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The Tactical Guide - Eredan

De Eredan.


I) The Zil Warriors



The Zil Warriors have a large number of marauders at their disposal. It is highly advised in the beginning to focus on them to profit from the possibilities offered by this guild.

Strong points:

  • Good attack
  • Good defense
  • Marauders

'Weak points:

  • Quite average in spirit
  • Less Health points than the Kotoba and the Noz' Dingard Envoys.

How to construct a Zil Warrior Deck

Choice of characters:

Basic Decks

It's inevitable, you will need at least one Marauder for this deck to be interesting. The Zil warriors have in their ranks some very good Marauders like Telendar, Selene or Ergue. These are the three pillars of the Zil's Marauders, and they also evolve into some of the strongest cards in the game given time and patience.

We advise you to use your Marauder characters with cards that will give them a guaranteed advantage thanks to their random +1. Focus on cards like "Do you feel lucky punk?" and "Test of strength", this will bring you a good Attack bonus.

Cards unique to Zil Warriors enables you to paralyse your opponent. Be sure to utilize their strength!

There are also a few characters that are meant to be played together like Marlok and his Golem, Silene and Selene, Ergue with his partners in crime Soriek and BigRage and the two Castes; Circus characters and The Pack.


Circus Decks focus on discarding, or milling, the opponent's deck, forcing them to lose by deckout. The main themes of this deck are defensive cards and discarding cards.

The Pack

The saying goes "Live together, Die together", and no more true is this than with the pack. Each member relies on the sacrifices and bonuses of the other members to gain very high attack rates very quickly in the game.

Game advice

Be cunning! The Zil warriors are the game's "bad guys" and have at their disposal, a lot of effects that will annoy your opponents. Play "Assassination", "Do you feel lucky punk ?" and then go seek their attention with "Hungry Void". You can also base your game on discarding cards off your opponent and then win by limiting his deck to a few cards, to do this, use cards like "Diversion" (goes well with "assassination") or "Treacherous", this is quite effective against Mage characters and Priests.

The Kotoba


Strong Points

  • Better Base Attack than Zil warriors and the Noz' Dingard Envoys
  • Better Base Defense than the Zil warriors and Noz'dingard Envoys.
  • Better Health points than the Zil warriors and Noz'Dingard Envoys.
  • Warriors

Weak points:

  • Very weak in spirit
  • Few Mages in their ranks
  • No Priests in their ranks

Constructing a Kotoba Deck

Choice of characters:

Basic Deck

Most of your characters are solid warriors, it would be a mistake not to use them. You should choose at least one warrior character (The Imperial Lord Gakyucha, Xin, Iro the Duelist are very good choices). Knowing that you don't have much spirit, , select a character with 1 or 2 SPIRIT.

Cards unique to Kotoba are very efficient. Arm your warriors with items like "Katana", "Wakisashi"... and finish your opponents with "Blast off"!. Your characters are tough, you can expose them without having to worry too much about their health, take the risk to equip weapons and armor and they will be very tough to beat. Add to this "Do you feel lucky punk? " and you will have a good Kotoba deck.

As for the Zil, some characters are complementary: Aku and Akujin, Gakyusha and Iro, Amaya and Tsuro. There are also a few castes that the Kotoba have:


The trackers mix quick, hard hits with the kotoba staple of weapon and armor usage in a strong blend of attack, spirit, and defense between unlikely characters in the marauder and mage classes.


The tsoutsai, much like the trackers, are a mix of marauders and mages, but focus less on items and more on spells and hard hitting permanent actions.

Game Advice

Go for it!!! The Kotoba characters are resistant and have good attack. The Kotoba are not exactly refined in spirit, they would rather fight without thinking. Do not hesitate to focus on attack. Your characters are tough. Equip items like "In the Nick of time" and you will be unstoppable.

The Noz'Dingard Envoys



The Noz' Dingard envoys are slightly different from the other guilds thanks to their magical mechanics. Here are their strong points and their weak points.

Strong Points:

  • Good defense
  • Best Spirit
  • Mages

Weak points:

  • They are weaker in health than the other guilds
  • Weak attack
  • Few Marauders
  • No Priests

Constructing a Noz' Dingard envoys deck

Basic Deck

There are many great characters to choose from, but you will highly depend on great mages and thier spells. You can also add a supportive character like Kounok or Bomzar that have good Health points or attack. Zahal, Prophet and Anryena are three powerful characters that work well with the two Witchblade sisters, Moira and Eglantyne. The

It is practically impossible to avoid selecting spell cards in a Noz'Dingard Deck, you can be offensive with spells like "Fireball", "Smoked Arrow", "Lighting bolt" or be more defensive with "Fog", "Ice Barrier", "Earth Armor".

Cards unique to Noz' Dingard are very useful, "Dragon's Wit" will enable your non Mage characters to cast spells. "Dragon's Armor" is useful as it guarantees good defense for your mages, especially when it upgrades. Finally, the combo "The pen is mightier".... "than the sword" on any mage turns them into physcial attackers.

Dragon Knights

Dragon Knights are the warriors of the Noz. Thier swords allow them to share thier attack bonuses, while they are able to use a limited selection of spells from the draconic spell type to wreak havoc on enemies.


Witchblades are multi-classed characters, mixing spell using mages with marauders and warriors for devastating results. Like the Knights, they have thier own blades, which have special abilities of thier own.

Game Advice

You really need to be cautious when it comes to the spirit of your characters. It can happen that a Noz' Dingard player loses due to a lack of cards; if you are only going to play Mages, be careful not to only focus on spell combos unless you are sure of course. The Noz' Dingards are the hardest to master as they are clearly more technical and demand more tactics. There isn't just one rule to win with this guild, you just need to play and find out what suits you best!

The Mercenaries

IV.1) Introduction

Mercenaries are characters that can join any type of guild and compensate their weak points, unless you are willing to only play Mercenaries but you will lose the benefits of the affiliated cards. The mercenaries do not have any particular strong or weak points as most of the characters are average in their stats.

IV.2) Construct a Mercenary deck

Character choice : You have a good choice of characters among the mercenaries, some are Warriors, Mages, priests or Marauders. They will complete the ranks of your Decks without bothering it's original composition. In the starting decks, you will find three good examples, The Mystic Slayer remains in it's element with the Zil warriors, Hares reinforces the ranks for the Noz' Dingards as he is a strong warrior and Aez the knight will serve the Kotoba.

If you choose to play a Mercenary, you will have numerous combos available to you, but be careful not to disperse them too much. Think of this deck as a theme, for example, you can construct a deck focused on Priests, you could put lady Jane, The Apostle of Destiny and a characters that have lots of Health points like Hares, Aez or the Foam Giant. Do not hesitate to try out a few combos to find the one that suits you best. As you have a limited card selection, avoid selecting three characters from different classes, try not to disperse.

Deck Constitution  : Adapt your Deck with your chosen characters. There are great card combos and follow the idea of a theme for the deck.

IV.3) Game advice

The Versatility of the Mercenaries is it's strongest point, add the fact that you can have priests in battle, you can be sure to have a good deck at your disposal.

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