De Eredan.


List of Cards

Event Cards

85a65c0ec77279709b76aceafd70de86.png Act 1 : Fallen from the Sky 481c1fea8553e7cbb61cfcafbe32bc8f.png Act 2 : Crystal Song
7d1b24d9b67e98936ec602e234dd43d7.png Act 3 : Ignite 21ad945cb88bbc1af19fe2cb471f1171.png Act 4 : Of Fire and Blood
893342332c6a5d5f3d3e1f387c971d42.png Act 5 : War of Sol'Ra 49ff5a3d47bf338adc3a84c40fccc33f.png Act 6 : A Broken World
d26577245a76b33ff6727d4b4edd97ec.png Act 7 : The Gates to Infinity

Epic Cards


Abyssien LBAZFnG5.png VKv8DwEQ.png O8u20HfS.png
Cristocat MnqUuRVI.png 9wTjgMO7.png 8twMgdqR.png
Erevent WFgKNdI1.png NJaOYSvI.png 9afwrT7p.png
Helena zUPYC8ob.png scombjYW.png coBriEoX.png
Kriss 4tM9Qq5o.png ZgQD4yOK.png p7J0hRBn.png
Kyoshiro N3JKXyxJ.png bvMSsIrh.png x54UJuLe.png
Lucyan FsMBBvtz.png bY2dlFml.png P4MPlM8K.png m0j4ByHd.png
StoneEater HlZITJeP.png bjr4GIRy.png d7Gi0pxf.png
Okooni 8byECPDI.png Kr6xiWHl.png 9EiyrHW4.png
Quilingo lmzgqdbv.png KMP8ZP8i.png Ra4YUcUJ.png
Shana c70gpdIF.png ryEq2gvn.png EYdh7N0m.png

Other Cards

Special Series


Ateb mNQRLxjD.png tLU07z91.png WBtGXCTr.png
Artaban FsT2vmxX.png f15vEOf6.png lsNtUtsT.png FeQSUZnZ.png
Dhan BuQxYlzK.png 7uyeBKyl.png
Elhoradana 8iMIIfzF.png HMxMqUpf.png IBcl3ifu.png
Elysia vf9a8DEy.png uVNi70yY.png l8MiDEcD.png
Malandrin iNx6zEmB.png Qv5ZRBGc.png HyJulJec.png
Scragh 6HkSiyvG.png xH6aW15E.png
Shûlong Ex09IdQ8.png ujHD6cW7.png vUev4bs3.png
Valentyne 9ntnBEZv.png


kSONfkJv.png xeKizxHW.png ks2AYGzW.png zumjT24V.png
1 year already ! Surprise test Meet with the staff members One and two!

Collector's Edition

The collector's edition are cards that were available for a limited time when purchasing boosters/special packs. They are identical in their effects to conventional cards.

9PxA8l9y.png mEOnfHDK.png dAXRCew9.png i2zwMRX2.png
Anathematize Assassination Strike the iron Smash the spirit
0LlJVWNZ.png oELxt8Dg.png ovUQ11IY.png IRw03DQl.png
Ceremonial Blackmail Freeze The rain dance
u2mJZPJZ.png A91KANJ5.png dAOuzxRz.png Lenvwmjt.png
Root Team Spirit Let my guns talk! Nehantists's Inspiration
68ybwcWu.png ugO7pRPQ.png YlYOHmn6.png bxJj44IH.png
Play with feelings Lux Draconis Mentalism Obesity
wziBWs1v.png Yt0sVi3z.png aYigpVDs.png NNckixEJ.png
Hit the road Perversion Tranquility Supplying
JvBKfnod.png Yot2C8c9.png
Triumph Overwhelming Victory


ff1e6f4a7e59c82f2837bc16b2854306.png Aventure Mode Cards

Eredan's World

Guild Factions

c110c36a81557aa66fc777345f149969.png Sap Hearts ab53ea879665aa998ffff246d8a25ba5.png Zil Warriors
6d67edf96a5395213ce3734526c04f0f.png Noz'Dingard Envoys 462fe73b74a8f01f54fdd33eaba323b7.png Kotobas
57a941ada9c0991d04945d7d221f75c1.png Runic Legions a97d336f6ad4cbee527ff1fe9f5bb4ec.png Stone Linkers
fe7aa75fa9f3031c09aa1849b915deb4.png Nehantists 25fd5740bc64712b8353b56cd6a65bda.png Desert Nomads
18b157d54ea51490d87fa5289dd43c38.png Pirates db0b06c586298efe1c579a8e7ab5febc.png Mercenaries: Non-affiliated faction
multi_guilde.png Courtesans : Multi-Guild Non-affiliated cards


c110c36a81557aa66fc777345f149969.png World Tree 57a941ada9c0991d04945d7d221f75c1.png Archon db0b06c586298efe1c579a8e7ab5febc.png Avalonian
462fe73b74a8f01f54fdd33eaba323b7.png Demon Hunter 6d67edf96a5395213ce3734526c04f0f.png Dragon Knight ab53ea879665aa998ffff246d8a25ba5.png Circus
6d67edf96a5395213ce3734526c04f0f.png Compendium 462fe73b74a8f01f54fdd33eaba323b7.png Crow multi_guilde.png Courtisan
25fd5740bc64712b8353b56cd6a65bda.png Eclipse 25fd5740bc64712b8353b56cd6a65bda.png Temple Guardian 25fd5740bc64712b8353b56cd6a65bda.png Immortal
18b157d54ea51490d87fa5289dd43c38.png Mechanist ab53ea879665aa998ffff246d8a25ba5.png The Pack fe7aa75fa9f3031c09aa1849b915deb4.png Necromancian
6d67edf96a5395213ce3734526c04f0f.png Witchblade db0b06c586298efe1c579a8e7ab5febc.png Tempus 462fe73b74a8f01f54fdd33eaba323b7.png Trackers
462fe73b74a8f01f54fdd33eaba323b7.png Tsoutaï


2725070774ffdc6ecce88bf718a201f4.png Craftsman 2dd0835cc885e1fcba61234813339d0d.png Berserker
d29065540f9987c359e6447c7027ead0.png Warrior 3dcf24998808c09c06cffe4b0e8d4598.png Mage
af0fe07aff1f68bedbccfa1747e27521.png Marauder effa47fc496aa429e1659d86cf013a32.png Priest
492c246bbfb23cbffb210c943b57b636.png Unknown multi_classe.png Multi-class


bc76cea60a2b788a609071bdd2e90108.png Beast 483c073b7343e496eaa25fba082f71d6.png Daïs 38756aa33295294c290508b39d0ff7f2.png Demon
9278d654a93371f8ce51d69d5d2403b5.png Ice Elf 4b00fff59335948b8c6d8fdcad810801.png Elfine e547a92251e2cae83e3a471fbbc17aad.png Golem
913a4a78fc412e2f7109ca8a0cb2afc8.png Guemelite 152855ae321d645b01f9abbabb560032.png Hom'chaï b8fd7156eb2accbe248edb830e51a31a.png Human
0da168c6ff621b0692cd508c06ad0d95.png Undead 823d4e6b6bcbe3faaded772e983aad99.png Solarian 39440e8aafd7141e552e7e749b6f9434.png Unknown Race
multi_race.png Multi-Race

Pre-constructed Decks

Each of the decks listed below can only be obtained once.

Tutorial Deck

This deck is accessible once the tutorial (new version with Amnezy presenting the game instead of Abyssien) is completed.

Subcription Deck

This deck is available for subscription in the first week free trial.

Crystal Purchasable Decks

These decks can be purchased at the store at a price of 1200 crystals each (for the first 3) and then 10000 crystals each thereafter.

Old decks: These decks were those available at the start of play until 16 August 2012.

New decks: These decks were those available from 16 August 2012.

Fee'z Purchasable Decks

Following prebuilt decks can be purchased at the store at a price of 999 Fee'z.

Card Rarity Symbols

For explanation of the card rarity symbol, please see the FAQ.

Non-Playable Cards

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