- Hime call our community so do you, I have something to announce. Asked Toran.

A few minutes later, all Tsoutaï of the temple were in the yard, wondering about the future return of their master. Toran, of more height compared to the others called for silence.

- The Empire is at a crossroad. The Emperor is in endless sleep and a regent was appointed. It turns out that I was chosen, the emperor thought that Tsoutaï would be able to put an end to internal division. So I humbly accepted this position.

Everyone went to his commentary on the issue, many thought that the Emperor had made a wise choice and which surprised some.

- Just I am back among you, I have to leave again now i must go back to Meragi. I trust the leadership of the venerable temple Zaoryu. When I leave, I'll leave at dawn tomorrow morning.

In the audience, and Hime Aku worried about their future. But Toran went to them and explained that they were coming to Merag with him, he would continue they’re training at the temple of Komaki, smaller and but more modest than Yafujima

Toran was not accustomed to luxury. He, had seen the light into a wealthy family but had been away all that quickly. This room was only comparable with those of some landowners. Around him several servants were busy. He Would be before the council officially named as regent of the empire and he was needed to be presentable. However he didn’t want deprive his position as regent by wearing his tsotai clothes. The Empire needed him and the situation was delicate. On the one hand was needed to maintain cohesion, managing political conflicts and make juggling the desire to Crow. He had always struggled to keep in his heart the origins in this clan.

Once ready, he was taken to the room where all advisors and ministers bowed, which embarrassed him the old Tsoutaï.

- On this day when you make me the ruler, keep this in mind, the Emperor is not dead, he will return.

Yes, the Emperor would, in inside, Toran knew, because he would put everything in order to shed light on this inexplicable evil that struck the emperor.

What does the future hold for Toran and Empire Xzia?

The quest for the Thunder King


The king is dead! Long live the king! The king is dead! Long live the king!

The crowd at the foot of Castle Carleon chanted farewell message as was custom. But this time the tradition would not be respected. Gaumatta king of Yses died without an heir to succeed him. This meant, according to the traditions of the seven kingdoms, a big tournament is organized, the conquest of the land of Yses. And this, one of the Protectors of the kingdom did not like. Sevylath sitting on the edge of a fountain, watching the curious comings and goings of the main square. Evaluate the importance of this death and the tragic consequences this would have on the future. The vultures would come to devour the remains and to kill in this territory, probably to the detriment of the population had to act quickly. Without further delay, he his dream and went to the library, or at least what looked like one. Gaumatta was a wise king and through him the biggest cities were equipped with libraries, which were actually scrolls storage sites, skins and other books are written. In this den, the hero of Yses expected to find a law or custom which could counter this major tournament rule. After two days of extensive search found nothing with which to face the law. Yet something sparked his curiosity. At the bottom of the large room, behind a pile of different objects was a tapestry-sized man. On it, was painted a scene representing the first king of Yses, who was nicknamed rightly the Thunder King. According to the stories, the king disappeared one day, leaving the throne to his friend Argal, which was Gaumatta's father. He remembered a huge steel carved in low relief, which was in the city. His instinct pushed him to go see it.

Again, lost in thought, did not see pass the time while walking the way to the stone. There was a kind of cult of this iconic character. That cult, believed fervently in the existence of divine forces, and that they governed the life of the inhabitants of the land Guem. Sevilath never been interested in this cult, was for him the chance to find out. He did not remember that this stone was so big, its size could be compared with one of the towers of the castle Yses. At the bottom of it, dancing flames in the wind, in a stone hearth.No one, which in view of the events was not surprised at all. Set in stone, majestic and immense, The Thunder King watched the city with his cold stare. Sevylath had seen a thousand times, but never was aware of the details, nor in writing down everything. The characters present were the language spoken in Yses today. But for these symbols were unknown. He took the book hanging from his belt and examined the surface of the leather cover. There were two Glyphs not identical but similar to those of the sentence. This book was an inheritance from his family and important powers attributed to him, although none of his relatives had managed to penetrate its secrets. Someone came at that time, removing it from his thoughts

- Oh! I feel really bad for bothering you.

She was a young woman wearing a simple white dress and jewelry that resembled those of the Thunder King. Sevylath recognized her as a priestess.

- Do not be upset, I was the one who disturb these sites. I think you can help me. Sevylath handed him his book. You see these symbols are of the same language that says showing the inscriptions on the stela.

The young woman with dyed black hair looked at the book and ran her fingers over the relief. Her face shone with a radiant smile.

- It”s the same language was spoken by the Thunder King and his family when he reigned. Where did you get this?

Sevylath hesitated, but this woman can help him he began.

- This book has been in my family for a long time.

The priestess took a moment to think. “Could it be ...?”

- Can I open this book Lord Sevylath ?

- You know who I am? He asked with interest.

- It is difficult not to recognize a protector of Yses when you see one. Can I?

- On one condition, do you know what is meant by these symbols, he said, pointing to the stele.

- It is written: “Brand my spear and smite. Adorn yourself of my crown and I will be at your side. Wear my armor and I'll protect you”. We do not really know who wrote it or whether it is the words of the Thunder King, but many of us think that there is a legacy.

- Thanks for the translation. This question interests me very much. Sevylath gave the book to the priestess. Would it be wise to go further consideration at a place where we are best not interrupted?

- You're right, I lost my homework, I beg you, come with me to the study room of the temple of the gods.

There, in Yses three temples of the gods, places of worship are open to those who wished to pray or practice their beliefs. They had the particularity, not being affiliated with a divinity, and free for all. The guard and the young woman named Dandranne were then a few streets away, a large gray stone building partly covered with moss. The study hall was only the name, was primarily a venue for some of the faithful. Those present then discussed the top event of the day, the king's death, and paid no attention to the presence of protector and even less activity. Dandranne was installed on a wooden table and tried to open the book. Unfortunately, he could not move the strap to open it not even a muscle! Sevylath was amazed because he had always managed to open it and when he tried, he could do it effortlessly. By the time you Dandranne to read it, it slammed shut and small lightning swept the deck, before disappearing.

- Well, here's an oddity!The priestess said surprised.

- I must say that so far, of my relatives, no one else had touched this. Maybe I’m gonna take and read it for you.

The technique seemed good because the book was left open and she could read, or rather trying to read.

- I know little about the language, I learned the basics but I never practiced with texts like these. Looks like the prayers to god. If I translate it would be well Kurun.

Sevylath asked Dandranne to turn the pages to go to the end. The writing changed, it passed quickly written symbols. After reading the first page she waddled on the spot

- It's him! The Thunder King! Turn the pages! Stop! There! Wait!

She read a page multiple times, then she looked up and looked at the guardian with some joy.

- Do you know the origin of your family Lord Sevylath?

- This is an issue related to your reading?

- Yes, and I think you do not know that the King Thunder had a child, a boy named Korvent, does it tell you something.

- Korvent? Sevylath plunged into his memories, the name he was not abroad. Indeed, Korvent was a name already mentioned in the past. Yes, I think my grandfather as a kid told me about a Korvent, he was a great war leader I think.

- He is also one of your ancestors! You realize! You’re one of the Thunder King's Descendants!

- I want to believe you but how are you so sure?

- It is written! There! Dandranne was in a state close to euphoria, to find the descendant of the man she revered, was a real miracle.

- Fine, but what does it say?

- Oh, yes, sorry. It is written, in short, that only my heirs can only open this book is as simple as that.

Sevylath showed no particular joy at the announcement, he saw beyond that. Fate put him on the road to the priestess and the revelations were made, how far it would take him?

- There are things I understand less. He speaks of a quest that he must carry out and that would lead to a renaissance of sorts. He indicated that he intends to follow a route to travel to the ends. He says his career, explaining that his trip was not without return and that even death does not prevail.

- Can you believe that you are a person who lived long ago can come back? Asked Sevylath having an ulterior motive.

- Everything is possible in this world. If The Thunder King can return, should you make us look the other way?

- No, you're right, a king is now dead, another king should take over the reins of Yses. The guardian stood up. The quest begins for the Thunder King.

- I will pray for the success of this quest. But before that I will transcribe the writings of your ancestor.

Dandranne rose in turn.

- All this is incredibly exciting. The other faithful will not believe their ears when they hear this story.

Two days later, the translation was finished, Dandranne and Sevylath had not slept much, there was much at stake to waste time. The essence was there and had just begun to venture into the mists of the edge following a precise path. After a short break the guardian set off into the unknown, the wild hope that the legend of King Thunder, is not only that.

The melancholy, thinking he left Yses facing a major crisis in its history, the protector set off. The trip to the mist passed through the confines Baranthe where he learned that the authorities were very concerned about the situation of the neighboring kingdom. But he did no more and went on that took him a week later for the fog, was heavy and black. It was as if the clouds were taking all the space between the ground and the sky. All this does not really inspired, after all, behind, was locked up the worst threat of this land. All those who had sought prison obsidian never returned, thus fueling the legends about the powers of darkness Nehant. He did not like this place, there was too much misery and suffering. There are about 70 years held a terrible battle, many heroes of the war fell against Nehant. Clutching his hammer sanctified, he advanced as shown in Dandranne. He thought he could stifle the supernatural made this incredibly stifling air. Sevylath took it as a test and was not to be beaten by so little. Not seeing much he progressed very slowly. After a few hours it finally came to the latest indication: Three steps to the left of a stone engraved with a spiral symbol. He found many stone and took three steps to the left of it. Unfortunately for the guard, this stone was actually an end of a small stele from the time of King Thunder suffered corrosion. The top, where the symbol was dropped to side. This was a very unfortunate consequence that the guard would learn much later.

Sevylath emerged from the fog and a deep breath. A breath of fresh air and a brisk wind giving him strength. The new environment was incredible and breathtaking. A loss to the islands of land and multicolored crystals floating in the air. Some of them moved as the timber the water, brushing each other.

“How to get from one island to another”questioned the guard. He examined the situation and above all he had arrived. Obviously the island on which he was was great, and if his ancestor had arrived there he has to have left clues somewhere. “Start there.”The landscape differed from Yses. Home where there was greenery and forests out of sight, replaced by huge crystal tree. But what were called out the most obvious burns on some rocks and crystals, and large scratches tilling the soil. There was no noise, not a single animal chirping, even the sound of his footsteps seemed muted. He walked for hours with the vague impression of not being alone here. Sites were much larger than he thought and vegetation became more dense. Then to turn a corner, his eye was caught by a kind of old totem, it was a creature deformed and repulsive. He does not linger on this representation, but the comfort it in its vigilance. Something was wrong, the magic was at work here. Indeed, in one fell swoop, vines from trees and roots from the ground and grabbed him in a few moments he was unable to move.

- What is this evil?! He exclaimed aloud.

A creature approached him, he had never seen such, large horns, white eyes, no mouth. He was limping and his left side was protected by plates of leather related. Behind him there were others, one of which was clearly dressed as an inhabitant of the Draconis, he recognized the coat and the color code of the young woman.

- Sorry to inflict this. But since we reached the confines of the problems come and go. Said the young woman looking at the hammer of the protector.

- Im Sevylath! Protector of Yses, release me draconian!

- Sevylath? Anryéna looked at the others with a touch of surprise. You have disappeared decades ago.

- Nonsense, I just came here and I left the seven kingdoms few days ago. Look, I mean you no harm, release me and we'll talk.

The Dais broke his spell and the guard was released from his bonds. He recovered his hammer, remaining suspicious of them.

- I introduced myself, it would be of good courtesy that you do the same.

- It is true, to believe that these Confins have influence on us. I’m Anryéna, daughter of Dragon. Here's Gemineye of the crew from Al Killicrew and hail of the Eltari people...

- He can certainly help us break the shield, Gemineye said cutting in.

Anryéna bear less of the company pirate, she was uncouth and inconsiderate, far from the behavior of the ladies of the Draconis. Anreya, Sevylath knew the name, adding to his confusion as if twenty years had passed she should not look like a young woman who had at most thirty years. Obviously he did not know that for her the time had very little control. He attended a debate between three people, who ultimately invited Sevylath to accompany them.

- What's going on? I would be happy to help you, but you do not tell me much.

- Not far from here, we found a kind of temple quite old. But it is protected and we can't enter it, explained the Hailwalker.

- And why do you want to enter? If it is protected for a reason.

- Because we are looking for someone and it may be inside the temple or there is a person in there who has a clue on how to find it.

- I am looking for a person too, I'll help if I can.

And then they joined the troupe of Malyss and Ergue who were waiting outside the temple, an old building with architecture combining crystals and stones. All had bleached sun exposure and a small part of the roof had collapsed. From their vantage point, travelers wondered if they did not fall apart once they have returned. In cons-down and all around the hill on which sat the building columns were carved with symbols. And although we did not see, between each tower, an invisible wall preventing anyone from passing.

- Our magic has failed to break the columns and physical strength is not the best. Yet our powers are great, boasted the mage clan of the crow.

Sevylath saw things differently. It was not magic was at work and for this reason that their magic was ineffective. The symbols were nothing but theurgic writings, the “magic” of the gods. For him it was all clear, someone did not want them there , and only one or more priests have managed this feat. Sevylath turned to the group and spoke loud enough to stop the useless discussions.

- Your failure is normal. This is not magic, it is a barrier to faith. I can cancel it, but are we sure that nothing bad is going to happen?

- We can not predict what will happen, but I think if you're there, it's not for nothing. We must go! Gemineye invited everyone to rush headlong, so did the pirate.

Anryéna pouted, everything related to theurgy she did not know. The hailwalker was undecided, but Stone Eater can be there within they’re reach. Ergue did not care, but he never refused a bit of action. Malyss sided with the opinion of the pirate, it was necessary to update this secret in any case. The decision was made Sevylath and had set to work.

Each pillar had a test of faith, a question that the reader had in his heart to respond correctly. He chose the issue that seemed most interesting to him and the answer was his motto as a believer. The issue could come down to this: “How far can you carry your faith?” He did not hesitate, it was clear to him the sacrifice he was willing to sacrifice and by this enthusiasm for the principles of faith he followed. Obviously the answer was just as the pillar crumbled and collapsed. The barrier of faith had fallen.

- You are worthy of your reputation, protector of Yses, congratulated Anryéna.

The group began climbing the hill covered with old rocks. Their progress was marked by the discovery of multiple skeletons humanoids whose presence was hidden by the rocks.

- It is not very encouraging, Ergue whispered to himself.

- Look at that! Gemineye cried. How wonderful!

The young woman pulled from a corpse a spear entirely made of crystal.

- It's light as a feather, she added.

At first glance Sevylath recognized the spear and he rushed.

- Can I? He said with authority.

For a pirate, an object found belongs to the person who made the discovery, but given his entourage she did not seek trouble and gave the spear. No doubt it was an object made Yses, and given the style that dates back, he had seen some like that in some noble families. He was on the right track.

- I am on the right track. Move forward!

They arrived at the entrance of the temple and they could see that new theurgic symbols littered the huge door and were all around the temple.

- A divine seal, Sevylath said. Stay back, it must be broken by faith.

All stood aside at a safe distance. Sevylath stepped back, holding his hammer tightly and muttered a few prayers. Then he whirled and ran his hammer in order to break the line entries. He did not expect this, but the blow destroyed the door. Everyone went to have a look through the coaching and what they saw boded no good. Inside, there were a dozen human-like creatures, but who behaved like a savage. Their skin was blue dirty and all have a very aggressive attitude. The temple itself was a huge room in the midst of this, a person floating in the air, enclosed in a type of column composed of a multitude of arcs leaving the ground. While Gemineye and Ergue retreated before the advancing creatures Sevylath who knew very well who was the strange character in the column, jumped inside without any fear.

“Is this the Stone Eater?”wondered the Grele. He followed suit and entered the protector in turn. Unable to abandon each other, each group member joined the others. Sevylath began to crush skulls with his hammer, but the creatures were numerous and very strong too, Hailed was quickly overwhelmed by some of them and he owed his salvation to the dexterity of which Ergue pulled him back. Malyss made fire while Anryéna deployed Dragon Magic. Everything was going well, their complementary strategies were soon to triumph over group. Unfortunately, an honest mistake was badly made. Anryéna, cornered in a corner of the temple, called on other governments, those of lightning. Flowed from her hands violently lightning struck her assailants. Several unexpected events occurred: the lightning is propagated on the vast majority of creatures and every time one of them was hit lightning does not cause them pain, but the magic seemed to strengthen them. Like a tide they gained the upper hand over the group, injuring some of its members. Sevylath had no choice, he appealed to his faith. His hammer shone intensely and thought each of his companions. Then with fury, he killed the creatures one by one. With each blow, the wounds of his comrades were closing. Impressed by theurgy of the protector, the battle resumed with a vengeance. Anryéna, who understood her mistake, stopped the use of lightning and the defense chose to attack. Sevylath, galvanized, cut himself a path to the person in the column of lightning. But there intervened a creature more bigger than the others and it seemed smarter. She wore a crown of crystal. Apparently the creature was looking for the duel with the protector. But the latter driven by a fit of pride laughed and put his hammer on the ground.

- I know what you are, I recognize that stone in your head.

Behind him the other passengers wondered what Sevylath was saying.

- I repudiate you Guemelite! Join your creator! He cried.

He raised his hands in the air and a bright light and white came out of them. Gemineye was in the temple entrance, threw her strange weapons and jumped out of the temple to escape to what was the man of faith doing. The creatures howled in pain and fell like flies, dead. Calling Sevylath had not been careful with Anryéna, not far from it and who is also suffering the effects of exorcism, she collapsed unconscious.

The battle was over, the creatures were all killed including their leader. Sevylath regained the crown of crystal. The others were out of breath, the fight did not last very long, but it was intense and very tiring. Hail took care of the Anryéna while Malyss questioned the prison of lightning. Ergue tried to walk and it was not very smart on his part because it was very painful.

After care provided by the protector, Anryéna regained consciousness and started railed against the act, certainly effective, but inconsiderate on her part. Dragon's daughter was then interested at the prisoner and his prison.

- Is this the Stone Eater? Asking Hailwalker.

The latter was about to reply but Sevylath intervened.

- I do not know what a Stone Eater is, but that person is the one I'm looking for and is neither more nor less than the Thunder King.

All exchanged quizzical looks, they did not know The Thunder King, but they were ready to believe their illustrious companion.

- The question is, how do we get him out of there, said Malyss.

- It is not theurgic? Ergue asked. The answer was no.

- In this case, it's magic and I can do something. Interceded Anryéna who was determined to correct her mistake.

Lightning spells were many and varied. While studying at the academy st NozDinagrd a long time ago, she had not forgotten the principles learned. She walked around the prison and focused on magic. She perceived primarily lightning, violent, protective and dangerous. Then the person behind it himself, she had a spell active on it, another lightning spell but did not have the same goal.

- Stasis! She cried. I understand how. Sevylath please come to my side

The guardian approached, wondering what to expect from the draconian.

- You catch the person when the spell will be broken and incidentally myself if I fall unconscious, that can happen. You are a believer and know of healing theurgies . I suggest you start one on you just in case. I will fight lightning with lightning.

At these words the other moved away quickly to avoid the risk of injury.

Anryéna focused for a long time before triggering the beam on the prison. He gave all his power. The prison became overloaded with magic burst at once, freeing the Thunder King. At the end Sevylath, protected by his faith and his ancestor. Then he turned sharply to see the status of the magician. she hesitated, having exhausted all her magic. The guardian took Anryéna before she fell. Then the magician's body began to glow a bright blue aura that spread over Sevylath and Thunder King. Then the aura faded while the three people who became transparent. Finally disappeared before the astonished faces of they’re companions.

The three of them reappeared in the throne room Noz'Dingard Kounok before that had risen with Chimera in hand.

- Mother? He cried.

Battle of the Stone,part 1


Throne room of the palace of Noz'Dingard.

Kounok saw people appear suddenly in the middle of the hall. Thinking of an attack the Prophet, seizing Chimera,he pulled it out of it's scabbard and jumped at the foot of the throne with dexterity. Valentin, who was present to report to his superior also drew his sword and warned the small group. The newcomers did not seem aggressive, quite the contrary. Only one of them was conscious, the other two were unconscious.

- Draconian peace! Peace! Sevylath spoke while dropping his burdens to the ground. Im Sevylath protector of Yses he added, while looking at his surroundings. I am not your enemy, he said, putting his hammer down slowly.

Kounok did not understand what's happening, but he recognized his mother lying on the ground.

- What did you do? He raised his voice accusingly.

- I have not done anything, this lady just saved the Thunder King and we suddenly disappeared in a cloud of blue light and appeared here.

- You will have to be more specific than that.

Kounok laid Chimera on the ground and took Anryéna in his arms. She was unconscious, stripped of her magical powers. In such cases, he had no alternative but to bring her to Dragon.

- Valentine still surprised of their guests and how they ended up there. Installs them comfortably.

- Well Prophet?, answered the Draconian Knight.

- Are we prisoners?

- No, if the its the case I would have used that term, but when someone suddenly appears in the middle of a room in Noz'Dingard, with my unconscious mother, I am entitled to know more about what happened!

So tell your story to Valentin.

Kounok went through the doors of the hall leading into a very special courtyard. It was directly at the foot of the imposing rock Blue Dragon. There was a garden of blue roses grew in the rhythm of nature. In the middle of a fountain roses was a majestic Dragon. Kounok quickly crossed the courtyard, worried about his mother who he had never been in this state before. When he arrived at the foot of the stone, a human form materialized in front of him. He was a tall man who looked like somewhat like Kounok and his late brother. Several crystal horns was coming out of his head and his long hair floating in the wind. His appearance was almost like a ghostly transparent blue spectrum. Kounok looked surprised and then caught himself and nodded as a sign of respect.

- Hello Prophet, said the apparition.

- Lord Dragon, I just wanted to see you.

- That's why I'm here. You are still young and you forget that we are related, more than any other people of the Draconis. You're worried about your mother, but have no worries she's fine.

- What is she? Kounok asked with a hint of anxiety in his voice.

- She is exhausted. She used almost all her magic.

- That's why she came back here, right?

- I love my daughter, my only child. I will not allow anything bad happen to her, so I will protect her as best as I can. One of my her scales is enchanted so that if this problem happens, if a situation made her vulnerable, she comes back here.

- I understand. And now?

- She needs rest, Dragon said, approaching him.

He took the girl in his arms and smiled before disappearing to Prophet.

Anryéna awoke. Her heart was pounding in her chest. All her strength had returned and the power of the blood of Dragon healing her. Around her all was blue, recognizing the place she sat up on the bed canopy. She knew this place for having spent her childhood. Being in the field of her father, all she saw was from him. And just when she thought of her father, he appeared.

- Your strength has returned my daughter.

- Father, I'm glad to see you. But why am I here? I had much more to discover in the Edge.

- Your return is a result of your actions. You've put yourself at risk of draining your magic. Remember what I told you long ago. A Guemelite can die without magic.

- It was the only solution, I felt that the person we found in the Edge could help us and become an ally, said Anryéna.

- The Thunder King can be an asset in this war. But until he plays his role,you must play your own.

Dragon put his hand on the cheek of her daughter, very old memories came back. Anryéna laid her hand on his. The moments of complicity between father and daughter were rare enough to capture both this act of love.

- What is it father? What role do you want me to play?

Dragon took his hand assuming a serious and grave look.

- Kounok is not the same place in this world than his brother. Since the death of the latter the Compendium is undergoing an internal struggle that I will not tolerate. I promised long ago not to interfere in the affairs of this order, but alas no one can take over. you deserve to take his place.

Anryéna seemed amazed, she knew magicians and wiser Compendium that had sufficient capacity for the task.

- And Marzhin? He is powerful enough and wise, he would make a great Archmage.

- It is true that he is gifted, but his place is in the Academy of Apprenticeship.

- There is something you're not telling me, Anryéna answered with conviction.

- The war has started and you will have to face opponents with the powers little known until now. You must run the Compendium to restore faith in the magic of the Magi and Draconis to become the symbol of Guem. And my heart is torn to know you will soon face against the enemy and our family has suffered so much …

Anryéna cut in.

- I will assume this role, with Dragon with me what can happen to me?

- In that case, it's your job.

A large scepter appeared in the hands of his daughter at which a crystal dragon wrapped in it. It had been worn by many mages of Draconis, she was also the first to be worthy. Anryéna concentrated and then found herself at the foot of the academy of magic of Noz'Dingard.

Anryéna had helped build the academy of magic of Noz'Dingard, a place of exchange and learning for all people with sensitivity to the arcane magic. The castle was built on a satellite of gems with the stone-heart of Dragon, overlooking the great city. There was, to say at least about five hundred students from the Draconis and distant lands also customs and practices of foreign magic contributed to the improvement of general knowledge. Anryéna was before the big arch, a magical artifact that one must cross to enter the academy. It was late afternoon and many of the trainees were leaving the course to return to their dorm, getting ready to spend a few moments to study. The youngest of them passed without recognizing the lady, but some students were attracted by the Dragon Scepter. She allowed students to their theories about it and she went to the ark and found himself in the lobby of the Academy.

The hall is majestic and immense it was the central hub of the building and it was not uncommon to go through there several times a day in here. Since leaving the academy and the Compendium nothing had changed, it was always the same remarkable tapestries and magnificent stained glass blue. The light was soft and enchanting. The steps of the daughter of the Dragon led to the desired location automatically. She had passed through the corridors, climbed the many stairs and through many magical portals before reaching the boardroom of the Compendium. Dragon there had summoned the highest summits and bodies of the Academy.

They were installed in an amphitheater of wood, the face of some senior mages expressed annoyance, others on the contrary seemed delighted with the appointment of the daughter of Dragon as the new leader of the Compendium, and by extension of the Academy of magic. The Compendium was an organization aiming at the management of all that is magical, whether in research or learning. The Academy had become over time the headquarters of that organization. Anryéna stood facing the audience and struck the ground three times the with tip of her scepter.

- High mages and mage masters frightful rumors have reached my ears. Indiscipline agitation is showing in the ranks of the Compendium. All this can only benefit our enemies and disrupt the teaching of our apprentices who need us and our integrity. Time to end the quarrels now because I am here as the Archmage of the Compendium. The mages stood up and cheered their new leader with varying degrees of conviction. Things were clear, the district would not chaos here. Anryéna put a stop to the noise because she still had things to say.

- Master Mage Marzhin, get up.

A man of thirty years stood up, he wore the livery of teachers of the academy and also a number of insignia indicating magical achievements, and the invention of several new spells.

- I name you deputy director of the Magic Academy of Noz'Dingard.

It was a very important function because in the absence of the leader of the Compendium he took the leadership of the illustrious institution. Again the applause rang out as the master-mage bowed, accepting the difficult task. After a few instructions, each returned to his small business, the only ones that remained was Anryéna and Marzhin who wanted to talk about certain issues.

- Thank you for the confidence you gave me Lady Anryéna.

- You are a person of incredible value to the Draconis, you are an example for our students.

- What you said moves me. I'll do my best.

- I have also a case study for your apprentices of the highest level.

The Mage Master was very interested.

- We must know our enemies and adapt to their means. I know that you are best placed to find a solution. What do you know about the Theurgy?

Marzhin did not expect to be spoken about that, but he had studied Theurgy and indeed he was well placed to talk about it.

- If these enemies are indeed priests and other fans of theurgy we have something to worry about. What I propose is to come tomorrow morning, the courtyard, to attend a talk on Theurgy and there with my students see what you want to implement. But only one question, why do it with students who do not yet have the title of wise men and not with the Senior men?

Some are in very good to discuss these issues.

- But I am now speaking with you and I respect you described. I want to have a fresh look at this practice and imagination of the young people.

- In this case it will be lady Anryéna to honor for my students.

- Well, in this case tomorrow.

But before the mage does leave Marzhin asked one last thing.

- Tell me, have you heard from my son?

- Pilkim is a young man who learns a lot on the ground, the envoys of NozDingard are delighted to have him with them. Rest assured, he will not be face the danger. And if so, he takes after his father and his magical abilities are impressive for his age. I predict a great future for him.

The Master-mage seemed satisfied to know his son was safe.

The next day the students of Marzhin, all set to become twise men had the joy of seeing them without being in a room normally reserved for researchers Magic Compendium. A place protected by powerful spells and, in principle, no risk of collapse due to an magical error. Just installed they were pleasantly surprised to see their new manager and some others come with their teacher. The latter was followed by a small golem carrying a box closed by a lock. The students rose to greet the arrival of the little band. Alishk and Aerouant, newly appointed as members of the Compendium had been asked not to be polite, but to understand and lend a hand. Marzhin walked on stage.

- Sit down please.

Students found their seat and hung on the lips of the teacher.

- As you can see, the Archmage Anryéna has honored us with her presence for this course and is accompanied by two wise men of the Compendium, which not so long ago were at your seats.

The Master mage went to the golem who always wore the trunk and began to unlock it.

- Who can tell me what is Theurgy?

Several hands went up instantly.

- I'm listening Armand.

A young man with tousled black hair sprang to his feet and cleared his throat.

- Theurgy is a special form of magic. It is practiced by the priests and people of faith who claim supernatural powers by the will of the gods.

The boy stood there.

- It is but just a short definition, and you know the difference between the traditional magic, that is to say that we practice all here, and Theurgy?

The response was immediate.

- Magic is power locked within us and which we can call knowing the right formulas, gestures and incantations while Theurgy is a power granted by a superior entity. This requires knowledge of the prayers and ceremonies so that the god consents to answer the call.

- Excellent! Marzhin added, turning to the audience. I congratulate you. So, magic is very different from the Theurgy in a sense, but in both cases you need a connection to something that is within us or outside. We are not all able to use magic or theurgy for many reasons. In this case another problem arises in front of us.

Marzhin took in the trunk a big shiny blue gem.

- This is a stone dragon, some of you may have heard of such a gem?

A student with blond hair raised his hand very high.

- Yes Lenya?

- A Stone Dragon is a piece of the stone-heart of Dragon offered by our Lord so that we can use his magical power.

- That, replied the professor, laying the stone on the desktop. So we can use a power that is not ... magic, but if one follows the logic of Armand then we would Theurgists when we use the external power.

A student interrupted him.

- But you forget the superior entity?

- Really? Is Dragon not a superior entity?

- But we do not worship him, said another student.

- It is true that we can use the stones of Dragon without having to direct our prayers to the Dragon.

Anryéna was satisfied with the answers given were fair and without any hesitation.

- This course will be individual, you know me in recent years, some more, and you know I like to create spells. I therefore propose today that we look at a problem and that from our theories we are able to give our Archmage a description of a ritual used without modification and applicable in the field. Are you ready?

Their faces lit up and all nodded indication to Marzhin that his topic interested them.

- Until recently, theurgy has never been a big business in land Guem. If you stand a little about the events that shake our world, you know that the people of the desert and have great power theurgic stand against us. Out our magic is not intended to address theurgy and instead it seems that our powers are lower than theirs. The problem is: what magic we can use to effectively combat theurgy?

From there the students worked on several theories. Some were quickly dismissed while others were retained and developed. The day passed at high speed, and Anryéna her companions left students and their teacher in the design of what became a ritual level. Night fell on the Draconis apprentice mages were not affected all were preoccupied, they were taken by a consuming passion to create and it is only later that the master-magician, satisfied, then stopped working session . After a rest day, everyone, students, teacher's and the Archmage were invited to a demonstration of the result.

For the occasion Marzhin requested the presence of a person who has the ear of a god to lend themselves to the experience would be painless recess. In Noz'Dingard places of worship were very rare, but one person agreed to help the mages of the Academy. Students presented their ritual by making themselves. The “guinea pig” settled in the middle of the hall for the event free of any object. Then a group of three students began the incantations while Marzhin explained the principle Anryéna, Alishk and Aerouant.

- We started the research of your son and those of Marlok on the relationship of magic. Students have assumed that between a priest and his god there was a relationship stronger or weaker as a mage is related to his stone-heart when he has one. In addition we studied the reports of the recent fight against nehantist. Of this, students are made a transposition, so that theurgies become ineffective divinity must no longer be able to hear the prayers and thus isolate the priests.

Archmage watched the demonstration with her magician's eyes, deciphering every gesture, every attitude and every magical effect produced by the students. The idea was good, but if it worked, there was a point she had raised. Like most rituals, there was a master of ritual and acolytes. These concentrated their power through the magic spell cast they transfer more power to the master of ritual. After a few minutes the leader took out a stone and cast a spell Dragon by dumping his magic. This had the effect of creating a good-sized sphere that encompasses almost the entire room. The ritual itself was finished, but the spell is maintained, the master of ritual magic was to maintain the flow. Marzhin passed the ball and went to the “guinea pig”.

- How do you feel?

- Strange, I feel alone again. The feeling is weird.

- May I? The master mage came a burst of crystal, mounted his sleeve and stabbed the forearm. Go ahead, call theurgy and heal the slash.

The priest prayed and focused his god as he did in normal times. But there was no response, the test was inconclusive. The master of ritual was exhausted, Marzhin him nod to stop the continuation of the ritual. The poor student was exhausted, all were exhausted.

Anryéna snd Aerouant was satisfied and delighted with the result and how the work of famous magicians had served. Alishk went to help students and congratulated them for their success. When the priest was delighted to once again use the theurgy he nursed the notch of the master magician. Marzhin then explained the exact course of the ritual, and every step. Archmage took the opportunity to ask questions.

- As I understand it will be necessary to maintain the ritual and thus its duration depends only on the master of ritual?

- Yes, but we expected that your power, combined with that of Alishk Aerouant and will be sufficient to ensure the correct length in this ritual. By cons I have to warn you, the ritual of the stone prevents people from practicing theurgy, but they will still be able to leave the bubble and move freely.

- We have allies who will assume the attack in melee.

Anryéna watched her scepter with nostalgia.

- We already have the Stone Dragon, remains to carry it all on site. Please thank your students, you can be proud of them is a good job. You confirm that I have done well to appoint you to your new position. Besides, I entrust to you the academy since you'll understand, I myself will lead the ritual of the stone.

- I wish you luck in this fight Lady Anryéna.

Compendium of the Magi spent the day to pick up the ritual in order to better prepare for the next day it was time to go join their allies. A portal to the forest Eltarites was created by Dragon in order not to lose time because it was precious. Anryéna, Alishk, Aerouant aand Kounok then crossed the gate and found themselves instantly to day trips from there.

The edge of the forest was quiet, the morning mist gave a mysterious and disturbing. The portal appeared on the border with the Tomb of the ancestors and Noz'Dingard came out. It did not take long for some members of the Sap Heart come to meet them. After an exchange of information Envoys heard that the Pirates had gone in search of something important to them and that the “corruption” of the Tomb of the land of the ancestors progressed slowly but surely. In the other direction the ritual of the stone was presented to the Sap Heart and Kotoba, the two major guilds who remained to face the enemy.

The troops began their march galvanized by the hope of a quick resolution of conflicts in the stone fallen from the sky. For their part, desert nomads had set up a camp and waited patiently for a sign of divinity. The tranquility of the place was disturbed by Kararine guarding the area and saw the small army arrive at them. This was the signal for battle and in a short time the nomads were in battle formation, ready to do battle with opponents. The strategy of attack in battle was the specialty of Kotoba. Gakyusha had quickly established a plan taking into account the specifications of each. The warriors were the backbone, while those endowed with discretion to circumvent the enemy to break down the priest who would probably be back. Finally mages remain remote and protect the Compendium time of the ritual. The Imperial Lord did not wait any longer and ordered the assault. Anryéna, Alishk and Aerouant began the ritual. The two men had planned a little more just before using the ritual in which the crystals were confined to magic, making them temporarily stronger. The first phase of the ritual went well, and Aerouant and Alishk used incantations, then their power is transferred to Anryéna who did not expect to receive as much. But the sort of preparation invented by apprentices Marzhin did wonders. She then waved her scepter by taking it with both hands and channeled the magic within her and made her go through the scepter. A bubble of magic appeared, then grew at an incredible rate.

It soon encompassed the battlefield and the stone fell from heaven. Iolmarek and his priests were surprised by this bubble and understood what it was when they were no longer able to heal the guardians of the temple. Cut off from their God, the faithful of Solra were quickly overwhelmed and the status of fighters in the desert was not up against the number of opponents ...

Battle of the Stone,part 2


The sun was shining brightly in the cloudless sky of the emerald desert. The heat was unbearable at this hour of the day, people prefer cooler through the streets of the city of P'tra. It was once flourishing and the center of a kingdom no longer exists. The city dug and carved into the red earth of the mountains of Ponant was now a mere shadow of itself. There remained only a dozen families living in the creation of jewelry based Emerald. But it was also the territory of a god worshiped only in this region and in direct contact with insects swarming in the area: Kehper, the god beetle. His temple was a magnificent cave bathed in the light that passed through the multitude of openings on the front. The entrance led into a huge room with incredibly high ceilings. In the middle of the play's representation of humanized Kehper, a man whose head was a beetle with bluish eyes watched, frozen for eternity. Around the walls there were small holes where the sacred beetles came and went. Soraya had been designated by Kehper to become his new servant and the young woman, who was not attracted by the beetle, was honored to serve a god. Alas, she resigned herself to see his people from taking advantage of other countries less harsh. That day she prayed to Kehper to help her.

- What have we done wrong? Have we caused your anger? Our river dries up and our people are hungry. What is the meaning of all this? Is this a test, oh so cruel to your loyal subjects?

The young woman did not expect an answer, Kehper had never responded other than signs and the ability to be able to control the beetles. It seems this time that her prayers were heard, but perhaps not as she hoped.

- Your people did not do anything that would anger the gods, priestess.

On the steps from the entrance was a tall man. The light coming from behind him on his arrival gave a singular charm. He went up to the priestess who was unsure, seeing his appearance. Dressed in a loincloth and ornaments representing the sun his skin was very dark as it was burnt. In contrast to this, his hair were off-white. Finally, to add to the character of his incredible speed, great wings beat very slowly behind him. Soraya had never seen anything like this before, but the divine nature was clear. She got up and went to meet the visitor.

- If so, tell me what we have all this misery if not because the gods no longer look to us?

- God looks to you and your actions will determine the future of your people. Do you know who I am?

Soraya shook her head. A spear of light appeared in the hand of man.

- I Tsheptès, messenger of Sol'ra god of gods.

Impressed that he did not lie, the priestess bend her knees on the ground to prove submission.

- Did you come to tell me the end of P'tra?

- No I'm not here for that. I will give to you the will of Kehper servant of Sol'ra. If you want to save your people, listen and obey.

- I am at your service.

- You'll have to find the birthplace of Kehpsoun Kehper and get the canopic jar of his incarnation.

Soraya is again listened the sentence several times to fully understand the implication of the acts she was asked. Kehpsoun was a temple dedicated to the god the first beetle. Where the canopic jar was hidden under the temple of P'tra as it was written in the sacred texts.

It was a time when the war of the gods took place and where the choices were offered to the divine beings: surrender or die. Kehper lives there the opportunity to finally establish a stable pantheon a god capable of enforcing order in the ranks. But many other gods and goddesses did not see it as well, war broke out against the followers of Sol'ra. The gods decided to take human form. There were many battles and many avatars were defeated. The avatar kepher perished when he fought Ayepth the figure of evil and husband Ptol'a. His body was brought back to Kehpsoun. It was then that the Sol'ra healed him. His body was embalmed and enclosed in a tomb. A canopic jar containing a part of his divine power was imprisoned in the temple. It was said that Ayepth imprisoned the priests living in the Kehper Kehpsoun covering the place in sand for eternity.

- Nobody has ever found Kehpsoun and ...

- You hesitate too much, you have everything at your fingertips, look,and especially have faith!

The young woman looked right, then left, thinking that something would come to her, but nothing happened. She would be delighted to find the canopic jar of the man she worshiped, but the task seemed insurmountable.

- Remember who you are, Soraya, remember!

Tsheptès left the young woman to her divine mission, a different fate awaited the Solarian, a destiny oh so amazing …

Soraya disturbed by this visit, began a search of the temple proper. Everything was old and it was difficult for her to find people to maintain the temple. There was less faithful, less money and certainly less qualified individuals. There was more activity when it was very small and especially more priests. Its founder had died five years ago leaving her alone and become the servant of last Kehper. The temple was a set of galleries overlooking small prayer rooms or places to live for the most part unoccupied. She walked around, lamenting the dilapidated state of the architectural work. She stopped at the old place of prayer, a play that was abandoned in favor of the great prayer hall which was used when the temple was founded long ago.

Strangely everything was ready just as it is, whether it's the paint or walls. The decoration was made according to the dwellings of the beetles. Soraya was what marked the impressive number of insects present. There were beetles of all colors and sizes. They swarmed on the altar lit by an opening in a wall. At her approach they stopped as if they were watching the actions of the priestess.

She scanned the altar in the middle and found an idol of beetle in relief. She had been here, but could not recall any sculpture at that location. The little animals moved away from the idol when she held out her hand to move the tips of her fingers on the object surface partly covered with sand. She blew the sand to off and noticed that the beetles seemed to be waiting around for something. The idol broke down, its surface was torn like an eggshell. It happened that some sacred beetles spend much time asleep in the temple walls and the one who was there awoke from a long sleep. Much larger than its brothers, this beetle was green with hints of a rainbow color. It climbed up Soraya's hand.

- Well, would you not do Kehperis?

The beetle came and fluttered its wings, starting slowly then faster and eventually came back to the face of the young woman.

- Kehperis Ak-ik toun.

Soraya knew the words of the beetle, the language of Kehper. Apart from some alumni and P'tra, no one spoke it. These words confirm the status of the creature. The Kehperis accompanied the scarab god of the time it was treading the hot sand of the desert emerald. Soraya did not really believe in coincidence, everything happens for a purpose. The appearance of Tsheptès, then the mission given by Kehperis until the next step. She knew very well the implications this discovery, the relationship between insects and Kehper was powerful, she was able to find Kehpsoun.

- Kehperis, it is important to find the canopic jar of Kehper, can you still feel it's energy?

Beetle stopped for few moments and then turned into the room before stopping in front of the hall.

- Khek! Which meant “me”.

The priestess had barely time to recover a few belongings and what to take a short trip away from the temple while Kehperis was followed by a number of other beetles.

The burning sand did not stop Soraya despite the fatigue and two days of walking. Her determination and faith were the driving force of this crossing to the west. She crossed an area where sand roses for cutting emeralds were formed at the discretion of the year. She suffered cuts to her feet and she took more time to rest in order to appeal to the generosity of his god. On the third day the air became cooler, the ocean was not far. That evening, the Kehperis stopped his flight landed on a hill and began to burrow, followed by his fellows. Before long, they disengaged the door of rock carved with ancient symbols.

- The entrance to Kehpsoun! She exclaimed. Kehperis thank you.

Soraya opened the door, to her astonishment, opened without any problems. She took a step back, she sensed from this place a deadly presence. She was not discouraged, and after lighting a torch, she went inside. At each step, she heard the small cracks and enlightening to the ground, she saw hundreds of dead beetles remains of shells which broke under her feet. She walked along a long corridor before she saw the first dead priests Kehper. All this saddened hie and she understood why she felt so many emotions at the opening of the door. They had followed their master in a death that could not even be given by his worst enemy.

She progressed slowly watching with curiosity the incredible architecture that met her. Centuries of history of his cult were engraved there on the white stone on the surface extremely smooth. But this feeling of discomfort increased as she went on her exploration. Something bothered her and she understood that a dark force was present here. Her little companions never left, they emitted since arriving here a thud of shells colliding with each other.

Suddenly, they regrouped in front of the priestess to form a wall. It was only just as a spear is struck in, killing some beetles. Through the rregular light of the torch she was able to discern a creature moving towards it. A man with torn clothes were those of a high priest of Kehper, advanced towards her hesitant. His appearance looked monstrous. His skin was dry as bones and his head was that of a serpent.

- The curse of Ayepth! It's disgusting!

The beetles of Soraya circled around for the best protection. The reaction of the latter was quick and expeditious. Very angry about the fate that had suffered the priest was using theurgy on Soraya. The battle raged, every blow, whether by theurgy or by the intervention of the beetles, the creature forced to retreat and his slowness played against him. The old rusty sword grazed each time he would hit the young woman. The snakehead was screaming insanities and promise of eternal agony and slow death. But in contrast to the creature, Soraya had with her will and support of a god that made her strong and powerful.

In turn, the creature was not alive for a long time, it no longer felt the pain, anger or pain, one had his sinister mission: kill an intruder. Fatigue of days are affecting the young woman her heart was beating at high speed and the enemy gained ground. The face of danger, the Kehperis temporarily abandoned the fight to go in search of the canopic jar it desired. Attracted like a magnet, it was not long before finding the location of the object. He scratched the sand, slipped between the stones and finally ascended to the vessel that collided with all his strength in order to throw it over.

The canopic jar rolled when it fell on its side, smashing the lid of clay. A myriad of small green beetles came out and ravaged everything in their path. The movement that followed the Kehperis visibly brought to the scene of the confrontation. Small beetles overwhelmed the creature that was eaten in a short time and returned to a skeleton. Soraya fell to her knees, prostrating herself before the appearance of the beetles, recognizing the presence of Kehper.

- My life is yours my Lord.

The Kehperis landed in front of her and through the scarab the god spoke to her.

- Your life is precious priestess. Thank you for the help you provided me. You're the one through whom all things will be the same again, this temple is now yours and P'tra will become what it once was. But before that we will have to conduct a new battle.

- I will do as you wish. - I have to recharge and in the meantime you have to do a long journey to lands without sand. This Kehperis will accompany you and when you joined them I'll join you in return. Soraya Do you understand?

- Yes my Lord.

- So put yourself on the road. Hunger, thirst and fatigue are unknown to you, you will walk a day, nothing can stand in your way such is my will.

The young woman stood up and she left without hesitation, followed by her fellow beetles.

Several days had passed. Soraya heard the song of the stone, the voice asked her to come, to help against the infidels. She passed the border of the tomb of the ancestors and the stone was finally in sight. She felt all that divine energy which extended from the stone, purifying these regions. She walked around the stone and then the nomads were in difficulty. Included in a huge bubble magic stone, Kehperis asked her not to go. It was time to call Kehper.

The priestess grabbed the sacred scarab and spoke in the language of her ancestors. she implored Kepher to come here and restore justice and fight those who wanted to kill them. She put the beetle on the ground and continued her invocation. Some nomads who had fallen reached that point at the priestess. They were pursued by some of their opponents. Including realized that the young woman, her compatriots were facing their attackers in order to protect her. Lodir pushed aside a spear amber using his scimitar with both hands while the Sphinx, determined to play his part, did not give one ounce of ground. The guardians of the temple suffered many injuries but they defended tooth and nail, this stone was theirs and no other. Exceeded by the number, the Sphinx fell in his own blood, because his mission was completed Kehper appeared.

A house bigger than a beetle emerges in a storm of hot sand. Soraya was standing in a trance on his back. On a whim, the incarnation of the god swept the two minor Hom'chaï as if nothing had happened. Then the ritual of the rock stopped, leaving the mobile on the ground and hope to the guilds of a coalition victory. But in this game of chess, Solra seemed to be a step ahead. Kehper's priestess granted the right to tap into his divine energy. Soraya focused, visualizing each nomad of the desert. Light escaped from her and knocked all the faithful of Solra, healing their wounds instantly. Anryéna and other members of the Compendium were exhausted, the ritual had cost them a lot of magic. Everything worked well, the nomads were defeated.

But then that was invited last minute to do everything flat and it was impossible for Anryéna to revive the ritual, not the state at least.The Nomads quickly pulled themselves together and counter attacked quickly, taking the short coalition by surprise. Members of the Sap Heart recoiled at the sight of the scarab symbol of death and retreated home. Gakyusha could not keep his troops and it was part of the field. The Kotoba closed ranks, supported by the Noz'Dingard was still able to fight. Their strategy was now to avoid losses and get away. After an hour battle the coalition was pushed as far as possible of the stone, for them the battle of the Stone was lost.

Chronicle of Kotoba: Jian Qiao and Sen'Ryaku


The outcome of the battle of the stone was not in favor of the coalition of guilds. Nomads in the temporary presence of a divine incarnation proved formidable. Each guild then retreated to his homeland to establish a respective analysis of the defeat and think more before their next actions. For some reason unknown to them the Nomads did not pursue the fugitives, but remained in the stone that fell from the sky. The Kotoba found itself in Okia, the little town on the border of the Tomb of the ancestors and the empire of Xzia. Gakyusha, wounded in battle, was resting in Lord Ayao's. The remaining members of the accompanying Kotoba were greeted graciously at the Inn of the Kirin for rest.

This time there was a lot of movement. Residents pushed by curiosity piled in the entrance to listen to conversations about the latest events. Xin had moved away from others at the bottom of the main room. Amaya, Tsuro, Masamune and Sen'Ryaku chatted about the battle. Amaya always wanted to go back recklessly to “kick ass” the Nomads while Masamune and Tsuro agreed on a careful review of the progress of the battle to establish an appropriate strategy. Sen'Ryaku listened to the arguments of each other. She had doubts about the future of this war. The Nomads were able to invoke superior beings, the equivalent of Kami as its in their culture. And what could she do,can she fight against gods? She shared her concern with the others casting a cold atmosphere making it worse.

- It”s not like you have doubts, dear cousin!

The voice was strong enough for everyone to hear. Setting aside the curious, a young woman dressed in white and red loose clothing entered the inn. Her relationship to Sen'Ryaku was obvious.

- Well!? she did not say hello?

Sen'Ryaku jumped into the arms of her cousin. She really was surprised to see her here.

- Jian! What are you doing here? You are very far from my uncle.

Jian Qiao darkens suddenly.

- I”ll tell you everything, but for now, she said, looking first at Tsuro and Masamune, I just introduce myself to the Imperial Lord because I am the new member of Kotoba!

Sen'Ryaku exploded with joy and the two young women exulted openly.

- The Imperial Lord is unavailable at the moment but I am his second you can talk to me, cut Tsuro.

A “Hum Hum” came hoarsely that disrupted the exchange of courtesies.Behind Jian Qiao on the doorstep stood a man dressed as a magistrate, with the sign of the Emperor, the magatama. I an instant Jian Quiao had totally forgotten that person was important to the Imperial Regent.

- Oh, uh, yes! He is the imperial chronicler Sima Qian.

At the name Tsuro, Masamune and Xin, who rose and bowed respectfully.

- I see there are still some people who remember the respect we should show to a Imperial columnist, he said, glaring at Qiao Jian and her cousin. Wait till the Imperial Lord hears of this appalling lack of discipline in the ranks of Kotoba.

- Honorable Sima Qian, who do you owe the honor of your visit? Tsuro asked.

- The Imperial Regent wants the story of members of the Kotoba to be known by the people to restore hope and desire. So I”ll talk to some of you to know your stories.

Kotoba members were a little confused by this news. The two cousins came forward together, volunteering to be interviewed. A little disappointed, Sima Qian agreed.

- Well,since you will do it let's finish it at once …

The proprietor of the establishment commandeered a space so that the writer can be comfortable while waiting for Jian Qiao and Sen'Ryaku. The two women knelt down before the old man and waited patiently as was the tradition that it is for them.

- Suddenly I find them very quiet and respectful of the rules of courtesy. I guess they have been lectured by their superior. You belong to the same family as the long stories have been told me by Jian Qiao, during our journey here.

The man seemed quite frustrated, saying that.

- So I”m listening.

Jian Qiao cleared her throat.

- We were born in the village of Ciam-oi where our family has always lived. Every two days we saw the same night, a full moon. Our fathers and are brothers they too were born the same day and their fathers were and also their brothers. So in remembering the extraordinary destiny of ours that we grew up together. Soon we showed particular faculties in martial arts and weapons handling.

Next to her, Sen'Ryaku commented the words of her cousin by facial expressions, ranging from smiling to laughter through a discrete squinting quizzically. Sima Qian wrote everything but writing real sentences as romanticized.

- Go on, tell me your heroic deeds.

The two cousins were looking for a story to tell and Jian Qiao remembered a particular one.

- Maybe the attack of the bandits of dead dog mountain? Jian Qiao exclaimed to her cousin.

- Yes yes! You tell it so well that story.

The young woman jumped to her feet in order to mimic and support the story.

- It was a summer day, that famous summer when the river flowed near our village dried out because of the heat. Our elders had never experienced such a drought. Crops and livestock were suffering the weakest of us suffered from starvation. Many men had left the village in search of food and water, leaving the old, women and children. That day, the bandits of the mountains of the dead dog decided to come and plunder ... Big mistake on their part!

They were about thirty,of those damn cockroaches, and armed to the teeth! They did not know we were there my cousin and me. They had been warned, walk away or perish. They laughed,and died …

Jian Qiao mimicked a fight scene by doing martial arts poses, fighting against imaginary brigands. Imitating the noise of breaking bone, dodging every shot. Sen'Ryaki got up and did the same.

- We managed to beat down the villains when the ignoble Thang-ye whose reputation in the region made him the worst being that exists on earth,appeared he was furious. It was said that he could kill a man with a single punch and that his breath was that of a dragon.

Sen'ryaku then mimed a horrible guy and jumped on Jian Qiao. A quick fight between two young women took place then Sen'Ryaku feigned defeat, falling to the ground.

- They were no match for us! Thus the terrible brigands Mountains of the dead dog were arrested …

The two girls cheered by smiling at one another.

- Well well, that was exciting. What else? said the columnist.

This time it was Sen'Ryaku who spoke.

- There is that fire in the bonsai forest. You've heard about it?

Sima Qian shook his head while Jian Qiao eyes were sparkling with excitement.

- Yes it was incredible! My cousin and I decided it was time to live our own lives, so we wanted to go to Merag to find fame and fortune. We walked for several days when the sky was veiled in black smoke. Driven by curiosity, we went to see what it was. And it was the forest of bonsai Millennium Mishima burning! Can you imagine the trick? This mystical place was home to rare trees and unique animals! Nearby, there was a village on a river. The people were terrified to see disaster. But we took things in hand. Jian Qiao assured the command closest to the fire and I organized a great relay to turn off this force of nature. And we did it!

Sen'Ryaku and Jian Qiao approached whispering to Sima Qian.

- But we were wrong ... The fire had not appeared by itself, it was caused, not by anyone. But Huo had broken from his prison and had returned to cause the most damage possible.

Jian Qiao took over for her cousin.

- He was looking for enemies, he found them. With our minds we've attracted Huo to the river where we've thrown him in and he was destroyed. Well we went out with many burns, she said, showing her forearms covered with old scars. Sen'Ryaku did the same to prove their “good faith”.

The Imperial Columnist remained silent, pacing his brush at the sheet with flexibility and sensitivity. He had not looked up, focused on writing on the first column. He did not doubt for a second that everything this young women were telling about such such heroic tales. They sat down again, waiting to be asked something else. Sima Qian put his glasses on the small wooden tray in which he wrote and took an amused expression.

- Your stories are charming, full of life and incredible. But what about the case at Azawi?

A statement of the issue the cousin's eyes widened,Azawi was certainly the worst possible humiliation in their eyes.

- If possible we shouldn’t talk about it said Jian Qiao very embarrassed and obviously shy.

- Why wont you talk about it? After all, that mission was a success.

- But the situation was not to our advantage, should we keep that to the people to preserve the good image of the members of Kotoba?

Sen'Ryaku said no more. She remembered very well the mission and where his cousin were sent to extract information from a lord. On this occasion they were forced to dress “like a girls” with makeup, hair and kimono as tradition demanded. Their disguise was compromised when they got the information and a confrontation took place in the gardens of the house of the Lord Azawi, before an audience of guests including the Lord Gakyusha, overseeing the mission. Jian Qiao and Sen'Ryaku had a hard time fighting in their dress and ended up being scantily clad, in front of everyone …

- You are right to pass this story, I have my account with you two. You can leave me now I'm going to finish your story.

The cousins were not long in prayer, happy not to have to tell this story in detail.

- You think he understood what we told him, Jian Qiao said worried.

- In my opinion he has heard other stories were sewn .

- Yeah, anyway, it was fun ...

The Search for Stone Eater


Anryéna, Sevylath and the Thunder King had suddenly disappeared before the astonished eyes of the hail and his companions. It was so sudden that took sometime for them to come to their senses. Ergue examined the soil and structure to see if anything was “abnormal”.

- Ugh! That”s why I don’t like magic! It's too unpredictable! We are fine now. Ergue seemed pretty upset by the situation. He wanted to know who exactly this character was and have a reward after the battle was over.

- Ergue if it happened as well as it should. We will leave here, it's time to go, commanded The Hailwalker after a quick tour of the temple.

Gemineye didnt wait long she was the first to leave the temple after she deemed it in the category “not set foot in here”. It was the first blow to morale of the group. So far the enthusiasm about their mission was probably settled. A few days after the disappearance of Anryéna doubt started to creep in. They roamed the borders without any idea of the right direction, having no idea of what the famous Stone Eater looked like they sought in vain. One day Malyss could not stand it any longer and cracked.

- In fact, Hailwalker you know nothing at all you took us to prevent them from returning you to your prison! You’ve used us!

The dais tilted his head, annoyed by the questioning of the validity of their “quest”.

- Crow, have you forgottenthat the lands of Guem are in danger? The Eltarites ancestral forests are threatened and our only hope is to find the Stone Eater, replied the Hailwalker.

Tension mounted rapidly. Ergue and Gemineye are not diplomats the situation soon became critical. Then a traveler, like them, interrupted the hostilities. A young man approached following the same path as the group. He wore a strange outfit. When he saw the little group he stopped on the roadside not far from them and sat down to eat without paying attention to others. Hail left the group and went to meet the young man who greeted him with a frank smile.

- Sorry to bother you, but were lost.

- Hello dais, I heard your argument.

- You know what I am?

- There are people of your race in the edge. But you don’t know enough this part of the world. How could you since you’re lost?

The boy rummaged in his bag and pulled out a rather thick parchment. He unfolded it carefully it was a crudely drawn map.

- We are here, he said, pointing to a part of the map. There are several paths to various small towns. The closest to us is a few days walk from here. Maybe you should start there? Here, take it think of it as a present.

Hail returned to the other adventurers and told them of the discovery of this map.

- Let's go! Gemineye said delighted that there is a city nearby.

- No! Were going in another direction. The more people that know we're here, we risk having more trouble, said Malyss who was upset.

- Whenever he's from baratine, we don’t know him, said Ergue looking suspiciously.

The Zil grabbed the map and tried to decipher the symbols inscribed on it, without success. All this renewed the debates and disputes again before the incredulous eyes of the young man. In the end no decision was taken they had taken camp for tonight in the bleak atmosphere. Hailed invited the traveler to join them, after all he was alone as much as he enjoys their company as unpleasant as it is at that time. It was an opportunity for the group to try to learn more about the borders.

- Thanks for inviting me to join you, it”s always nicer to share evenings. It's rare to encounter other people on these roads.

The young man cast into the fire a handful of strange nuts before resuming.

- The inhabitants of the land of Guem have no idea what are the boundaries or where they are. But perhaps this does not interest you, I will not clutter any of my stories.

After a while, the heated nuts n the fire rose into the air and landed in front of the boy. He destroyed the shell without difficulty then swallowed the contents. curious, Ergue and Gemineye asked the boy if he had more of these nuts. He gave them some before curling in a blanket.

- What is your name? Hail asked.

- Ciramor, he answered, yawning. Good night “hail”.

- Wait! You had to tell us about the Edge Malyss said cutting in.

- Another time, I'm tired. Take your time and wait.

The Crow groused a few moments and went for a walk, this day was definitely not his. Confused and dissatisfied, Malyss quickly concocted a plan, do not forget were talking about a member of the Raven clan. Ergue also suspicious joined the mage to discuss the meeting.

- Do you think he is hiding something, huh Malyss?

- Yes I think so too. This place makes me nervous and I think this boy is not just a traveler. In any case he seems to know things, does that not indicate that something is wrong?

- You say anything! Gemineye broke off the discussion. You have nothing else to do than to make gossips? He's a traveler, tomorrow he will tell us more but in the meantime he's sleeping, our quest is far from complete.

Malyss and Ergue said nothing further, but dissent within the group grew a little more each time.

The next day, the sun pierced the clouds and its rays hit the crystals scattered over the multitude of the islands in the Confins. While Malysse, Ergue and Geminye were still asleep, the Hailed took advantage of to discuss with their fellow traveler. Having got up very early, the dais used his magical gifts to guess the nature of Ciramor the result was very surprising, He detects in him a very powerful magic.

- You knew we were here am I right?

- Actually, yes, I felt your presence since your arrival in the Edge.

- So who are you? Should we fear something from you?

The young man laughed.

- No, no, actually I travel here and hoped to find others to avoid being alone in these regions.

“He does not say all” he thought, “If words isn’t enough to loosen his tongue, I will take action”. He quickly unsheathed his dagger and warned him. Ciramor rose and moved slowly raising his hands.

- I promise you I mean you no harm! If I was trying to harm you, you would be dead last night.

- You may be looking to kill us, but you want something more.

Ciramor be placed himself as to have the sun in his the back, Hailed was dazzled and the magic of his opponent began to work. Ciramor's clothes changed, a mask appeared on his face. Then a spell that paralyzed his opponent immediately before he has time to react.

- Now that you can not hurt anyone, know that I …

But he was interrupted by Malyss who assaulted without warning. A face-off began. Ciramor tried to explain to the crow that it was only for protection but it did not stop the Crow who summoned all his magic. The duel did not last very long, Malyss dropped his frustration and anger. But Ciramor proved formidable, his magic was not the same as that practiced on the lands of Guem.

His appearance became that of the boy, the mask faded. Then he planted his stick in the ground, then a fluid motion he opened a book that appeared out of nowhere. Malyss took the opportunity to shoot his latest spells and cast the darkest arts of crow. Unfortunately the staff protected the boy and nothing passed through.

Finally, after reading a few lines, the traveler closed his book ending the duel, because at that moment Malyss had no desire to confront Ciramor. Any anger and confusion had flown from his mind. Hail's movements were free again, but he too had lost the will to attack Ciramor. The latter recovered his staff by issuing a sigh of exasperation.

- I'll give you answers. But first, you must know that to find the Stone Eater we will have to be united and form a real team, otherwise you will not succed. Let us sit down to talk, I have some shells of Zyx, you seemed to enjoy them.

After moving around the fire, Ciramor threw some nuts in embers and began his story.

- Formerly, this region was very similar to the place where you came from. But men in the name of a unknown god attacked and war began. It crumbled land, forming huge crevasses, cracks and other flaws. The Edge owe their salvation to one person. You know certainly, it has also contributed to the preservation of land Guem, It was Eredan.

The four travelers land Guem were listening seriously to Ciramor. He did not describe much, but if everything was true then Eredan has not yet revealed all his secrets.

- I see your intentions interrogators, what do you know of Eredan?

- I just know that it is through him that Nehant was defeated, but after that he disappeared without anyone knowing where he went, Ergue explained while dissecting a nut.

- And for good reason, in the wake he responded to a call for help from the people of his land. They could not repel the invaders. Even Eredan was not strong enough to resist this threat alone, so he created a creature able to understand and resist the magic of the invaders, you name it Stone Eater but that time it had another name. In a final battle, the land trembled and exploded into thousands of islets began to float in the air. Eredan, the Stone Eater and people of what became citizens of the borders had won, but at what cost? Struck by a strange affliction, Eredan died, he undertook to pass on his knowledge and the care of Stone Eater some people was chosen.

- You are one of those people? Said the Hailwalker.

- My master, now gone was one of the disciples of Eredan.

- And indeed, what has become of Eredan? Malyss asked.

- We assume he is dead, but we're not sure because although suffering badly he wanted to leave. Nobody knows were he went to.

- It's an incredible story! Well worth the legend of the Titan,something that I can tell the crew.

- Now that you know more, you give me information that I dont know. Why do you seek the Stone Eater?

- To us the Stone Eater is a legend, that creature would be able to eat the most powerful magic crystals. A meteor crashed in Guem since then people from the desert with unknown powers attacked us and defended this stone that fell from the sky. By listening to your story I'm afraid that history will repeat itself.

- Interesting, but in my story there was no meteor.

Ciramor watched the flames, his eyes were vague. Many feelings were intertwined.

- I'll help you find the Stone Eater, but I must warn you, you will need to be welded into the trials that will come to you. Eredan did not leave the Stone Eater accessible to anyone. Your commitment will be tested, the question is: do you think you can live up to the task?



Chapter1 : Dimizar

This story begins long before the stone fell from the sky at the other end of the land of Guem at the foot of the mountains of black Tantad loans. The man walked with a halting step, his tears hitting the ground so heavily his heart was filled with pain. He did not know where he went on several occasions he nearly fell. But nothing could have let go he was carrying the inert body. Grief took over all other emotions and reason.

He walked for hours, lost in places where no one dared venture. At the heart of the night he was almost exhausted he found himself in front of a cove surrounded by fireflies fluttering. He carefully put the woman to whom he was clinging. Now the tears had stopped but his face was distorted by terrible sobs. His hand was covered with scratches he stroked her face and kissed the eyelids of the woman to say goodbye.

- Can you forgive my weakness and inability to find something to stop your suffering at that time? You will remain forever in my heart.

He then grabbed a stone and placed it beside his wife, then a second and so on until a grave was finally completed. It was late and fatigue took the man. He fell asleep, broken forever.

- Dimizaaaar ... Dimizaaar ... It's not your fault! It is the healer who did nothing!

In the dream of the man he was reliving the worst moments in a loop of his short life. The moment is the lack of money for his family, finding himself banished from his community. The face of his wife was once joyful and full of life then it slowly fading as the disease prevailed to loop in his torn mind. He awoke in a sweat. Realizing that this was real he began to cry.

- Be strong Dimizar, it is time for you to look in the future.

Where did that voice come from? There was no one but himself and the grave of his wife. He got stiff somehow and looked around suspiciously. He fell into a partly hidden bush and looked out on a passage in the rock. Normally he would not have ventured in a night in the middle of nowhere. But what had he's got to lose his own life that had no meaning? This cave was probably carved by the hand of man because there were several times the stairs that climbed through the mountains. The man did not see much, but who cares, in a trance he found his way through the maze of dark corridors and wetlands. How much time had passed?

He did not know and did not care anyway because he would never return to that city that had rejected him. A faint light showed him the exit that led into a place that surprised him. Did he dream again? Before him stood a huge gray stone mansion built it was very dark. The building dominated what was to be a great garden but now fallow. And throughout the dark crystal cast a faint glow. The most significant enclave was the landscape around the mansion. Strangely he felt comfortable here, as if this manor was waiting for him.

- Come on, you are at home, whispered the voice again, sounding like an echo in his head.

The interior is shabby. The furniture was covered with a fine black dust and generations of spiders had contributed to the creation of a huge web browsing building. The little creatures fled the man who came to disturb their carefree lives. The stairs creaked, threatening to give way at every step. The style was very different from what he knew, everything was tortured, disproportionate, and black.

The man arrived in an office that was once devastated. Sheets of parchment mingled with the dust. The person who lived there had to be someone extremely rich, judging by the titles of books strewn on the ground: Cristalomancie old Pyrocratie - the era of Queen Ruby and other grimoires.

- The office, Dimizar, go to the office!

Relatively intact, the furniture was covered with cuts, such as scratches. The drawers were scattered across the room. His fingers ran through the bottom of the plate and rested on a latch that activation of a rap. A section of the library at the bottom of the swivel with a thud, opening onto a spiral staircase. The endless passage eventually lead to a large room carved in the rock, lit by strange spherical crystals. Black polished gems came from everywhere on the floor large symbols are engraved. In the midst of this was a person, or rather a corpse now a skeleton. Lying in a fetal position, the skeleton was holding something tightened in his hands. Not curiosity pushed the man approached and saw the object, a black stone engraved with a special symbol that is repeated throughout the mansion and the cave.

- This stone is yours Dimizar, take it!

Yet that voice,this time looked like it came nearby. He listened and took the stone. Immediately the man felt overwhelmed by something, a major power, primary, devastating and furious. Love, compassion, remorse ... All these feelings disappeared. After regaining his senses he realized he would never be the same, but it did not bother him, however, the memory of his misfortune was too far. He looked the part, his eyes rested on a desk on which rested a closed book. He approached it. The blanket was covered with a thick layer of dust that clear of a hand gesture. On the cover page, a fine writing and decidedly Gothic. “Journal of Zejabel” was written in it.

Chapter2:Zejabel and The Mirror

A few days later. Dimizar had read the entire journal. It contained the life of Zejabel, how he had met and followed Néhant, his research on magic and information on the history of land Guem in his time. The final section of the journal fascinated Dimizar. The lieutenant told Nehant the latest events that led to the black end of the war.

“We were so close. The victory was ours and Nehant would become the master of the land of Guem. What happened, how the situation could had gotten bleak? One by one we fell the Néhant lieutenants. We who had led the legions of the Cities of the most powerful civilizations. Then the prophet of doom has spread the word of Dragon and then little by little dogs bite their masters and struggled. They organized themselves and found Eredan and because of him we have lost on all fronts. Amidaraxar, the most powerful of us was locked, and the scourge souls of Xorzar were sent into limbo”.

And later.

“I do not feel the power of Néhant, it does not speak to me anymore and seems to have disappeared. I went to the Manor, one of the only places still free of that cursed the Prophet. I know he's looking for me and he soon find me I can not find a solution to disappear”.

Finally, Dimizar found at the end of the book a letter composed of several layers.

“You are the one through whom all will begin again. If you read this letter is that you have not been destroyed by the spell and protected my journal. Therefore you also have my stone-heart, now your stone-heart”. I spent days and nights so that the Prophet does not find me. The solution came to me through Nehant and what happened to him. Because they are being imprisoned in a rock and then sealed. I followed the path traced and found how to shut my soul, my knowledge and my magic in a stone. You are me and I am you. Today as you read these lines you should feel the impact of this ritual and the changes are numerous. Remains to be seen if you go support my power and if you will not be consumed. It's time for revenge, it is time to reform the ranks and march on to new enemies Néhant. Now it's time for me to leave this mortal coil for a moment of rest. With this letter you will find the location of the mirror I Néhant hidden from all eyes in this manor. There is also my will magic which enables you to become my heir.


Dimizar was troubled with that letter. Of course he had felt the changes that occur in him. He discovered the power and knowledge he did not know before and his way of thinking was not the same. But that did not bother him, however, he saw there was a way to take revenge on those who had rebuffed him, leading his wife to death. He examined the other leaves that turned out to be the magic key. Instinctively he recited the magic incantations, releasing what was previously imprisoned. It was as if the mansion was waking up slowly, as if it had a conscience.

- Come to me now Dimizar.

And again the same voice he was in the room. He went quickly and found a piece of wall had collapsed, revealing a large mirror, decorated with a carved frame. Dimizar approached it and smiled without really knowing why. He saw the reflection of a changed man and marked by the past life. His beard was thrust and he decided he also needed to change his face. Then the reflection gradually changed to make way for a more hideous look,it has the same clothes and same size. But the face was that of a demon, he passed his hand across his cheek to reassure himself, nothing had changed. This image was not his.

- You are Néhant?

- If you name me that then I would be Néhant.

Dimizar bowed in respect.

- I am your obedient servant, command me and i'll obey.

- Well well well, we'll start to make you a real Néhantist.

Chapter3: Prophet

Several months passed and Dimizar got into power. He had his revenge. Experementing his corrupting powers he went to his old village and returned only when all its inhabitants were under his control. Now slave to the will of Dimizar, their new home was the manor of Zejabel. They gave it a new look. Meanwhile the new master of the house spent his time thinking about how to hide the manor in the eyes of Prophet. Because after a short investigation it turned out he was still alive and he represented a significant threat to Dimizar and his henchmen.

Far away, Prophet scrutinized a crystal very carefully. Next to him a book was floating in the air. The head of Noz'Dingard turned from time to time turned the pages slowly. Here are some time that the crystal Osmosis Prophet had established shortly after the war against Néhant detected a strange magical disturbance. Intrigued the son Anryéna spent all his free time to find the cause of it. As the days passed, the disruption intensified, increasingly disturbing him. Finally, news reached him. A village has been totally deserted by its inhabitants.

They disappeared without a trace. The Lord of the land where the event took place found no explanation for this. Yet the Prophet had done this, long ago. The memories were not so far away for someone who, like him, has a longer life than others. Disappearances of people, this was probably a mark of a servant of Néhant. But he wasn’t sure he would have to see it.

Dimizar knew that what he did attracted the eye permanently to that part of the world. But it had properly applied a simple principle: no attempt does one not when his glasses on his nose? He anticipated that his enemies, among them the Prophet he hoped, would be attracted to this region. He then finalize the occultation of the mansion, making it invisible to the uninitiated.

Outside the Prophet undertook the journey, not suspecting that it would be one second so close to what he has long sought. He spent two days to search, review, analyze the streets, houses and other magic signs. But there was nothing, no trace, and it disturbed him even more because it should have found something, even if that magical emanations. But in this case was ... nothingness. A Néhantist has been there, the only certainty was that it was at this time.

He went back to Noz'Dingard, to continue monitoring suspicious magical activities.

Unfortunately for the Prophet,fate has other plans, because the stone would fall from the sky and Dimizar completed the protection of the manor.

Chapter4: The Plan

- Dimizar ... Dimizar.

The voice echoed in the mansion.

- It has began.

The Néhantist went down the stairs with the certainty that changewould disrupt the world. Once in the cave of the mirror radiated light dark red sign of Néhant. Dimizar stood in front of his distorted reflection.

- The stars have announced the change. A stone will arrive, it will fall in a place where all the forces will meet and compete.

Dimizar perceived the opportunity from it.

- The stone does not interest us, but it's ideal for a diversion to put in place a plan of attack. You must take care above all to find a way to eliminate the one who can stop us, the Prophet. For that, go find help of Zil, they have among them people who serve the cause.

- Well, I think will contact these people.

The mirror became inert Dimizar reflecting a full reflection. A plan had already germinated and prospects were very promising. It was time for him to leave the mansion of Zejabel and go to the roads. But before that, he still had something to do: Call the troops.

The first to return to the land of Guem was Soul Chewer, in the cases left by Zejabel there was a lot of objects that originally inspired him do very little. But reading some grimoires he learned the exact nature of the creatures that once made up the army Néhant: demons. With one of the stones in a box, the néhantist was able to bring back this demon. He did not hesitate to try. The slaves ended up turning the many candles placed on the floor of the cave where Dimizar drove them vehemently. He put on the desk where he found the diary a book written in a language he understood without ever having learned it. He read the relevant passage quickly to be sure of what he would say, then he placed the stone in the center of the great symbol of Néhant burned to the ground.

- You in the bowels of the earth, hidden from mortal eyes hear the supplication of the servant of Néhant.

The stone lit up, fusing magic.

- You are the fist yourself suffering, you are the problem.

The stone began to levitate.

- You who screams in the prison hear my voice. You are the devourer of souls I summon. Pierce the barriers that stand in your way.

The magical energy around the stone intensified and began to take a vague humanoid form.

- Soul Chewer take you body go and fill the battlefield again

Now the form had solidified. The devil wore large crystal horns his skin blackened what could be seen inside his body was like a kind of molten lava.

- Is it you Zejabel who calls me?

Dimizar approached with no fear.

- Not exactly, but he considers me as his heir.

- I serve only Zejabel, whippersnapper!

- Ah? I guess I have to show that what I say is true, replied Dimizar calmly surprising for a person in the presence of a demon.

The néhantist felt the stone is clearly visible in the center of the belly of the Soul Chewer. The link that cam out of it went to the Dimizar's stone heart. The link was very low, too much for the devil can feel it. It was necessary to reactivate it, which for him was easy. He took out his rock and concentrated on the link. The demon screamed when he realized he was not kidding. All this took place quickly, the demon did not have time to react: he was now bound.

- Well, now that all misunderstanding is cleared up between us, I can move on.

A few days later, the prison of the great city of Archopolis the most eastern cities of Tantad, Dimizar stood before a thick wooden door behind which a creature waiting to be executed cleanly and simply for the harms she done. The néhantist did not hurt the weak minds that his crossed the path. The jailer opened the door now a puppet with its keyring.

- Give me the keys and leave the guard at the door, if someone asks anything, you will find an excuse.

Speak louder.

- I'll talk to you. I do not want you any harm if you try anything that will be at your expense.

On this he opened the door and slipped inside. The creature was in fact a woman, but in appearance it seemed clear that she would be hunted all her life. Her golden eyes glowed in the dark, her skin was black like darkness and ending her fingers wre short claws. She looked Dimizar tears in her eyes whith trembling hands.

- Mercy ... I have done nothing sir ... I did not mean to, I promise.

Dimizar laughed.

- You are a good actress, but I know what you are, your feelings, your personality. I need someone like you. I promise you that your talents will be very useful and that you will not regret it.

The young woman stopped her moans, her attitude changed completely.

- As long as I get out of here, whether to kill, steal or hurt someone, I'm in.

- Fine. What's your name?

- I’m Anagram.

- A fake name I guess.

- Obviously, what will you do?

- Perfect, just perfect. Let us go, we have things to do.

The next day, not far from Archopolis in a clearing of a forest having experienced the horrors of multiple fires, Anagram and Dimizar met those who would be the downfall of the Prophet. They met near a trailer painted in purple and black. Two eccentric girls with clothes and black skin arguing with a man wearing a metal mask. Approaching Dimizar and Anagram they stopped talking watching anxiously for the new arrivals.

- Have you verified that you have not been followed, began Dimizar without even greeting them.

Iron Mask bowed to signify his respect.

- Master, thank you for giving us the interest. Rest assured no one knows we're here, we can speak without fear.

- Perfect. I heard about your talents as an orator Iron Mask, I'm going to need you for a very special mission. But we'll about that talk later.

- Will you teach me what you know?

- I will, but prove first that you can be worthy of this honor, Dimizar retorted with some hint of irritation.

Anagram was staring at the two young women, their resemblance was very disturbing. Selene and Silene were delighted to meet her they were jealous of Anagram. For although all three are physically close there was a big difference between them. The Sisters of Zil were shadow Guemelite and Anagram was a nehant Guemelite in itself was very close, but the difference was very important to the sisters.

- Both of you ladies, I have an important mission for you. I'd like you to get together as much Zil as discreetly. When this is done will tell me, then I would go with you. Do this and you will be rewarded at the fair value of your task. I think I know what you want and I can already tell you that it is possible.

The two young women were very happy and filled with joy.

- I hope you realize that what will happen it is very important to me that you succed. Failure will not be allowed, neither for you nor for me, it is clear to everyone. The future holds two fates: death or victory. Now I have to talk alone with the Iron Mask, leave us then, he told Silene, Selene and Anagram who took the opportunity to speak to each other.

Left alone with Dimizar, iron mask removed the mask which concealed his face.

- I understand why you wear it. One day you will not have to hide it, but until then we have both a lot of work. Our enemies are numerous and I can not take care of them all, we have to act everywhere.

- What do you want me to do exactly?

- First I want to be aware of what is happening politically right now. I want to know what the Emperor eats or what he discussed with his advisers, I know the plans of draconian.

- This will be done.

Iron Mask hesitated and then resumed.

- Are you putting together an army that will crush these cockroaches?

- Things are ongoing but I prefer to keep a low profile at this time and place the pieces where I have to. But our ranks are rapidly growing, especially among those who do not suspect anything. Give me your stone-heart.

The Iron Mask presented him with concern.

- Do not worry, I need you to have all your will. I will mark your stone, it will bind us to a certain level. I know where you are and we can talk to each other. If he ever had something happen to one of us, the link will disappear.

Dimizar's hand holding the stone in the Iron Mask was illuminated and then took a darker shade. The young néhantist did not lose a bit of magic in this operation.

- Now it's time to put the plan into action.

Chapter5: The Death of Ishaia

Councillor Vérac was exhausted. The day's session was very lively and complicated. Intense events of the recent months was too much work for the Council. Fortunately, the castle was surrounded by Kaes sumptuous gardens which is relaxing.The Councilor breathed a breath of fresh air by walking through the labyrinths of flowers and trimmed bushes. The pressure came down slowly, he put some order into his thoughts when he stumbled over something, or rather someone.

- What?

A lifeless body was lying on the ground, he immediately recognized it: Councilor Ishaia

- Thin!

He bent quickly to take the pulse of the young woman. He felt her wrist and throat. Nothing but blood all over and around her.

- Guard!! guard! He yelled.

His hands were shaking ... Councillor Ishaia was no more.

Two months before, Iron Mask was in the orphanage of the lost child, one of the few to raise abandoned children and other orphans. He had been informed that he was going there to do things the school management had asked for help to the Council as it affects him directly. Dimizar had therefore made sure that the case is quickly stifled because they both had felt the intervention of a strong black magic. He warned the orphanage so that someone sent by the Council would soon come.

The orphanage itself was quite ordinary, a hamlet of five buildings old enough and sheltered behind the crumbling walls. Iron Mask was received as if he were the savior and the sight of their faces was a serious matter.

- Sir, thank you for your support!

The lady looks like she haven’t slept for several days.

- Do not thank me, the Council is always at your service, we are funding in part the operation of your business so we care what is happening to it.

- Thank you, thank you !

- So what happened here?

- Children have disappeared …

Iron Mask cut.

- That’s awful! He says with a tone of feigned concern but very realistic.

- That's not all, as our chef is gone and we found some strange symbols in his room.

The discussion continued until the so called-room was investigated. The ground symbol spiral surrounded by lines had been drawn with a piece of coal. “That's right” thought the Iron Mask.

- Look, this magic brand has removed our chef!

“I must get rid of it”

- Now I'm going to investigate, I must have access to all parts and the cooperation of all. I think your people must need support.

- Of course, I'll take care of it.

“It's moving” Once the Iron Mask only he looked better at the of brand Néhant. A slight magic came again. “It's starting to disappear!” Neither one nor two spells he used revealed anything, a lot of Néhant that allowed him to see the links between a magical incantation and his fate. So he would find the culprit quickly. The wire was thin but Néhantist specialized in this kind of magic. Iron Mask followed the trail and found himself later in the basement of the main building. Behind a pile of empty boxes, the cook was lying on the ground, lifeless. “I understand why the link dwindled so fast.”

By focusing on the body he spotted another link disappearing. “I better hurry!”He went the other way while walking quickly to avoid attracting attention. He crossed the courtyard and entered the wing reserved for hotel staff. He came very close to losing the link. He entered a room politely. There was no one in this small room. There was a strong smell of burnt parchment like a perfume of black magic. He closed the door without the crack and began a search of business inside. There was a simple black dresses, some books that Iron Mask read.

“My dear apprentice ... blablablabla ... signed Advisor Edrianne.”

He read the letters and had understood the situation. Obviously this woman was sent there to control the finances of the orphanage and assist the Director in his duties. It also fell on the ashes packed into a small box. He rubbed the inside of the object and discovered several symbols engraved Néhant discreetly. “Big fish”. He put everything in place and decided to take action that evening. In the meantime he had to make up a story about the cause of the cook's death and find the children. All that remains is too explain the brand Néhant in the room of the deceased. But he also had a plan. The night fell quickly things had progressed in the right direction.

The cook had been found and to had perished in a tragic accident while cooking, Iron Mask sifted all present and was surprised to see who was the young apprentice Councillor Edrianne, a frail young woman, very shy. “She hides her game.” Meanwhile he had contacted Dimizar the latter had specifically requested to bring the “guilty” to the manor of Zejabel. The next day.

The little orphans slept with the conviction to be safe in the presence of one member and an investigator of the Council, if they knew the truth, they would be running away with now. Iron Mask presented himself at the door of the “guilty” and knocked.

- Yes? Replied a very low voice. Come in.

The Néhantist entered, and once inside he plunged his eyes in those of the young woman. Both did not move as paralyzed by a magical mutual consideration. Iron Mask fell against a black soul, burning for a destructive fire. He could not hold it any longer, there was too much suffering in it. He knew to what to do.

- You ...You're a …

- Shh! She interrupted. Shut up!

Her attitude was not that of a frail lady, however her appearance soon changed to reveal a more generous form and a face the fearsome beauty.

- A Néhantist! Just my luck, can we do business without being disturbed?

- You should really thank me, if my master and I were not able to find you, you would be in real trouble. But I think, how did you get here?

- I do not care a bit about your master, I was released without further delay.

- Oh you think I'll let you leave here? You Gour. Tell me where are the kids, I hope you do not have them do anything stupid.

- Oh no, they are so hateful, they think only of themselves, a real delight.

- You said it yourself I serve the one you serve, it would be easy for you to just submit! He said, the amount of votes.

The young woman began to breathe rapidly, clenching her fists.

- Okay, I am,she said her jaws clenching.

The next day everything returned to normal. The children were found and “washed” of any negative memories. Officially the game away from the orphanage did do not manage to find their way back.Wasting no time the two servants went to the Manoir of Néhant Dimizar expected thrm both curious and excited with this wonderful find. The young woman who called himself Hate was a fascinating subject of study for both néhantist's. The demon had taken advantage of a pact with a young woman who could not integrate into society to be embodied in it, because the contracts are what they are, always to the detriment of the person who signs it . Hate had responded positively and had obtained the young woman a job rather well placed as an apprentice to an adviser. The consideration was originally memory lapses, and serious absence of a complete disappearance of the young woman the benefited the demon. Dimizar knew that very well that he played his part and that a few demons themselves are out of their prison.

A few days later Dimizar concocted new plan that would shake the world and allow néhantist's to slowly but surely the control of a body at least as important as the nations: the Council of guilds. Iron Mask and their new recruit was invited to a small meeting “work”. The room had been arranged since he had rediscovered some time ago and now it had become an immense chaos combining laboratory and a library. Hate and Iron Mask found Dimizar before the large mirror.

- My lord, this will be done according to your wishes. Do you have other recommendations on this plan?

He scored a pose as if listening to something and continued the discussion.

- I would say about a week. For the rest I think they will elect a replacement soon, but until then some members will now be under my control.

Dimizar turned to the Iron Mask and Hate with a smile that showed his joy.

- We will strike and strike hard! The Council governs the life of the guilds, these guilds that led to the imprisonment of Néhant. We must take control of the Council and why you are the two people who will be the architect of its downfall. Iron Mask, you who observed the diplomats at the Ball in Kastel Draken thou hast well said you spotted a person expressing jealousy on Councilor Ishaia?

- Yes Master, that is Angelica, she likes Marlok and hates Councilor Ishaia.

- Hate ... I would re-emerge,i will take control of her being, Hate said impatiently.

- Do you understand my plan, but I'll tell you how it will happen. Iron Mask, you will become the confidant of Angelica and grow her hate even more to Ishaia, whether absolute confidence to you. That all this happens outside the Draconis to escape the surveillance of Dragon.

Hate looked on, she understood the plan Dimizar.

- I will dictate the contract Hate. Once signed it will allow you to take the exact appearance of Angelica, nobody will be able to see the difference between the original and you.

- But master, why not let Ishaia be killed by Angelica herself?

- Good question. Ishaia is protected by spells which Angelica will not be able to divert. But compared to demons,like you Hate, the Advisor is nothing but a small and defenseless girl!

Dimizar turned to the mirror.

- Ishaia once out of the way will be open for the establishment of a new councilor, we will elect an apprentice who has always done his job and allowed the resolution of several cases in an orphanage. The vote will by then because some Council members will feel compelled. Here, we must see all this in detail but the broad outlines are there.

The plan néhantist had taken place without any hitch. Angelica and Ishaia were walking side by side in the gardens of the castle of the Council. They had discussed this and that after an exchange of courtesies.

- Angelica, what is the matter so urgent and so secret? I hope that you'll want more of this reconciliation to Marlok your friend.

- No, dont worry, what I want to talk is of the utmost importance, I would say it's major. You are better able to solve the problem.

- Well, if I can be of service.

Now they were in the desired location, far enough away to escape the eyes and no one would hear her scream if ever this happens. Everything happened very quickly. The false Angelica had hidden behind a range bewitched by a thin dagger which Dimizar gave. The two women were facing when Hate appealed to her authority. The dagger spun quickly and passed between both sides of the Advisor to the heart. Angelica withdrew the blade and Ishaia collapsed, falling to her knees, before her killer.

- Compliments of Dimizar.

Ishaia tried to say a few words while that she looked at Angelica who turned to leave. Hate put a finger on her mouth.

- Chuuuttt, it's over.

The demon then dropped a piece of blue cloth that Councilor caught before sinking towards death.

Thus Councilor Ishaia fell.

Last Hope


A tremor shook the village. Far away, an ice peak suddenly shattered and toppled down, like a house of cards. This wasn’t the first instance of such a tremor; they were occurring with more and more frequency. Amethyst Glacier was slowly dying. In the largest village of the Ice Elves, who inhabit this part of the world, the situation was quite serious, and all the villagers had gathered in the central square. Women were crying, and the men worriedly questioned their prophetess, Yilith.

“What will become of us?” Asked a man who seemed to be one of the hunters.

“Yes, Prophetess! Ice is melting and breaking! What will remain of our village and the glacier!?” Exclaimed one of the elves who stood a head taller than the others.

At that moment, another tremor was felt, and the village’s sacred sculpture cracked into pieces. This statue had been sculpted in the image of a tortured creature held by a chain of amethyst, tied together.

Yilith felt great sadness as her community screamed in despair.

“I…I have to see Nibelle.”

“Are you sure? Nibelle told us never to go see her.”

“My vision of the truth begins to darken. I must make it clear.”

The Ice Elves stood stunned by Yilith’s words. This darkness foretold the end of Amethyst Glacier and their existence. Anxiety overwhelmed them. Yilith ceased answering questions and hurried away. There wasn't much time.

Yilith walked nonstop for two days, led by a driving desire to fulfill her purpose. The glaciers were becoming more and more unstable, and Yilith barely escaped death on numerous occasions. Suddenly, a blizzard descended upon her like a cat upon a mouse. Fortunately, Ice Elves are impervious to the cold, and Yilith found herself hampered only by snowflakes in her eyes and the wind slowing her pace.

Relentlessly, she continued onward to the home of the old Ice Elf, Nibelle. Yilith had learned everything she knew about divination and spiritual communication from Nibelle. After many years, Nibelle had simply vanished with nothing but a letter addressed to Yilith. The message inside consisted of only a few words: “It is time for me to leave my position to my apprentice. I am leaving to go to the Soul Breach. I forbid you to approach this damned place.” Everyone had heeded her command… until today.

Yilith finally reached her destination, but she almost didn’t recognize the place she had seen so many years before. The Breach had transformed into a gaping hole resembling a giant wound. The Prophetess called upon her powers to determine the best way down. She felt a divine power at work, a power which felt like a familiar presence. Nibelle was here, somewhere below. Possibly in a dangerous situation. In this place, the ice was solid and mixed with amethyst crystals. Yilith could not avoid being cut by these sharp edges, but this was not a problem for her healing powers. When she eventually reached the bottom of the Breach, she saw a path that had been dug out of the ice. Her decision to go inside was quickly settled by another tremor, which sent shards of ice and amethyst crashing down on her from above, almost crushing her.

Yilith lit an oil lamp and proceeded with caution. The path led to stairs dug into the ice, and from here, Yilith could hear someone speaking. Yilith recognized the voice of the one she was seeking. Without hesitation, she bounded up the stairs, taking them two at a time in her hurry. She found herself in a half-spherical room. There, an old Ice Elf knelt, praying in front of a gigantic black door. Six gems of various shapes and colors protruded from the surface of the door. One of these gems, which appeared to have started out red, had stopped shining colorfully and had split open. Yilith avoided this, and approached her fellow Ice Elf with caution.

"Don’t come any further, my child. Sit down. We must talk." The old Ice Elf did not move, and her lips remained closed. She was communicating telepathically.

“What is happening, Nibelle? Why is the ice melting?” asked Yilith quickly.

“The unthinkable, Yilith. The unthinkable is happening. I won’t have all the answers for your questions, but I will enlighten you about this place. A little more than an Ice Elf’s life ago, the world was struck by sinister events: a total war against Nehant and his followers. They ravaged entire lands before they were stopped by Eredan and his heroes. Behind this locked door is Amidaraxar, the most powerful of Nehant’s lieutenants. He slumbers here under my surveillance since times long past.”

“I knew the story about Nehant, but I was unaware of what was contained within the Glacier’s depths!”

“I have thus far contained his energy with amethyst and ice, but an odd phenomenon is occurring. The ice is now melting, and I am having trouble maintaining the prison. Amidaraxar wakes little by little. I have already lost one of the stones that locks the door.”

“What can I do? Can I help you channel energy?”

“I am already draining all the energy I have. I believe we will need to find external help. Go to other nations and seek aid; explain what’s happening here. Be quick! We have no time to lose!”

“I will send you Kyrjas. They will help lighten your burden.”

Yilith did as she was asked. After a short stop at her village to explain the situation, she gathered her things and hit the road. She had never before crossed the Glass Tooth, which served as the border between the Glacier, territory of the Elves, and the large cold and barren lands where nomadic humans roam. How great was her surprise when she reached the border! The snow was melting, and icebergs floated between the mainland and the Glacier. The Glass Tooth, which was actually huge quartz crystals, protruded from the water.

Yilith knew that one tribe lived not far from this location, and she began to head in that direction with this terrible disaster in mind. But the village was steaming and hissing. The chief explained to Yilith that this region had become too dangerous, and many of the villagers had already died while hunting. They now planned on leaving and joining with another village only a day’s walk away. The Prophetess blessed them for a safe journey, and the villagers offered Yilith a boat to help her in her travels. With this, Yilith left for the continent to search for providential help.

Unfortunately, everyone Yilith encountered did not have enough knowledge to properly answer her inquiries. She crossed the Xzia Empire, and her instincts led her to the Yafujima Temple. She was welcomed by a monk named Toran, who gave her a lead to follow.

“Months ago, a stone fell from the sky a few days away from here. Since that time, the world has begun going crazy. Guilds are fighting each other to take possession of it, and old bitterness has resurfaced. That stone appears to have powers which are unknown to us. Perhaps the troubles which you have witnessed have been caused by the insidious workings of the stone.”

“This information is invaluable. I will take a look at the stone and evaluate it myself.”

“Good luck, and may the Kami's keep you safe.”

“I do not know these ‘Kami's’, but I thank you,” said Yilith as she left.

She followed Toran’s instructions and crossed the few miles which separated her from Okia, and later the Tomb of the Ancestors. She began to feel over the past few miles the presence of something or someone. She heard words, whispering, like a sweet song. The closer she got to her destination, the clearer the song became.

She saw the stone that fell from the sky, huge and majestic. Many camps were settled all around her, and there appeared to be some agitation among them. She continued to approach the stone as those who passed her stopped to stare at her incredible body. Without even being aware of it, attracted like a fly to honey, Yilith crossed the barrier surrounding the stone which no one else had managed to cross and put her hand upon it.

She felt her soul get pulled from her body and into the stone. She floated in a space with no floor or sky; all was completely luminous. A shape materialized before her. It was like that of an Ice Elf, but its hair and eyes were all white.

“I took this form so that you would not be afraid of me.”

“I was not afraid. What are you?”

“I am Guem’s Plague, sent to plunge this world into darkness.”

“Is it your fault that the Amethyst Glacier is melting?”

“Perhaps, but that is of no importance.”

“It is important for me! My people are suffering because of it!”

“Your suffering shall not last. It shall be replaced by your obliteration.”

“Do you truly believe that we will allow you to do this?”

“Do you believe that you can resist? You are nothing! Those for whom

I was waiting are here at last. Soon I shall be released and will ravage this world, until nothing remains.”

“Let me out of here!”

“I cannot. You shall be my first victim.”

The light around her grew brighter, and Yilith felt a violent aggression. Something incredibly powerful was trying to destroy her. She began to struggle, and it felt as if a fire was burning inside of her. The Prophetess did her best to resist. She remembered Nibelle’s teachings and concentrated on escaping this place. She was suddenly expelled from the stone as she heard the words,

“Nooooo! You shall not escape my wrath! I….”

She opened her eyes, breathless and covered in sweat. She stumbled back, swayed, then fell to her knees.

The world was in grave danger. If no one was able to stop the Guem Plague, it would be the end…