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Welcome to the Tactical Guide of Eredan Wiki.

Here you will find examples of compositions of competitive decks most played on Eredan iTCG. The proposed decks are not precomposed decks but merely pointers of what cards you could have in your decks. For example, it will tell you what cards go well with what character. The wiki is being created by players, and it might be possible that a recent card addition has not been mentioned in a decent strategy yet. Please, if you would like to add your strategy, do not hesitate to do so!

Eredan iCTG is a game with a vast variety in possible decks. Therefor it is impossible to list all of them here. This is not a reason to limit towards using the decks described here, after all this is just a guide to show paths already explored. Feel free to use your personal vision in composing your decks.

Have fun!

The Zil Warriors



The Zil Warriors have a large number of marauders at their disposal. As marauders have good Attack stat, it is highly advisable to utilise this to the fullest in a Zil Warriors deck.

Strong Points:

  • Good Attack.
  • Good Defense.
  • Marauders.

Weak Points:

  • Quite average in Spirit.
  • Less Health than the Kotoba and the Noz' Dingard Envoys.

Constructing a Zil Warrior Deck

Basic Deck

It's inevitable you will need at least one marauder for this Guild to be interesting. The Zil Warriors have in their ranks some very good marauders like Telendar, Selene or Ergue. These are the three pillars of the Zil's marauders, and they also evolve into some of the strongest cards in the game given time and patience.

We advise you to use your marauder characters with cards that will give them a guaranteed advantage thanks to their +1 Attack ability. Focus on cards like "Do you feel lucky punk?" and "Test of strength", this will bring you a good Attack bonus.

Cards unique to Zil Warriors enables you to surprise your opponent with sudden burst of attack. Be sure to utilize their strength!

There are also a few characters that are meant to be played together like Marlok and his Golem, Silene and Selene, Ergue with his partners in crime Soriek and BigRage. This is to allow them to merge and evolve into more powerful characters.

Caste: Circus

The Circus caste focus on discarding (or milling) the opponent's deck, forcing them to lose by deckout. The main strategy behind this deck is to focus on defending your characters while keeping track of opponent's deck and graveyard during discard. It is wise to consider "Cloning" in your deck as you have Shadow Guelemites, allowing you to re-use some key cards. By monitoring of your opponent's graveyard, you can ensure "Anathematize" hits at the most critical moment.

Core Cards: Panic, Look Away, Treacherous, Theft, Anathematize.

Caste: The Pack

The saying goes "Live together, Die together", and no more true is this than with The Pack. Each member relies on the sacrifices and bonuses of the other members to gain very high attack rates very quickly in the game. Be careful though, Fenrath is the heart of this deck and he has to be defended at all cost. The strategy of this deck is to hit hard and hit fast!

Core Cards: Bestial, Fly off the Handle, Blood Ties, Dances with Volk.

Game advice

The Zil Warriors have the most cunning personalities in Eredan and have at their disposal a lot of effects that will annoy your opponents. Play "Smart Ass", "Do you feel lucky punk?", "Ambush" and then finishing the opponents off with "Assassination". You can also base your game on discarding cards off your opponent and then win by limiting his deck to a few cards. Cards such as "Diversion" (goes well with "Assassination") or "Treacherous" is very effective against Mage characters and Priests.

The Kotoba



Kotoba is the main Warrior guild of Eredan. They are granted the guild-specific equipments that allows them to hit hard while relying on their formidable natural Defense for survival.

Strong Points:

  • Better Base Attack, Defense and Health than Zil warriors and the Noz' Dingard Envoys.
  • Synergistic characters.
  • Warriors.

Weak Points:

  • Very weak in Spirit.
  • Few Mages in their ranks.
  • No Priests in their ranks.

Constructing a Kotoba Deck

Basic Deck

Most of your characters are solid warriors, it would be a mistake not to use them. You should choose at least one warrior character (The Imperial Lord Gakyucha, Xin, Iro the Duelist are very good choices). Knowing that you don't have much spirit, select a character with 1 or 2 Spirit.

Cards unique to Kotoba are very efficient. Arm your warriors with items like "Katana", "Wakisashi"... and finish your opponents with "Blast off"!. Your characters are tough, you can expose them without having to worry too much about their health, take the risk to equip weapons and armor and they will be very tough to beat. "Weapon Master" will ensure the last alpha strike against remaining opponents once you have weapons equipped.

Similar to Zil, some characters are complementary to each other: Aku and Akujin, Gakyusha and Iro, Amaya and Tsuro.

Caste: Trackers

The Trackers mix quick, hard hits using the staple Kotoba weapons and armors, resulting in a strong blend of Attack, Spirit and Defense between unlikely combination of marauder and mage classes. "Tracker's Emblem" allows you to build up your Defense and Spirit while using "Close Shave" at the right moment can render dagger-wielding characters useless.

Core Cards: Shuriken, Tracker's Emblem, Tracker's Mask, Art of Iron Fist.

Caste: Crow

The Crow Caste specialises in assassination of low Spirit characters, especially the warriors. The strategy of this deck is to establish your Defense before going for the alpha strike using "Tsume". "Bleeding" allows you to counter mages while further weaken the Spirit of warriors.

Core Cards: Tsume, Bleeding, Disagreement, Tatamijutsu.

Caste: Tsoutai

The Tsoutai, much like the trackers, are a mix of marauders and mages, but focus less on items and more on spells and hard hitting permanent actions. All the Flawseeker-type actions allow them to strengthen one of their stat while weakening the other against different opponents.

Core Cards: The Flawseeker's Fury, The Flawseeker's Harmony, The Flawseeker's Meditation, Tatamijutsu.

Game Advice

The Kotoba characters have high Defense and good Attack once they have equipped their characters. The Kotoba are not exactly refined in spirit, they would rather fight without thinking. Do not hesitate to focus on attack as your characters are tough. Using actions like "In the Nick of Time" or "Keep Your Guard Up!" to activate your item instantaneously and you will be unstoppable. If you have trouble against mages, "Randori" will solve your weakness in Spirit amicably.

The Noz'Dingard Envoys



The Noz' Dingard Envoys are slightly different from the other guilds thanks to their dedication to magic. Their mages are amongst the best in the world of Eredan.

Strong Points:

  • Good Defense.
  • Best Spirit.
  • Mages.

Weak Points:

  • They are weaker in Health than the other guilds.
  • Weak Attack.
  • No Priests.

Constructing a Noz' Dingard envoys deck

Basic Deck

Noz'Dingard Envoys is the Guild with the most mages, gifted with interesting Guild-specific spells. There are also supportive characters such as Kounok or Bomzar that have good Attack, Health or Defense. Zahal, Prophet and Anryena are three powerful characters that work well with the two Witchblade sisters, Moira and Eglantyne.

It is practically impossible to avoid selecting spell cards in a Noz'Dingard Deck. You can be offensive with spells like "Fireball", "Smoked Arrow", "Lighting Bolt" or be more defensive with "Fog", "Ice Barrier", "Earth Armor".

Most of Noz'Dingard Envoys, being Dragon Guelemite, are able to use Draconian Spells. Having average Attack stats, it is essential for them to use "Magic Attack". "Pen is mightier..." and "...Than the Sword" allows them to further boost their attack, especially at the hands of Aliskh.

Cards unique to Noz' Dingard are very useful as well. "Dragon's Wit" will enable your non-Mage characters to cast spells, theurgies or any cards that are not normally usable by them. "Dragon's Armor" guarantees good defense for your mages whilst giving additional 1 Spirit when it upgrades.

Caste: Dragon Knight

Dragon Knights are the warriors of the Noz. Their swords allow them to share their attack bonuses, while they are able to use Draconic spells to wreak havoc on enemies. Most of their items and caste action heal their health, allowing them to survive the battle longer.

It is also known that this caste utilises Dragon's Wit the most in order to access different variety of spells or theurgies to supplement their attack capabilities.

Core Cards: Draconian Swords, Dragon Armor, Magic Attack, Dragon Fangs.

Caste: WitchBlade

WitchBlades are mage multi-classed characters of the Noz, mixing spells and physical attacks for devastating results. Like the Dragon Knights, they have their special blades, which are unique and able to strengthen the WitchBlades as the battle goes on.

The main strength this caste is their ability to chain by using their caste-specific spells, making them deadly when they chain into many other spells at their disposal.

Core Cards: Blade of the Witch, Ice Shield, Ice Coffin.

Caste: Compendium

Compendium are the mysterious Mage Order within Noz that specialises in magical destruction upon their foe. This caste is bestowed with cards to boost their Spirit, thus enabling them to take advantage offensive and defensive spells to the fullest.

"Crystal Storm" allows their mages to inflict AoE damage over time, but at the cost of choosing whether to maintain the storm or casting future spells.

Core Cards: Crystal Storm, Armor Invocation, Draconic Sceptre.

Game Advice

During battle, it is good to take advantage the high Spirit of your characters by using spells. However, be careful when encountering Zil Warriors as they can use "Treacherous" to force you to discard your cards. It is also possible that a Noz' Dingard player loses due to a lack of cards, especially when they maximise the chaining of spell combos.

The Noz' Dingards are the hardest to master as they are clearly more technical and demand more tactics. There isn't just one rule to win with this guild, you just need to play and find out what suits you best!

The Desert Nomads



Desert Nomads are the guild with the most Priests. They have the most access to guild-specific Theurgies while still retaining their ability to attack. Most of the characters are synergistic with one another; granting bonuses to each other until the end of the game.

Strong Points:

  • High Health, especially Solarians.
  • High synergy between characters.
  • Priests.

Weak Points:

  • Very weak or 0 Defense.
  • No mages.

Constructing a Desert Nomad Deck

Basic Deck

The selection of characters is the key of building a successful Desert Nomad deck as their bonus(es) last for the entire game. Preferably, the selected characters are synergistic with one another. For example, having Kararine, Sphinx and Malika will boost each others' Attack while Ahlem, Iolmarek and Djamena will boost each others' Health and Spirit.

In terms of physical attacks, the key combo in most Desert Nomad strategies is "Obesity"+"Solaris" that allows them to reduce opponent's defense while healing them. "Under the Sun" forces all opponent's characters' defense to Desert Nomad's level while "Desert Scimitar" item boost the Nomad's attack and heals them by 1 health.

If you wishes to build a priest deck, cards such as "Aura of Faith" will convert your priests into offensive mode at the cost of their Spirit while "Sacred Nova" either spectacularly destroys your opponents or fizzles miserably (depending on the God of Randomness). "Team Spirit" allow the Nomads to spread their damage in order to give the priests some chance to heal using "Divine Light". "Spiritual Duel" ensures a nasty surprise against low spirit warriors.

Caste: Eclipse

Eclipse caste is the mage assassination squad of the Desert Nomad Guild. Each of the Eclipse characters will gain Attack bonus from each other, while Eclipse Kararine specifically targets mages. "Expiation" allows you to overcome your deck's lack of Spirit against mages (when Eclipse Iolmarek is part of the character selection). "Sacred Nova"+"Solar's Anger" combo on the other hand is used to maximum efficiency by your Eclipse priests. By focusing on "Obesity" + "Solaris" combo, your Eclipse characters are able to punch through defensive characters whilst able to survive to hit the next round due to their high Attack stats.

Core Cards: Obesity, Solaris, Solar's Anger, Sacred Nova, Expiation

Caste: Temple Guardians

The Temple Guardians tend to work themselves into frenzy when attacking their opponents, ignoring their loss of health and defense. "This Tomb..." + "... Will be Your Grave!" combo works remarkably well with Amhid during his turn bonus while having Ahlem/Djamena allows some healing when the going gets rough. Sphinx will be able to chain two "Fury Potion"s while providing Attack bonus to remaining Temple Guardians.

Core Cards: This Tomb..., ... Will be Your Grave!, Temple Sword, Under the Sun, Obesity, Solaris.

Game advice

Playing style of Desert Nomad is very dependant on which route you take; Priests or Offensive Warrior/Marauder combination. Regardless, the main weakness of a Desert Nomad deck has always been their low/0 defense. Therefore, if you strike, strike hard and never look back. And if you are healing, always consider "Protective Spirit" for that essential defense bonus while allowing you to chain into another Theurgy such as "Divine Light".

The Sap Hearts



Sap Heart Guild is mother-nature incarnate. This guild typically consists of 3 major races: Elfine, Hom'Chai and Dais. In the heart of the guild itself, The World-Tree caste serves either as support characters or as an offensive force themselves.

Strong Points:

  • Good Defense on Warriors, good Spirit on Mages.
  • "Status" based Nature spells.
  • Additional physical attack based on low Attack score on Elfine race.

Weak Points:

  • Average Attack stats.
  • No Priests.

Constructing a Sap Heart Deck

Basic Deck

Typically, the deck offensive capability are based around the Elfine or Hom'Chai race with support from the World-Tree caste. The Elfines benefit from additional physical attack based on their low Attack score. Therefore, it is essential for you to add cards such as "Hypnotic Melody" or "Up Your Ass!" to reduce opponent's Defense for inflicting the maximum amount of damage. "Quickdraw" is admittedly the core card for this strategy. Supplement the Elfine with Nature spells such as "Root" or "Magic Poison" to further disrupt your opponent's strategy.

Hom'Chai on the other hand relies on discarding different items to fuel "Items have a Soul" while maintaining their Defense through "Scouting the Area". This particular strategy is easily countered by "Anathematise". Therefore, some players are more cautious about the items they discard, relying on equipping the items first before playing "Items have a Soul".

Caste: World-Tree

World-Tree caste allows their members to either choose the Warrior or Mage path. The Warrior path tends to serve as a support character for other Sap Heart deck strategies.

Their Mage path creates a rival mage deck versus Noz'Dingard Envoys. By using "Root", they can limit the speed and chain capability of opposition characters whilst maintaining the tempo of their gameplay. "Wood Protection" boost their spell damage while reducing the damage received. "Whisper" is an alternative for "Root", giving the opponent the choice to play action/item cards and receive damage or not receiving damage by not playing action/item cards.

Core Cards: Whisper, Root, Wood Protection, Splinter of the World Tree.

Game advice

Overall, Sap Heart Guild is quite effective versus most deck, especially when it comes to Elfine "Quickdraw" deck. Most of the time, it will result in one-shot kill of an opposition character. However, they are inefficient versus high-defense deck and therefore consideration is needed to balance out the character line-up with a World-Tree mage for offensive magic. Hom'Chai more often than not destroy any decks without "Anathematise".

However, currently the Efline and Hom'Chai decks are very reliant on a particular card/strategy, rendering the deck useless when the key cards are countered. The World-Tree caste is there to address such issue by allowing a different win condition.

The Pirates



Captain Killicrew and her band of pirates are here to seek treasures beyond the sea! Their play styles are unique due to their clever contraptions and powder-based weapons.

Strong Points:

  • "Powder" based strategies.
  • Affinity to Lightning.
  • Strong Craftsman.

Weak Points:

  • Average stats.

Constructing a Pirates Deck

Basic Deck

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Caste: Mechanist

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Game advice

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Nehants are members of the last guild arrived in game. They have been present in the background from the start of the game, but only recently their cards were added in the game. Nehant guemelites or demons form their rang. What they like most? Lower the resistance of the opponent and then crush him.

Strong points:

  • Powerful characters
  • Cards that lower the enemy's power

Weak points:

  • Low choice in cards
  • Cannot enlist Mercenaries.

Constructing a Nehantist deck

You unfortunately don't have a lot of choice in Nehant mages. Only three mages exist: "Dimizar, Amidaraxar and Iron Mask". They are supported by Nehant guemelites capable of using nehant spells, Anagram (Guemelite version) Carkass and Shadow, Lady of Nehant, and the demonswith Chalice, Anagram (Demon version), Hate, Ripper, , Soul Chewer and Azaram. Ardrakar and The Fallen have both races so they can use both nehantic spells and actions reserved for demons.

Corruption Deck

The corruption deck, constructed from all three mages or only two supported by a Nehant Guemelite consist of putting the maximum of nehant corruptions on the opponent to weaken him (Perversion, corruption of the soul, revealing the secret, demon may rise...) and then literally suck the life points out of him with vital syphon. Adding demon portals might help tremendously.

Demon Deck

A demon deck makes use of your demons abilities to reduce the opponents statistics. "Black Chimera", "Nehant's Seal" and "Hand of Death" reduce the statistics further. "Dark Fury" allows you to boost the attack of your demons greatly and works especially good with Chalice.

Denial Deck

Uses Shadow, Lady of Nehant and Hate. The NoHand deck requires a particular style of play. It disables the opponents of his primary game resource: the choice to play cards! How can you play when the odds of drawing a decent card for that specific character or even not drawing a cards at all enables you to play at maximal strength? "Cutting all ties" and "it is all fun and games..." reduce the chances of the opponent drawing cards drastically. Take note that using hate reduces your card drawing by one card as well.

The Mercenaries



Mercenaries are characters that can join any type of Guild without restriction. Unless you are willing to play Mercenaries only, you will lose the benefits of the affiliated cards on the Mercenaries.

Strong Points:

  • Versatility.
  • Good spread of Classes.

Weak Points:

  • Average stats.

Constructing a Mercenary deck

Basic Deck

You have a good choice of characters among the mercenaries, some are Warriors, Mages, Priests or Marauders. They will complete your Decks without taking into account of your Deck's Guild composition. In the starting decks, you will find three good examples, The Mystic Slayer remains in it's element with the Zil warriors, Aez reinforces the ranks for the Noz' Dingards as he is a strong warrior and Hares serves the Kotoba.

If you choose to play a Mercenary, you will have numerous combos available to you, but be careful not to mix the Classes too much. Think of this deck as a "theme". For example, you can construct a deck focused on Priests, you could put Lady Jane, The Apostle of Destiny and a characters that has loads of Health like Hares, Aez or the Foam Giant. Do not hesitate to try out a few combos to find the one that suits you best. Always let your deck card selected be driven by the majority of your deck's Character Classes.

Pure Mercenary deck is normally quite rare due to their limited Mercenary-only card pool. However, the Tempus Caste reinforce this particular Guild to its full potential.

Caste: Tempus

This mysterious Tempus has glimpse the potential possibilities of the future. The main tactic behind this particular caste is to stall the game while waiting for the Turn Counter to increase. Their major cards will grow more powerful with each Turn and will 'overkill' their opponents once the Turn counter hits 5 or more.

Core Cards: Time Leap, Celerity, Area Control, Aging.

Game advice

Versatility of the Mercenaries is it's strongest point. Add the fact that you can have Priests not limited to a specific Guild in battle, you can be sure to have a good deck composition at your disposal. More often than not, the Mercenaries are used to support the weakness of other Guilds.

Special Caste: Courtesans

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Strong Points:

Weak Points:

Constructing a Courtesan Deck

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Choice of characters:

Basic Deck

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Game advice

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