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The Noz'Dingard Envoys

The sounds of the urban crowd animated the Noz'Dingard market. It was more grumble and protest that actual noise, in fact there was a lot of jostling. If you looked closer, you could also see a frantic race. A young boy called Zahal was chased by what seemed to be a young female warrior. The poor boy was exausted, he gasped and his heart was pounding. Actually, he did not know exactly why he was fleeing, perhaps by reflex, his life had not always been generous with him , the boy did have a conscious and knew that he did not always take the right decision or the right path. He took fright when seeing a Witchblade, one of the guardians of the Noz temple, she was searching the tavern, obviously looking for someone who happened to be the boy in question. He started running and this is how they both ended up tumbling through narrow streets. Zahal could no longer feel his legs, the boy quickly glanced behind him and saw nothing, what a relief! He took advantage of this and headed into a dark alley to take a quick break. Unfortunately, it was short, he suddenly felt the tip of a sharp cold blade on his back.

-I’ve got you now ! said the exhausted voice -Now I understand why he wants to see you..

- Wh.. Who ?? Look I don’t quite understand your story, this is obviously a terrible misunderstanding.

- Tis not... replied the woman

A little later, at the heart of the Bound district. Zahal felt like he was dreaming, indeed, he had only been in Noz’ Dingard a few hours and was already completely amazed by what he saw, people had told him old stories about these forbidden places but he never thought he’d find himself here one day. The light passing through the huge dominant crystal was blue, giving a warm and special feeling to this place. The young man remained speechless before such splendor and did not even feel scared to why they were taking him to this place. On the way to the secret place, they met several other fierce Witchblades, they all saluted the woman who captured Zahal with respect, it would seem that she belongs to a higher rank. After passing through several doors covered with dragon engravings, they arrived in a large courtyard at the foot of the huge crystal. A small group of people interrupted their discussion to acknowledge their arrival. A young woman that looked just like Zahal’s jailer approached them.

- So Moira, you took your sweet time, did he give you a hard time? A hint of sarcasm could be heard in her tone.

- I don’t think you could of done better Eglantyne, plus I didn’t use the power of our beloved dragon for such a little task..unlike some..

- Yeah yeah that’s what they all say haha.. Anyway...

The woman did not even have time to finish what she was saying when a bright blue light flashed and blinded the whole area. This source came from the crystal. All turned around and attempted to watch where this source was coming from.The light stopped gradually revealing a tall man covered in a blue dress with sharp scales. Everyone at the scene expected this man to say something, but he said nothing and walked towards Moira and Zahal.

- You are finally among us, Dragon has been waiting for you for quite some time now.

- Look I don’t understand what you are talking about, who are you, what do you want from me ?

- You are lost my friend, you do not know what is happening, do not worry. I am Prophet, the Dragon’s voice. Go through this door and everything will become much clearer for you.

Zahal looked at everyone to check if Prophet was talking to someone else, they remained silent and stared right at him. Zahal turned around and walked towards the door. The door opened naturally and the boy entered with courage. The small group stayed there waiting the return of their new recruit. This was an opportunity for them to talk about their reunion.

- So Prophet...Are you going to tell us why we are all reunited today? said Alishk.

- Patience isn’t your virtue is it Alishk ?

Prophet stood up and turned his back to his people for a few seconds.

- However,I do think it is time you know the truth.

Prophet took a deep breath and remained silent for a few seconds.

- Two days ago, a large object crashed . The Dragon felt that it is in fact a gigantic Heart-Gem and it is currently disturbing the Harmony.

- And our Dragon wants us to go right ? interrupted Moira.

- Yes, all of you.

- All of us?! shouted Eglantyne.

- Our Dragon has felt incredible danger upon the arrival of this stone, this is why we are all going...

Before Prophet could finish, the door blew wide open. Zahal came out dressed like a Noz’Dingard warrior and had gained some height and muscle! Next to him was a beautiful woman and two strange creatures: Koonok, the blue dragon and Bomzar, the crystal Golem. - Noz’ Dingard Envoys, I salute you! said the smiling woman.

Most of the people present did not know her or had ever seen her before, however some knew that this person was legendary. For the first time in years, Prophet actually smiled after seeing this woman.

- Mother?? said Prophet. It’s been 5 years since I last saw you. People could clearly hear a bizarre mixture of joy and ressentment in Prophet’s voice.

- Prophet my child, I don’t have the same notion of time than you have, did I ...miss you ?

- Of course mother, what an odd question..

- We will have plenty of time to talk later my boy. The woman looked at the group, smiled, took a deep breath and said.

- My dear warriors, please welcome your new DRAGON KNIGHT Zahal!

- Dragon Knight? It’s been a while since we’ve seen one of those Anryena.. I must say that I’m a bit worried.

Anryena’s face suddenly turned very serious

- Aerouant, my boy, we are under the protection of the Dragon, nothing can happen to us. You are just going to have to take a leap of faith and trust me.

== Noz'Dingard Characters==

'Aerouant the cristalomancien' 43369f1af917574eb355ea3660651daf.png

Son of Prophet Aerouant grows in wealth and magic. He joined the school cristallomancie but still a good student without being a genius. His father keeps near him within Noz'Dingard but smoldering too. Aerouant quickly becomes arrogant in terms of their status, but discovers that life can hold surprises, especially bad when his father died. This causes a significant change in his character, making it more vindictive but more humble.

'Alishk' 7049fa1b46523170cd8fc01ac7a18798.png

Coming from the desert is a wounded man who collected Noz'Dingard by residents. It has serious burns, including a particular face shape of a dragon. After a few days of rest, the Prophet, at the request of Dragon asked to integrate Sent, in exchange for which he would teach him to control his fire power or, at its option, to learn the way of the Dragon.

'Anazra' 43369f1af917574eb355ea3660651daf.png

For more information on this character, see the text "Honor Found". [Http:// # L.27Honneur_retrouv.C3.A9 ] and flavor text of drak'Azol # Drak.27azol

'Anryéna' 43369f1af917574eb355ea3660651daf.png

Daughter of Dragon Anryéna is an important person who is part of the leaders of the Draconia. It was she who discovered Zahal and presents it to Dragon. According to rumors, Anryéna be older, at least in comparison to humans it would be immortal. It will bring the body of his son Noz'Dingard after his death.

'Bomzar' 7049fa1b46523170cd8fc01ac7a18798.png

The Compendium, which brought together the best minds of the magical arts Aerouant granted the right to create a golem crystal. These semi conscious creatures are pleasant companions and guards formidable body. Bomzar was designed to use two modes of combat: attack and defense. When the situation requires this golem can go into "war mode" what happened during the conflict of stone fell from the sky.

' Delko 43369f1af917574eb355ea3660651daf.png

Delko is the father of Marlok and one of the most respected personalities Noz'Dingard. His art in building golem crystal is renowned. Now the old man teaches his art to the most prominent cristallomanciens the magic academy of Noz'Dingard.

' Eglantyne 7049fa1b46523170cd8fc01ac7a18798.png

Young Spellblade, Eglantyne arrived only recently in the order and at the request of her sister Moira. She quickly demonstrated dexterity and flexibility make it a formidable pisteuse. At the request of Naya, she and her sister integrate Sent, not without resistance from the Prophet.

'Erevent' d14551466d86165d31f3d718bc6b8c7b.png

For more information on this character, see the text "The Precious". [Http:// # Le_Pr.C3.A9cieux]

' Helena d14551466d86165d31f3d718bc6b8c7b.png

For more information on this character, see the text "The Precious". [Http:// # Le_Pr.C3.A9cieux]

Kounok 7049fa1b46523170cd8fc01ac7a18798.png and Kounok The Prophet ' 85a65c0ec77279709b76aceafd70de86.png

This is a Whelp. One of the few young dragons born and raised in Noz'Dingard. Where the Dragons and collect nest is protected and held incommunicado. Kounok as its bluish congeners Noz'Dingard is endowed with great intelligence and knows how to control his instincts. Being a small part of Dragon he naturally joined the guild to fight for the interests of his kingdom. At the death of his brother the Prophet, he was chosen by Dragon to become the new leader of Draconia and Noz'Dingard.

For more information on this character, see the text "Death and Rebirth". [Http:// # Mort_et_renaissance]

'Moira' 43369f1af917574eb355ea3660651daf.png

Moira is a member of the prestigious caste Witchblades. This caste includes many women capable of combining the mastery of magic to the most combative techniques or more devious. Moira and her sister Eglantyne have distinguished themselves by their ability to work together. The one covering the back of the other.

' Naya 85a65c0ec77279709b76aceafd70de86.png

It has been more than ten years the Commander of the sorority Witchblades, women warriors and magicians protecting the people of Draconia rich or poor, powerful or insignificant. She is the mother of Aerouant and former partner of the late-Prophet.

'Pilkim' 7049fa1b46523170cd8fc01ac7a18798.png

Pilkim is a genius. Very bright in his studies of magic, he quickly developed an amazing understanding and a great interest in plants and their virtues in alchemy. In addition to being an accomplished magician Pilkim, nicknamed "the healer", is also the inventor of the famous Baume Care used by most fighters traveling the world Guem.

Prophet' 85a65c0ec77279709b76aceafd70de86.png

The spokesman of the Dragons Noz Dingard. He is said to be much older than it seems. Son and father of Anryena Aerouant this very powerful mage is the leader of the guild Envoys Noz Dingard. Taking the head of his guild to fight around the rock fell from the sky he knows he will get him the most powerful enemies. Expose and a grave danger, but its presence is nevertheless a major asset to the guild. Prophet is loosely killed during the conflict in the stone fallen from the sky, indicating a turning point in this story.

'Day' 43369f1af917574eb355ea3660651daf.png

History to discover ...

'Zahal' 85a65c0ec77279709b76aceafd70de86.png

Zahal is a sad and frightened young man but full of strength and courage when present in the capital Noz'Dingard. Only survivor of an attack by robbers on the family farm, it is grabbing the short of his father he came alive to his destination sword. But upon his arrival he attracted the interest of Witchblades ... What a strange destiny awaits Zahal?

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