De Eredan.

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The Strange Man


The sky had gotten darker, the night had fallen, darkness had swallowed the small land very suddenly. But there are some people for whom the night is the most enjoyable time. They had traveled all day on paved roads of the ancient kingdoms, the horses were tired by the effort and their riders could no longer feel their backsides.

- Telendar , please.. Can we stop here for the night or do you expect us to travel like this all night? asked a little voice. The voice was directed to an odd and strange man.

- “sigh” ok.

Telendar wasn’t known to talk very much, he mostly answered by “ok” or “whatever” , nevertheless, he still was the leader of the Zil Warriors. They decided to set up the camp near the crossroads.

The Zil generally sleep under large tents. Sometimes, in-between two battles, the Zil entertain themselves and take a moment to demonstrate their talent. The Zil are well known for their great showcases.. However, tonight was different, the Zil were exhausted and only had one thought in mind: sleep and get some rest! A dozen of them were sitting around a campfire in the tent that night. In the entrance, Marlok’s crystal Golem did not move an inch, observing and protecting the camp. As usual, Ergue could be heard around the corner, entertaining his loyal companions Soriek and Bigrage. Faceless Hom'chai and BloodSword spoke very few words and prepared food. Telendar sharpened his weapons casually whilst Marlok was busy counting flowers for Silene and Selene, two beautiful shadow Guemelites. All of them went about their business when suddenly, fate knocked at their door.

- GzzZz Intruder... ZzzG Alert... warned the Golem with his crystal clear voice. A person wrapped in a long black cloak with thick fur entered the camp calmly, the Golem stood still, no reaction. Telendar pounced on the stranger, blade in hand.

- Wait ! Easy there, I come in peace!!I want you no harm. Telendar held the stranger by the point of his sharp blade.

-Who are you? How did you manage to bypass the Golem’s defense? Telendar quickly stared down on Marlok with great fury in his eyes. Oye Marlok, check on your stupid Golem !!. Why the hell didn’t it work you incompetent fool???!!

The stranger calmly took the initiative to justify his presence

- I am only a simple traveler who wishes to meet the famous Zil Warriors, nothing more, nothing less.

Telendar stared straight into the man’s eyes for a moment...

- Well , this is a glimpse of what we friend.

Telendar forcely bowed with a glimpse of irony in his eye and sheathed his weapon.

- "You don't seem frightened.. a bit odd for an old...

Marlok approached the scene, interrupting Telendar

-It's alright Telendar, let me talk to him.

Marlok turned around and observed the stranger for a few seconds.

So...Can we do something for you my friend ?

Telendar took a few steps back leaving the old Mage do the talking, he knew he was better at it than he was.

- I think so.. yes, maybe you could do something for me and I’ll do something for you. I’ve heard that your clan produces fabulous displays of talent, I was dying to see this when I heard you were travelling through these lands.

- We are sincerely flattered my friend, but unfortunately, our clan is tired so we won’t be showing our talent tonight.

- Oh? is that so?

-Perhaps this will change your mind ...

The man showed a small bag full of coins.

Telendar almost snatched the purse of his hands, the other guild members saw the scene and their eyes shone with the vision of the multiple crystal colored pieces. Marlok seized Telendar by the arm and led him far away enough from the stranger, of course, the other guild members followed like sheep.

- Telendar, I am tired but I don’t mind doing any tricks to please him, plus it’s not as if we are bathing in gold right now..

- Oh come on mate, It’s been ages since our last show ..said Ergue

The young Leader scratched his head, pretending to think even though the rest of the clan had already started the preparations for their only spectator.

- “sigh” ok...

Thus began the show, each doing his best for the weary. The different displays of talent were as impressive as each other and the evening passed at high speed. Then came the final event of the night, the Zil always kept the best for the end : The Stone-hearts, this is a unique Zil technique. This is a particular moment in which each member, except the Guemelites, levitate their Stone hearts, the stones all merge into resonance, causing a myriad of rainbows in the sky through the tent.

Right at this moment, the stranger stood up and held his hand high to the sky. All the lights disappeared, only the big stones lit up the tent. There were cries of horrible pain and then the colors of the stones disappeared gradually, giving way to a gleaming black silence. The cries ceased, the light returned.

All the Zil warriors except Silene and Selene were on the ground holding their heads, regaining consciousness. The two Guemelites smiled walking in the distance.

- Did we do well Master?

- Of course you did, these Zil warriors will prove to be good weapons. You will both stay with this guild, you will be my eyes and ears.

The unknown man walked towards the center of the camp, stopped and shouted.

- Listen to me, your will is mine now... time is running out but you will not feel fatigue nor hunger, you will not stop until you have destroyed my enemy. Kill Prophet!

The Zil Warriors





Marlok and his Golem