De Eredan.


The Foundation

This is one of the largest cities in the world and is the Imperial capital. Meragi is considered as a place of serenity and magnificence and one of the Xzia Empire's jewels. This beautiful city was founded at the same time as the Empire. Xzia himself wanted to create a city that would be the focal point, an absolute must for Xziarites. Lots of time and money was spent to build the biggest and most beautiful place in the world. Even though, thousands of laborers died while building this, the Emperor had won his gamble. The location of the imperial city was not determined at random either, it was built on a mountainside so that potential attackers could be identified quickly.



This Village was built on the border of the Tomb of the Elders, it serves as a watching point on all outside activity. This place is well known for it's nice taverns and fresh water.