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"Clans FAQ"


What is a Clan in Eredan iTCG?

A Clan is a group of players willing to play together and help each other. Inside a clan you’ll be able to discuss with your friends and achieve new clan trophies to unlock group bonuses!

How to seek and join a clan?

You can see the complete clan list by clicking on the “Clan” button, then on the “Clan ranking” tab. In this window you can search for clans that are recruiting at this time. By clicking on a clan name you will open its public page where you can read its biography and contact its governor.

How to form a clan?

If you prefer to form your own clan, you can do so by clicking on the “information” tab of the clan window and by filling the form. You have to be at least level 8 and pay 3000cx to form a clan. The name and tag you will choose cannot be modified later on. You can invite up to 5 players to form your clan, you cannot invite a player that is already in another clan. Your clan will be created as soon as one player accepts your invitation. Once your clan is formed, you are automatically promoted to Governor (the higher rank). The other founding members will be promoted to Champions.

What is a clan tag ?

The clan tag is an abbreviation of its name, it’s sometimes displayed ahead of the players nickname in order to quickly see to which clan they belong. It’s better to pick up a tag that is close to you clan name.

How to increase the number of rooms in my clan ?

A new clan can accept up to 20 members. It is possible to buy upgrades in the clan shop to increase this number.

How to level-up a clan?

Each time a clan member earns some experience points by playing games, his clan earns also experience points. Clan trophies allow the members to level-up the clan faster. Each clan level unlocks ameliorations at the store. The max level of a clan is 20.

What are the grades?

There are 4 different grades: Governor, Champion, Adventurer, Novice. According to your grade you have different rights within the clan. You can organize your clan by giving high rights to trustworthy members to help you manage your clan. The Governor can write the biography of the clan, open or close the recruitment, organize the trophies' shelf and he also has all the rights of the other grades. The Champions can promote, demote or exclude inferior grade members, and invite new members. They can buy Upgrades for their clan at the store. They can write the message of the day, post messages in the clan wall and delete those of the inferior grades if necessary. They can discuss in the clan chat. The Adventurers can write messages in the clan wall and discuss in the clan chat. The Novices car discuss in the clan chat, and hope that they will quickly be promoted!

What is the clan wall?

It allows you to see the news of the clan and what happened when you were offline. It displays among others the trophies obtained by the clan, the important trophies obtained by each member, the level-ups, the changes in the member list, the Upgrades bought.

How to promote, demote or exclude a member?

You just have to go to the profile of the concerned player (by clicking on his/her nickname), a list allows you to choose his/her new grade. Only the Governor and the Champions can use this feature, and only for lower grade members.

How do the clan trophies work?

Exactly the same way as the player trophies, but you have to gang up to complete them! The rewards of these trophies are awarded to the clan, and not to the players. The Governor can choose 5 trophies he want to promote among those completed by the clan and place them on the shelf. These 5 trophies can be seen by everyone on the public page of the clan.

What are the clan Crystals?

The clan Crystals allows the clan to buy Upgrades for the clan and its members. You can see the list of the Upgrades available by clicking on the "Clan Chest and store" tab. The only way to earn clan Crystals is to complete clan trophies. Some trophies are repeatable every week or month and allow you to cumulate revenues to maintain your temporary bonuses, week after week.

How do the Upgrades work?

The Upgrades in the clan store improve the clan or give bonuses to its members. Some Upgrades are temporary: their effect will be active only during the specified duration and then the clan will have to buy them again to get their effects another time. A temporary Upgrade cannot be reactivated as long as its duration has not expired, but you can activate several different Upgrades at the same time.

How are the clans ranked during the Amnezy Tournament?

Your clan is automatically ranked in the Amnezy Tournament if at least 7 members of your clan participate in it. The ELO score of your clan equals the average of the 7 ELO scores of your 7 best ranked members. This system allows the smaller clans to compete with the bigger ones, and the beginners of a clans won't hinder its ranking.

Is there any general ranking of the clans?

Yes! You can look at the complete list of the clans by clicking on "Clans" then the "Clans Ranking" tab. The default ranking is the classification by ELO score of the 4 last weeks in the Amnezy Tournament (the current week + the 3 last ones), showing the most efficient clans of the moment. A pull-down menu allows you to display the ELO scores of the week, or the total sum of the ELO for each clan since its creation!

What about the other tournaments?

For the moment, the Amnezy tournament is the only one that integrates a clan ranking. We plan to propose other tournament later. Don't hesitate to discuss about it and post your ideas on the boards!