De Eredan.


Eredan-GT takes place in a faraway land named Yses, a full civil war has exploded following the assassination of King Gaumatta. "GT" is completely part of the Eredan universe, which takes place approximately at the same time as ITCG. However, the game experiences are totally different. ITCG is an online trading card game, GT is an adventure game where the player must level his character to defeat tough players and confront terrible monsters. Eredan-GT is based on two concepts: the war between nations, and the customization of your character.

You play a young rookie. Your aim is to attempt to discover the secret behind the assassination of the King. You will have to progress and prove to everyone you are a true warrior but also bring glory to your country. The character will adapt to your play style, thanks to numerous choice of weapons, equipment and techniques.

Do you wish to spread terror and fear into the hearts of others? It's possible.

Or a mage who uses only his mental strength to overcome terrible foes? It's possible.

Or a warrior that is so fast that the opponent won't have time to act or touch you? It's possible.

Or a masochist who sacrifices some of his health points to achieve inordinate powers? It is possible!

You now understand! Your style can vary, offensive or defensive, cowardly or risky, the choice is yours. You are also not forced to keep pace with the mission, since several game modes are available to you. (PvP, Arena, Illegal Betting , hunting, etc. ..).

But what makes Eredan-GT unique is its PVP concept. Nation vs Nation.

Choose your guild carefully at the start:

- Mercenaries, versatile.

- The Kotoba, specialists of strength.

- The Noz'Dingard, avid magic users.

- The Zil, speed and agility.

Once you have selected your nation, your every action (PVE, PVP, mission success) and that of your comrades will be added to your country meter. At the end of each Battle, your country (if it wins) will earn bonuses, weapons, exclusive quests and money and will influence the main storyline!

Finally, Eredan-GT has:

- 4 playable races

- 6 game modes

- 100 weapons and equipement sets, 50 quests and 40 techniques.

- And a lot more suprises!

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