De Eredan.

A "curious" story

Today I will tell you a curious story . So how curious it is the place where this story begins , that is, a thick, white and deep fog. But a curious story can not be defined without such a character, yes , a character also curious . A cat, a beautiful black cat, black as night .

Maybe it was the immensity of the moon, the stars have been twinkling in the night that instilled in the very curious animal that curious desire to climb that tree. From that tree it could see everything , the mountains undulating horizon , the home of sweet little old Jorus , a very weird man, that always gave him to eat at sunset . And several tombstones in the cemetery where he was, everything seemed to draw itself almost before his eyes .

The fact is that it was a single leaf , which was determined to remain undeterred clinging to the branch of the tree on which he was the black cat , directly from the giant moon slowly falling to the ground, revealed the curious part of this curious story. The bodies of those two guys lying on the ground , red, so red on their faces , and something on the boy's shoulder , a knife.

Watching from above , the cat thought: " The grass must be really cool , you have to be really good there on the ground". a detail that though, in the distance , Almaria, that was wandering among the graves evidently did not catch.

But who had called the crowd that, shortly after, came ?

The cat looked at once the home of the sweet old man at sunset always gave him to eat and thought it could not be him , since he was always locked up at home , until sunset , to work on some curious inventions. But after all, was the only one who could have done it : "There are dead people in my graveyard !".

This statement might seem a bit weird but soon unleashed havoc and stir throughout the country. Do not spend even 10 minutes from the fall of the leaf, that our curious story turned into a crime scene.

On a night so beautiful , the crowds flocked to see the bodies of the two boys lying on the cool grass . The thought of the people was rampant , expanded and fed on fear ... Fear that would soon dissolve into a big laugh .

Because those two guys were not dead. Carefree , silent and looking upward, Izandra and Chantelain , with their curious Halloween costumes , were enjoying the sky , enjoying the atmosphere together, gloomy, grim and sublime than the night of November 31th, in the graveyard , on the fresh grass.

The moon was really pretty great , immense , even the cat had noticed him .

Stupid all those who, instead , were not enjoying that beautiful view.

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