De Eredan.



Apostle of Destiny

Foam Giant

Watchmaker of Destiny

This character doesn’t seem to be from this world but seems to know everything about it! There is no secret he doesn’t know. He seems to appear to certain individuals and guide them on their decisions and actions. People who have met him have changed drastically in good or evil.

Fog Snake

The fog Snake is kind in nature. He often guides lost sailors at sea.

Hares the Brute

Slave to the desert nomads, Emerald Hares managed to escape one day during a sandstorm. At the edge of death, lost in the desert, he was rescued by a secret order hidden in the rocky foothills on the desert border. He was trained and then sent back across the desert to inspect the events taking place at the heart of fertile land. Thus Hares came to offer his combat skills to the highest bidder. But who is he and what is his real agenda? What is the secret behind this strange armor that he carries with him in this carefully wrapped oiled linen?

Saphyra Aez the Wandering Warrior

Lady Jane

Headstrong student and full of life, Lady Jane has always had trouble staying locked in her cloister. The convent was located not far from the scenes of conflict between guilds, she decided one day to provide real care to the fallen warriors at the heart of the battle. Lady Jane was a natural at healing and enjoyed doing so but she always healed someone when she felt like it. Some fighters say they have trouble understanding how this young lady can be your best friend one day and your worst enemy the next. But ladies and gentlemen, this is Lady Jane , no one will ever be able to change her!

The Mystic Slayer

The Mystic Slayer is one of the most feared Assassins that has ever set foot in this world. Very mysterious, rumors surrounding him are numerous. Some say he might even be a ghost or a simple shadow. The only thing we know is that he is specialised in killing Priests and Mages. He rarely attacks Marauders or Warriors.


This Character is clearly different from the others. Quilingo is a security guard. He travels to civilized kingdoms and transports the wealth of some merchants through trades and agreements. He reportedly owes his appearance to the devotion to his work. One day, carrying a trunk full of gold, he embarked upon a path known to be haunted by an old woman who had a tendency to test people who passed by her home. As expected, Quilingo eventually encountered the old woman dressed in rags. The old woman approached Quilingo smiling at the sight of the treasure trunk and asked him to help her feed her family and agree to give up a modest contribution. Quilingo was naturally kind in nature and searched his pockets, he found his last piece of Crsytal and gave it to the old woman with a playful smile. The old woman cursed him for giving just one piece of crystal when he had a chest full of them! Quilingo attempted to explain but was suddenly transformed into a large fat panda. Since that time, Quilingo is now a panda and is used to his new appearance , he can now carry heavy chests of gold with ease. If someone offered Quilingo to change him back into his human form, he would surely refuse. The only thing missing in his life is to meet a giant female panda with which he could support a family of security guards.

Toran the Faithless

Toran is the old Tsoutai Master. For some strange reason, he left his order and followed his own path, offering his services to other guilds he met on his path.. These monks have the particularity to use magic, this is very rare for a Kotoba tribe. Their training is as mystical as physical. These monks have the specificity to comit and serve a spirit for a whole lifetime. These unique spirits are called the Weakness Seekers. It is said that Toran went to look for some secrets in the ruins of a lost city. Rumor has it that he fled the monastry after an accident involving another initiate, someone called Aku.