De Eredan.


Chronology of the Eredan Universe

  • Approximately -6500 : Solar and Guem engage in a devastating battle against each other within the void of this dimension.
  • Approximately -6000 : Solar implodes and becomes the sun, while Guem becomes a planet. The Universe is created and life starts on the planet Guem.
  • - 6000 to -300 : Civilizations rise and fall. The creatures inhabiting Guem evolve..
  • - 300 : The first of the Giant Crystals uncovered by the natural erosion of the planet are discovered.
  • 0 : The Xzia Empire and Imperial Calendar are created.
  • 20 : War breaks out between The Xzia Empire and Draconia. Draconia emerges the victor..
  • 29 : Magical effects begin to appear creating great catastrophies throughout the land.
  • 31 : The war against The Void begins.
  • 33 : The Kingdom of Bramamir is consumed by The Void, leaving behind only floating islands hovering above the black vortex.
  • 34 : A Coalition of Nations is formed to fight the common enemy, but is not enough and is defeated. Prophet comes forward to spread the Dragon's words. These words are heard around the world, calling forth Heroes.
  • 35 : The Kotoba, the Noz' Dingard envoys and many other Hero guilds are created.
  • 36 : Eredan, the Guem Guardian is discovered by several heroes of differing nationalities. With the help of the Guardian, the heroes are able to trap The Void in the South of Draconia, creating a forbidden zone and ending The Void war. The Guild Treaty is signed, recognizing the independant status of Guilds and thier members.
  • 85 : Death of Gaumatta, King of Yses, start of the Grand Tournament (Start of the Eredan GT storyline)
  • 105 :The stone fallen from the sky , Several guilds meet at the impact zone (start of the Eredan iTCG storyline).

History of the World

In the depths of time, the two gods: Guem and Solar confronted each other in the void of this dimension. Solar imploded to become a sun, Guem transformed itself into a planet. Life started on Guem, this is how the world started. Then came the erosion that shaped the mountains, valleys and plains and made huge crystals emerge from the ground that are said to be magic. One of these crystals, a huge blue gem, would eventually become the city of Noz'Dingard, the holy place where the dragon appeared to the Guemelites.

Later, while many civilizations appeared and disappeared , the Xzia Empire made its stand. The Empire was led by a cruel and greedy conqueror. With the ambition to expand his Empire, he engaged into a twenty-year war against the Draconians of Noz'Dingard. Draconia was aided by the power of the Dragon and eventually won the epic battle. It was some time after these events, in the year 29 of the Imperial calendar that many disasters occurred around the world, all nations were attacked by creatures from the depths of darkness and powerful waves of magic tore the land into pieces. This being called “The Void“ attacked all the living creatures in Guem. Even allied with thier former enemies, the armies could do nothing against this terrible enemy, the great armies of the world could not overcome The Void.

This is when a man called Prophet spoke the Dragon’s words: « There is no Evil without Good. Evil has risen, it is time to search and find Good. » While these words spread accross the world, many heroes emerged, searching for someone who could fight The Void. Guilds from different Nations sprang up when all these heroes regrouped, amongst them the Kotoba and the Noz'Dingard envoys.

In year 36, the most destructive war finally ended. The heroes eventually found the one true savior: Eredan, the Guardian of Guem. All together, they managed to shut The Void in an area south-east of Draconia. The Guardian vanished after this final act. The guilds, which had acquired the right to independence, gained influence and became the main political actors in all the world of Guem.

Many years later, during the Grand Tournament to choose a successor to the King of Yses, a large stone fell from the sky in an area disputed by the Xzia Empire and Draconia. To retrieve the magic stone, they will compete on the very spot where the blood of many heroes had already been spilled. The Xzia Empire sent their most ruthless Kotoba warriors and the Draconians Sent their famous Noz'dingard envoys. This is when a strange unknown guild by the name of Zil made their appearance. What nobody knew, is that the mysterious person hiding behind this guild was none other than ...

The Eredan Saga


ACT 1: Fallen from the Sky

ACT 2: The Crystal's Song

ACT 3: Dazzling Illumination

The Guilds

The Zil Warriors

The Kotoba

The Noz'Dingard Envoys

The Mercenaries

The Desert Nomads

The Guem World

The Empire of Xzia

Draconia (Coming soon...)

The 7 Kingdoms

The White Isles (Coming soon...)

The Borders (Coming soon...)

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